Saturday, December 30, 2006

Don't push me because I am close to the edge...

Currently listening to: Defying Gravity by The Wicked Cast

So I just got back from the theater, Scott & I went to see Happy Feet. Cutest damn movie ever. End of story. It seemed like a lot of the really funny stuff went right over the little kids' heads, but it was damn funny. Kinda felt like a dork laughing like an idiot when the little kids are just kind of staring in amazement. Granted you should never put Scott & I together & expect us to behave like normal human beings. Oh, and we saw this lady that we used to work with, Sue, who was a crazy bitch. Anyways, she got fired for "accidentally" leaving a resident outside it the blistering heat for about three hours. Classy lady. I love how the end of the movie has a slightly political tone to it, way to influence the elementary kids.

I want a penguin. A dancing penguin. STAT. Not gonna lie, I think Mumble is the gay penguin. He's so cute, dancing his little heart out. But seriously, he says "Don't ask me to change, because I can't." Just a little gay, no? And the elder penguins are kind of like a religious cult... hmmm...

On to better things. I got my camera today, now I just have the task of figuring out how to use it. That's where my brother comes in handy. I'm going to work tomorrow morning, then I'm rolling out the truffles for Jason & Becky's party while washing my uniform, then I have to stop by Best Buy and pick up a DV tape (no idea what that is, by the way) and maybe a second battery for la camera. Then I'm off to Jason & Becky's... quickly followed by work in the morning. At six-fifteen. Kill me now. I'm pretty sure that I won't be functioning by the time I get to work, but whatev. I'll figure it out.


Currently listening to: Familiar Pills by Desole

So I need to:
-Buy watch batteries for my sweet digital world clock from Jason & Becky
-Take my computer in to Best Buy so they can fix the internet
-Go get my video camera from Best Buy
-Call Best Buy rewards so I can get my points
-Roll the truffles for Jason & Becky
-Get an awkwardly shaped light bulb for my pink IKEA lamp
-Finish cleaning my god damn room

Oh our dreams are coming true

Currently listening to: Take a guess... Heaven by DJ Sammy

Love the song more than life itself right now, not gonna lie. Fucking A. So I had a really long day, which consisted of not know I had to work. Anyways, I got no sleep, then I went to work @ 6:00am. Then I went to the eye doctor to get new eyes. Awesome. I kinda want blue contacts, but I feel like they're expensive. The girl that was doing my prescription had the weirdest colored eyes, they were something like aquamarine. Anyways, I picked out some pretty good glasses & that's about it. Oh, and a new type of contact lens, called Acuvue: Oasis. They feel pretty good in the eyes, not gonna lie, although they really do nothing for astigmatism. Whatev.

So tomorrow I get to go pick up my puppy from the vet, 'cause she was getting spayed (or neutered... I can never remember which one the girl dog gets). She'll be soooo sleepy. Just like me. I got home from getting my oil changed, then I fell asleep, then I woke up for dinner, then I fell asleep again. Hours later around 11:30, Coop called & woke me up. That slut. And I was in bed... which confused me. Then I ended up calling Cat. Hehe. Funny chain of events to follow.

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a crazy day, I have to go pick up the pup, then I'm off to go to the mall & Best Buy with mom, then my dad wants me to take him to get contact lenses... then I have to go get coffee with Coop & Maggie. Then Happy Feet with Scott. Woot. I'm pumped.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New & Exciting

Currently listening to: Black Horse & The Cherry Tree

Ugh... I'm taking a break from cleaning my room. I feel like I should just throw everything out, it's bad. I'm not even unpacked from school yet, damnit.

Anyways, on to new and exciting news. I made a comment/tag box over on the right hand upper corner. So... LEAVE COMMENTS. All you have to do is type you're name (or a name...) in the top box, then your comment in the bottom box. Finished.

Eventually I'll figure out how to get rid of the annoying little add at the bottom of the comment box, but until then... ignore it.

I think I'm going to take a little nap before work, good night.

What's better...

... than sitting @ a computer with you're two best friends making fun of people's myspace pictures? Nothing. Coop & Cat & I did our Christmas exchanges today. Fun stuff. I'm poor, so I made them both scrapbooks. Cat got me two French posters and she made this cute purple stuffed dog with tags on it of flags of the countries I have/will visit. It's adorable. Coop got me a whole bunch of stuff to keep me occupied on the plane to NZ, including an awesome tote complete with my name in ASL, a NZ travel guide + NZ map, 2 crossword puzzle books, a coloring book, stationary, envelopes, pens (with free sample gum) and a globe/pencil sharpener. Awesome. I love my friends.

Still listening to "Heaven" non-stop. Now it's my myspace song. Oh snap.

I worked this morning @ 6:15, but before we get to that, we must back the train up a little bit. First off, my dad came upstairs @ 5:15 to make sure that I had my alarm set and subsequently woke me up out of my sleep. Then he decided that it would be an awesome time to put away dishes, really loudly. So I got up and we got into a little argument. Then I left for work and sat at the 23 Mile/Washington Street traffic light for approximately (a long time) 6 minutes. Both sides got to go twice. I feel like the light might be broken. Anyways, I finally did a backwards U-turn and dodged the giant Christmas tree to go a different way. Fuck trees. I got to work with a minute to spare. I did have a really good day at work though, I was on deserts, which consisted of making muffins for tomorrow morning, dishing out pudding and pulling some strawberries from the freezer for tomorrows lunchtime desert. If I wasn't so bad at focusing at the task at hand, I would have gotten it finished in an hour flat, but I was effing around a lot. After work I went & took care of bank stuff, then went home. Then time passed. Took an amazing bubble bath with effervescing salts. An hour later I went to Starbucks with Coop, then we called Cat on our way home & she met us there to hang out. That's pretty much it.

I lied. So I'm pissed, I was supposed to have New Years Day morning off and work that night... well, I have New Years night off, but I work in the morning. I'm going to go to Jason & Becky's still though, I'm just going to have to drive from Harper Woods to the Village. Stellar.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby it's hard to believe... we're in heaven

Currently listening to: Heaven (Techno Mix) by DJ Sammy

Somehow we ended up listening to that song about a million times. Amazing. Anyways, I love it. Then we listened to it in the dish room at work. Now I'm listening to it. Damn.

Scott & I went shopping today at about 7:00am. We went to Meijer & I bought some perfum, then off to Starbucks, Lakeside Mall and Best Buy. I also paid for my video camera! I have to pick it up on Saturday, as they had to order it. It's pretty sweet, not gonna lie, I'm in love with it. I bought a 1gb memory card for it too. Then, on a whim, we went to IKEA and we ate their $.99 breakfast. It was pretty good. I didn't buy anything, but we enjoyed walking around the place for about an hour and a half. Scotty bought... a buffet. HAHA. Ok, so it's a small buffet and it doesn't look like one and apparently it's perfect to fit his TV on AND it was on sale. Good stuff. Stopped @ Walmart before coming home, then I attempted to take a nap. Failed.

Since we both had to work, we decided to get nice & caffeinated, so we went to Starbucks a second time, around 3:30 pm. Awesome. It was delicious. We pretty much were crazy at work and annoyed the hell out of everyone. But we still kicked ass and we were both in the dish room. Heaven was stuck in my head all night. Still is.

I might go see Happy Feet this weekend if it's still in the theater. Hmmmmm.....

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Currently watching: Now & Then

Today was the best Christmas I've had in a long time, it was super low key. I woke up early to take Nana to church, then I napped for 2 hours, then daddy woke me up and I had pancakes. Delicious. Around noon, Jason & Becky came over for Christmas dinner. I got so many presents this year, it's ridiculous. From Jason & Becky, I got a Eucalyptus candle, the Vagina Monologues book, a world clock, an Elton John scent thing ;), a little desk clip thing, a decorative Christmas Tree and a Canon photo printer. AWESOME! From my mom and dad, I got a pretty pink bath robe and a $100 gift card to Best Buy. Jill & Jenny got me a $25 Best Buy gift card and a $15 Starbucks card, which I'm sure I'll be using tomorrow morning when I go shopping like whoa. I also got $25 from the Nana. Woot. Okay, I'm waking up early to go shopping with Scotty.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My blood is amazing

Currently listening to: The most amazing internet radio ever.

So the most amazing internet radio ever is called Pandora. It's amazing. Why? Because you put in the type of music you like (either a specific song or a band/artist) then it creates a radio station catered to that type of music. And you can add different artists to your station & it becomes kick ass. I've already discovered some hot shit, not gonna lie. Now all I need is for Pandora to stream audio to my mp3 player. Not gonna happen, but maybe one day.

I woke up this morning to Seasons of Love from Rent! playing on my cell phone... but I thought I was dreaming the song, so I slept through it. Then mom called on the house phone. Lame. But she wanted me to come up to her work to donate blood, so I was excited... and that also meant I got to sign with Karen. Woot. So I got to her work around 11:00-ish and we had lunch, then I went to give blood. They did that stupid little spring loaded stab-you-in-the-finger-so-we-can-test-your-blood test, which hurt like a bitch. My iron levels are amazing... but I couldn't give blood because apparently I don't have enough red blood cells. Fuck that, I have good blood. My blood is amazing & I can't even save lives with it. Whatev, I got free American Red Cross shwag... a beanie & a pin. And a voucher for $3.50 for the hospital food court. SCORE. Definitely gave that one to the mom. Then I signed with Karen for about an hour, which was fun, although people in her department were staring like whoa.

Went home, went to the bank with dad, filled out student visa shit, killed the bank. End of story, I pretty much hate the student visa process.

Oh and I kept forgetting that today was Friday... I was still stuck in Thursday, so I forgot that Coop was coming home. She made me be a fat kid and go to Cold Stone for the second time this week... so now it's her fault I'm a fat kid. Good times. Oh and I think Ollie might be a lesbian, she started humping my arm today...

I have to go to sleep so I can wake up for work in the morning. Ugh.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just days until Christmas...

...and I've not bought any presents yet. I've started making a few... but that's about it. LAME.

I had one of the most mentally challenged days of my life today. And I realized that my friend Sarah reminds me of Karen from Will & Grace. Well the good parts & the crazy laugh. Anyways, back to the day I had. Well I got up @ 4:45 to go pee, then I fell asleep in my mom's bed for half an hour, then got up and took a shower. Then I took another 15 minute nap... then I got up and went to work. Then hell broke loose. First of all, Paul & I were working together & we tend to wreak havoc, especially if we're both in the dish room. Then a kid got fired. Then Paul poured pickled herring juice on my leg... on purpose. Once we got back from the stations, I threw a brussel sprout at his head. He retaliated with chucking breakfast meats at me. Then he decided to take it a step further and put a sausage down the back of my shirt. Interestingly, I had a large, moist piece of cake in my hand... so I smashed it into his ear. It was totally worth not getting any work done today. I got home and took another nap until about 6:30. Later, I went out with Scotty, Sarah, Dana & this Dan kid that works with us to Cold Stone. Fun times.

Now I'm watching Will & Grace. Life is over.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ok, so...

... today is passing so damn slow. And I can't sleep. And I really need to, since I have to be up @ 5:15 to shower before work. But in the last few hours I've become addicted to the show "My So-Called Life" which was on in the mid-nineties. That makes me lame. But I can't stop watching it. And Wilson Cruz is probably the most adorable guy ever.

Anyways, my internet keeps going out and my mouse keeps freaking out, so I'm going to try to stop watching this ridiculous melodrama & go to bed. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Ughhh... I feel like death. I fell asleep @ 6:00pm today, right after I ate dinner. Awesome 4 hour nap in the middle of my life. So I took my puppy to the vet today & she was running a puppy fever :(. But she's better now. Aaaand we found out that she's not just a boxer & golden retriever, the vet said she looks a lot like an Alaskan breed dog. :). Oy vey. I really have nothing to say right now, I'm probably going to go back to sleep in the next few minutes. Why? Because I'm amazing.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Currently watching: Nigella Bites :) I love her name

So we did the most amazing thing today. Well, after my mom woke me up obscenely early to go to breakfast. We adopted a 10 month old puppy from the Mount Clemens Animal Shelter. Her name is Ollie, short for Olive... because we're cool. She's a golden retriever/boxer mix. We gave her a bath & she smelled like apricots & we found that she has the softest coat ever. Then I called Cat & she came over to experience the puppy. She's really adorable, I'll post a better pic of her once I take one, she's quite squirmy. Oh & she hates the neighbor... but that's okay, he's a freak. Well, I'm going to go do some laundry, then pay attention to my puppy.

Currently listening to: Into The Ocean by Blue October

So that song is amazing... sounds kinda trippy, but I really like it, I heard it on 96.3 on the way home from Jill & Jen's. I pretty much got nothing accomplished today. I have to go to the bank tomorrow with my dad so that I can get this guarantor form signed for my NZ student Visa. I filled out the form partially... then realized that I wrote 2007 for the current date. Wrong.

We had the work Christmas Party tonight, it actually wasn't bad, I hung out with Scotty and Stephanie Vogel... not gonna lie, people we work with are annoying as hell with a drink or two in them. I pretty much freaked out on the way there, there was a three car accident RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, as in I saw a van fly into oblivion. Needless to say I called the police. Then I called Coop... partly to say hi because we haven't talked in a few days, party to stop freaking out. I'm pumped though, they did a raffle and I won a $25 Target gift card. Way to make my night. After, I went to Jill & Jennifer's to help Jenny figure out how to do ipod things. I kinda suck at it, but I did give them a few thousand songs to start with, so that was cool.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Testing it out...

So, I'm currently testing out this new thing called which is pretty sweet. It's gonna let me upload videos directly to my blog, which is going to make it amazing when I'm in New Zealand. Just click on the video, this one is from when Cat & I went to Chicago & saw the fireworks on July 3, 2005. Sweet graduation present :)

The videos seem to take a long time to upload, depending on what type they are. Windows Media Files (.wmv) upload really fast, while Quicktime (.mov) files seem to go slow as hell... interesting.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

All you've got to keep is strong, move along, move along...

So I want a St. Bernard like whoa. I think they are quite possibly the most adorable dogs. Granted they poop bigger than me... they're still amazing. I'll hire someone to pick up the poop.
I've been thinking lately, I know I want to live in Chicago, or a comparable large city, but I don't know if I want to raise my kids in the city... maybe, but I don't know. I've been thinking about Boston lately, sounds like a pretty sweet place, I wanna visit. Washington, D.C. too, I need to visit there, I might be going there for grad school... maybe.

I'm going to go through more music today :)

I love how you talk about yourself

So I've decided something. I hate egotistical people. Like whoa. One egotistical person in particular, who always finds a way to talk about himself, no matter what the subject is. 3 points to the person who guesses first! Oh, and to those who understand and love the show Signing Time, I hate the host's (Rachel) smile. It looks fake.

I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven...

Currently listening to: Heaven Techno Mix by DJ Sammy
Currently watching: 30 Rock

So... The song that is up there is really good & it's been on at every club I've been at. I love it. But DJ Sammy came up with a really sad version, called the 9/11 remix. Super sad. Don't listen to it, Scotty made me and then I cried pretty much like a crazy person. It's a little kid talking about how they miss their dad who died. SUPER SAD.

Anyways, I moved all of my stuff home today. I wish I would have taken a picture of how full my car was, it was absolutely ridiculous, but miraculously, my pillows just kept letting me stuff them further back. AMAZING.

Ok, I think it's time for bed now. Shleepy time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Long day ahead of me

So Jaime Z is my hero. I hope I spelled her name right. She transferred her entire hard drive worth of music to my external hard drive today. Woot. That's like 10,000 songs to add to my 8500, even though I'm sure a lot are doubles. I'm amazed. And uber excited. Ohhh and Bart gave me something awesome, but I can't disclose it because it's a surprise for the mumma. But it's amazing. Think MTV circa 1998. But don't give it away if you figure it out. Also, he gave me a show called "Clone High", which seems really funny.

~Breakfast date with Ben @ 10:00
~Meeting with Ana, Denise & Kent @ 10:30
~Lunch with Cat @ 11:30
~Max is helping me pack my car @ 12:00
~Checking out of the dorm @ 1:00
~CDO exam @ 2:00
~Go to parking services after exam to attempt to give back my parking sticker in exchange for money.
~Go home... :( :)

Life is lame.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

1 more day...

I'll be home at this time tomorrow. What a weird sensation it is to be finished with the semester & know that I'm not going back... And it's really sad :(. First off, not rooming with Cat is gonna suck, because we're practically sisters. Aaaand I seem to have made a lot of good friends in the past few weeks, which makes it that much harder to leave.

I can't figure out video games. I'm not wired for it.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fucking Mario Kart

Currently listening to: Cat loosing her shit about teacher education

So I almost vomited today because all of the intense colors in the Mario Kart game. I just got accused of studying. Haha. If only they knew. So I'm sitting in my room with Cat, Melissa, Carla, Leo & Max, getting absolutely nothing done. Kill me now... I'm so tired. And I have a Spanish exam in the morning... afternoon. Whatev. I'm gonna die.

Ugh. I don't think I'm going to sleep. And I just googled sphincter. Oh snap.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Woody makes (made?) that sound.
H'ok, so... today was craziness. I'm not sure what time I woke up, but I was pretty much tied in a not & Scotty & Leo were sleeping perpendicular to me. I think Melissa had already gone back to her room a few hours earlier, but a few of us definitely camped out in the "living room" Friday night. Awesome.

Anyways, blogger had a seriously awesome update, now I can drag & drop edit the template, which is totally sweet. AND I found a really good replacement for Outlook Express, but it's by Mozilla. Sweet. And free.

Around 3pm I went to the winter E-Board retreat, even though technically I'm not an E-Board member. Good times. My favorite part was the ice-breakers, not gonna lie, I live for those things. I even got to put a puzzle together (with the help of my teammates) with a blindfold on. Awkward.

Then we had our GSA white elephant gift exchange party/dance party because that's what happens when you add me + Kent + 80's music + open floorspace. We have dance parties. Apparently he is the male version of me, which I love. Now I have a female twin (Melissa) and a male twin (Kent). Does that make them twins by proxy? Hmm... I'm interested to see if they would be curiously similar. I ended up with some homemade chocolates & a purple Etch A Sketch... which I think I left in someone's room. Damnit. Then many of us ended up at a sex toy store. Awkward. But it kinda freaked me out. Anyways, it was funny because that's where I ended up saying goodbye to a lot of people at. Hehe. How fitting.

Later I went & hung out with some friends for a few hours too long & now I'm in my bed typing about life. I should go to sleep.

I like the word snarky. And I'm out.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Orgy in 319

So last night was amazing. Scotty came up to visit & we hung out for a while, then Melissa, Max, Leo & Carla came over to play Tourette's with Scott, Cat & I. Awesome, however we did get asked to be quiet... twice. I'm really not proud of that, I've never gotten in trouble, especially for being loud. Meh. At one point, all of us were scrunched up on the floor, tied in knots around each other. I'll post a picture later if they turned out. I'm not gonna lie, I miss working with that boy all the time, but I won't miss it for long, I'm already on the new schedule.

So I'm kinda pissed, I've gotten really close to an awesome group of people... just before I'm ready to leave CMU for the semester. Lame. But I love them :). Melissa & Carla live (or did) in 321, but Melissa moved down to 324 & Carla might be moving into my room with Cat. Max lives down on first floor & Leo is moving into that room. I'm sad that I'm leaving after making amazing friends. :(. Oh, and Melissa is definitely my twin. And we even both did People to People when we were kids... to the UK & Ireland. Woot.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Guilty Pleasure...

Currently Listening to: Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's
Currently Reading: Seventeen Magazine... thank you very much

I just read a Seventeen Magazine cover to cover. It was amazing. That is your cue to shoot me in the face.

To Do:
~Central Auditory Processing Test 9:00am ... today
~Sook's CD Release @ Fifi's 9:00pm .. today
~Finish the God damn OC
~Fill out student visa application
~Email my reaction papers to Kendra
~Stop staying up playing on my computer

I should go to bed. Now... I have to be out @ about 8:45. Yuck. Plus, I have to eat brekkie before I go, as I won't be free until about 1:00. Damnit, now I've gotta be up no later than 8:15... 8:20.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm ridiculous

Soo... In the throws of boredom last night, I made a quiz about myself. Please take it, it's slightly ridiculous but it's fun. Umm... today in the UC there was a chocolate fountain. I about died. It was amazing. They were doing massages too... but I kinda don't want to be touched all over by a stranger. Ahh... I'm going to go nap & watch the OC. Later.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Cat... I'm a kitty cat. And I dance, dance, dance and I dance dance dance.

I can't help watching stupid YouTube videos.

I saw this one years ago, I think it's from ebaum's world. Hilarious. Even though we don't have a cat anymore :(. Watch watch watch.

Ok, one more stupid video... except this one is way worse. It's a recut of Seinfeld with Kramer (you know, when he completely freaked out and started calling people n-words). Surprisingly funny, if not a whole lot racist.

Monday, December 4, 2006

To Do

Currently watching: The OC... sad, I know

Watch the video. Laugh.

So... it's To Do list time again.

~Finish my HEV project by 6:00pm tomorrow
~Get something together for the ASL expressive exam on Wednesday
~Turn in my SLS II project for CDO tomorrow morning

I know there's more, but I can't think of them right now.

This is why...

...we don't take mom out in public.

Champagne Supernova

Currently listening to: My computer is making a frightening humming sound
Currently reading: Without You by Anthony Rapp

So this book is intense. It had me crying like whoa. I'm not gonna lie about it, there's something about reading sad books that is amazing. Thanks to Melissa across the hall for telling me to read it & subsequently letting me borrow it. I'm already halfway done with it after 1.5 hours of constant reading.

I stopped doing homework and watching The OC around 11 or 12, then decided to go to bed. That was short lived. But instead of doing homework that I really need to get done, or studying for a test that I have tomorrow afternoon, I opted to read. Damnit. But I'll do my homework tomorrow morning and study like it's my job before the test, so I will at least remember the material for the 15 minutes that I'll be in the classroom.

Anyways, about this book. It's kinda about Anthony Rapp's (Mark from RENT!) life, kinda about RENT!, kinda about everything else. I didn't realize that Johnathan Larson, the guy who wrote the musical, died the night of the dress rehearsal, of an aortic aneurysm. Which made me cry like whoa. It was rough. Yeah, I'm not going to go into describing everything, but it's a really hard hitting book. I like it.

This is what happens when:
(a) Cat and I straighten our hair after watching The OC.
(b) We find a camera laying around.
(c) We decide, hey, let's take the obligatory Myspace ho pics!
(d) We turn into complete assholes
(e) All of the above.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Not gonna lie...

The Best Week Ever Live show wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. Lame. But it was still quite interesting to see. Mike Britt, Melissa Rauch, Nick Kroll & Pete Holmes were the panelist. I personally liked the standup part better than them trying to re-enact the show, but whatever. Pete Holmes is a silly bitch. Here's something of his below. The funniest thing all night though was Melissa Rauch's pot joke. She was talking about how the public service announcements about pot are not really that accurate and that they should put people on there that are smoking pot and trying to order a pizza. I wish I had gotten that on video or something, because she did the funniest thing I have ever seen, but it would be lame if I tried to recreate it here. All I can say is that she said pepperoni about 900 times. Pepperoni-roni-roni-roni-roni... dude, is that the word for sliced red meat in little circles?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Legal music downloading... Free?

So I found this completely awesome website in Rolling Stone magazine, and it is a legal downloading place that has signed with some major and independent record labels. And the best part? Completely free. The only way this works is that the website is supported by ads, the person downloading (each download is 90 seconds) is forced to stare at the downloads, the record companies get paid w/ money from the ads. It's amazing. There is a downfall or two though: You can't burn this music onto CDs, you can only put it on mp3 players. Also, the music is not supported by Apple, so it won't play on an ipod. But it's awesome for the other people, like myself, who are too poor for an ipod. I'm pumped. The site is supposed to be operational later this month. Woot.

Sad + Happy = Emo Kid

Sooo... Woody has been missing for days and we've come to the general consensus that he's not coming home :(. I don't even like that little fucker, but he's part of the family. Lame. Enough sadness. Cat and I are still binging on The OC, we're almost done with the second season.

So tonight could be the Best Night Ever. I mean the Best Week Ever. Live. Yep, the Best Week Ever guys from VH1 are coming to CMU to do Best Week Ever Live @ Plachta tonight @ 9. I'm so excited, I live for that show. I haven't watched it in forever, but I'm in love with it.

Well, back to The OC.

Friday, December 1, 2006


Ok, so... I don't know whether or not I have my interviews today, as campus is closed as of 12:00pm, due to ... a little bit of snow. Lightweights. I've already emailed all of the people I was supposed to meet with today, but it seems that no one checks their email. I also am having trouble with my AustraLearn advisor, she is not returning my emails, which is just a little more than pissing me off. Ahhhh. Ok, that's about all I've got right now, I'm sitting in a computer lab locked out of my room. But I'm on a Mac, so that's fun. The only thing I hate about Macs is the fact that when I'm on the website, I can't really edit anything that I'm posting. Lame.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I just got woken up approximately four hours too early...

...but I don't care, because my loan for study abroad went through!!!!!! YAY!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

By The Way...

I'm putting the comment thing back up and I fully expect comments. And when I say I expect comments, I mean I really really like them and appreciate it because I'm a nerd. Pleasseeee leave me something interesting to read. Or something completely uninteresting for all I care.

I can't sleeeep

I'm sitting @ my desk, updating my calendar. That makes me a sad individual. I did one of those laying in bed going crazy things, finally I just got up and did my calendar. The day has been eventful though.
I had an ASL exam today... super easy, then I came back and watched some of The OC with Cat, because that's what we do now. Then I did other stuff and I broke a glass. Lame. It was really loud too.
OH oh oh oh and Spanish was canceled today and it's canceled tomorrow, apparently the professor's husband is sick. Darn. Not that I like when there are sick spouses, but it is a nice surprise once in a while.
Time for another to do list:

1. write essay(s) for AustraLearn scholarships
2. get my professors to sign off on the courses I'm taking in NZ
3. fax everything and to AustraLearn via The Office of International Education by Thursday
4. go get some classy shoes
5. finish SLS II project for CDO 330
6. do hev 100h project #5
7. central auditory processing test on Tuesday morning... tell Lori I have to skip class
8. write in my planner more
9. send my passport in to AustraLearn as soon as I receive it from USPS
10. do important things from 10:45am until 6:00pm tomorrow
11. try to finish with my OC binge
12. get together with Jessie to do our ASL expressive exam
13. call MI-Loan until I start to annoy them, then call more
14. nap more often

Monday, November 27, 2006

I've come to realize something as of late...

...My parents like justice. They are obsessed with all of those judge shows, especially Judge Judy. I think she's a cold hearted bitch, but whatever. Anyways, not only do my parents love justice, but they TIVO Judge Judy. I only realized that that was weird when I said it out loud to Cat... and she laughed. Maybe this is a cry for help from my parents. Or maybe they really do just love justice.

So I'm most definitely freaking out about my loan for study abroad. AAAHHH. And I'm still waiting on my passport, which is supposed to come on Thursday.

Good news? Well, I got to hang out with my best friend over break, that was fun. Better news? I've got two interviews lined up for being an RA/MA, one for Kulhavi, Campbell, Kessler, Celani & Fabiano (aka the new halls) and one for Larzy, Trout & Calkins (north campus, where I live right now). I would really like it if I got a job in one of the new halls, they are amazing, and they're near the sac, which I'm totally pumped about.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oh oh oh oh.

I pretty much need to see Happy Feet. But I'm poor. Dang. So I'm thinking that we have less than 3 weeks left of the semester, which is completely amazing. Aaaand Scotty is coming to visit me in about 2 weeks. Woot.

So this Thanksgiving break was amazing :). I got to hang out w/ my very own Coop.

I'm working on making Christmas presents right now because I'm too poor to buy them, but it's all working out.

Here's a pic of Trevor being taller than me:

I'm jealous.

Dang, that is a sweet bag you might say

Currently watching: Fine Living Channel ;)

H'ok, so. Aunt Jill came over and brought me her awesome Abercrombie & Fitch bag for NZ.

And it was only used the one time in Alaska. It's sooooo cool. Yay. Oh, and can I just say that Trevor is now 5' 10"... it's amazing... and it makes me jealous. I'll put up a pic later.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why is there always a football on Thanksgiving?

Quick update on the last few days...
I came home on Tuesday night, then slept forever. Went out w/ Coop Wednesday night :) OH! And her mom made me some adorable mittens, maroon & gold for CMU.

Well today was relatively calm, for a family get together, 'nuff said about that though, as I could still kill some family members. So I decided to go shopping like a crazy person tomorrow, but I'm on a mission, I need to find some Christmas presents like whoa. And my dad needs a dvd player, so I'm going to pick one up for him. I do not want to wake up in the morning, that's for sure. Oh well, I'm going to go to sleep.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wish List :)

So... I'm just going to put this out in the universe, in case there are any individuals *cough* mom *cough* dad *cough* reading this that may want to get me an amazing Christmas present.

Since I am travelling abroad, I think it would be amazing to have some sort of video camera & I found one at a pretty good price with all the sweet features on it so that I can put video online for the friends & family. Anyways, here it is:

It's a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA6OR. It's pretty much amazing. And it's water resistant, since I'm probably going to Fiji, which seems like a moist place. It takes both still & video images toooooo :) Woot for hot camera.

I think I should also get some sort of travel back pack, the study abroad advisor was adamant about us having one. That will come later... and off of ebay... because damn. Umm... I'm going to go to sleep now.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why am I still awake?

Okay... so I look like Pipi Longstocking right now. It's ridiculous. I have my last exam of the week tomorrow morning & it shouldn't be that bad, I studied like it was my job. I have a new to do list though:

1. Meet with Kim Jones, the financial advisor, to go over study abroad money.
2. Get faculty approval for the courses I'm taking in New Zealand.
3. Pack everything I want to take home for Thanksgiving.
4. Print my life away @ Grawn.
5. Start looking for Christmas presents for the friends & fam.
6. Fill out Application to Enrol for University of Canterbury. They spell enroll wrong, that was not a typo.
7. Stop freaking out about everything.
8. Take more naps.

Study abroad is getting super stressful right now, I feel like there are only a few things left for me to do, but they are really weighing me down. I'm afraid that I won't be pre-approved for the classes I want to take. And that makes me supa nervous. Anyways, I should get to bed... but I probably won't, I can't seem to fall asleep in my bed @ school anymore. Maybe I'll fall asleep in the menagerie of pillows we have in the "living room". Maybe.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Aaaaahhhh the sweet feeling of accomplishment

So I actually did homework pretty much all weekend long. It was amazing. I feel like I'm on top of everything right now, but don't worry, I'll be myself in like a day, when I realize that I am a douchebag.

Funny story -- I was downloading an episode of The OC the other day so that I could catch up on what I missed... and when I started watching it, I was sadly mistaken. It was definitely not The OC. Instead, Cat and I found ourselves watching ANIME LESBIAN PORN. Awkward. But then we started following the story line & it was funny as hell, so we made popcorn and watched anime lesbian porn. But then one of the crazy girls had sex with the devil and the devil had approximately 5 penises (penii). Slightly awkward. Effing hilarious. Although they killed a puppy :(. That's sad.

Oh, and we're definitely binging on The OC (the actual show, not the porn), we've watched about half of the first season in under 24 hours. We are ridiculous.

I've found a pet peeve. So say someone is on the phone (person #1). Say there's another person sitting next to them (person #2). Then say that there is a third person on the phone. Then let's just entertain the idea that person #3 says to person #1 about person #2 "Can ____ hear me?". That is never a good sign and it is rude, especially when person #2 CAN hear you. Ok, enough ranting. A word of warning? Never ask that question on a cell phone, they are really loud.

Ok, I said enough ranting, but that wasn't really enough, I feel like an emo kid. I'm pretty much sick of everything and everyone. I can't wait until I escape to a foreign land. 94 more days. Maybe the emo will be gone tomorrow, it's hard being pissed off at everyone. I'm going to go to sleep before I offend anyone... else. :) I may have love for you if you're reading this... maybe.

Friday, November 17, 2006

No one mourns the wicked...

Currently Listening to: Defying Gravity from the Wicked Soundtrack

This photo feels slightly Andy Warhol to me... I LOVE IT. & I only take a small amount of the credit for it, because Cat definitely did the hard labor. But I helped with decision making! Aaand the nerds that we are, we ALL put it as our myspace backgrounds.

Anyways, the reason this pic is so fun is that we were all sitting @ my kitchen table on the last night when we were hanging out & being assholes, so Coop took pics of the three of us, then one of us took a photo of her & then 3 months later, Cat & I are bored & decided to be amazing. I think it totally captures our personalities like WHOA. I'm a nerd. I'm so nostalgic for summer :(.

Okay, so I've decided to make a giant awesome calendar for myself on I feel like this is going to help me be more organized. Or at least I'd like to think so. I really hope it does, because the next few weeks are going to be brutal for me, I have soooo much to get done for study abroad and my classes. I have 4 exams, 3 on Monday & 1 on Tuesday, so I'm pretty much going to die. Butttt I get to see my COOP on Wednesday! I'm so pumped, we haven't seen each other in like 3 or so months. So that's something fun to look forward to. Oh, and Thanksgiving. Should be a grand old time. I don't even know which family members I'm going to see this year, but I don't think Jill & Jen are coming :*( because they're going to the Lions game. I do get to see my big brother though! And Becky :). Oy vey, I'm gonna stop typing now, I feel myself drifting off. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Umm... apparently I can't be trusted to nap.

Ok, so. Today I've napped in between each thing I've had to do, including classes. I had the most effed up dream ever between 11:08am and 11:39am. I should really get an award for this one. Anyways, before I fell asleep, I was talking to Cat, which seems like it would help with this absurdity. So in the dream, I was in my bed and Cat and John were in her bed and John thought I was sleeping, so he said something mean about me, and I heard him, so I told him to fuck off. Then jump to a few hours later & I walk into the UC with Lia & the weather is normal. Then I walk out and the sky is black & it's hailing. And Cat is in some sort of shed with an open face that has lights in it... and she's stretching in a frilly purple leotard. And she wouldn't come in to the UC because she was mad at me because I told John to fuck off. Whatev. So then the weather is eerily normal and she's in an emerald green convertible El Camino... which I don't really think is a convertible sort of car, but to each his own. And she's driving off and yelling at me, then I started to cough up something that resembled the inside of those rubber bouncy balls, so I threw it and it bounced. I have no idea why I was holding anything that I had coughed up. Anyways, then I woke up, coughing.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Catching up on life...

Currently listening to: Show Stopper by Danity Kane

H'ok, so, I've got a giant list of things to do in the next few days, I figure that I might actually do them if I post them on the internet for the world to see.

1. Do all my Spanish homework that I neglected @ home.
2. Take my CDO Exams. (One is today :) )
3. Take my Spanish Exam (Monday)
4. Go print off my ResLife Applications to be an RA/MA next year.
5. Find out if my loan is going through ASAP, because I might die if it doesn't.
6. Go to the Study Abroad Orientation on Friday.
7. Find out when all of my final exams are.
8. Catch up in ASL.
9. Do two HEV projects + a little bit of homework.
10. Hearing test tomorrow morning @ 9:00... which means no sleeping in. Lame.
11. Get the notes from all of my classes. CDO 230, CDO 330, ASL 100, ASL 201, HEV 100H, SPN 102
12. Go to the gym today.
13. Study for the CDO 330 exam I have in an hour. Ugh.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things I'm Jealous Of...

The new ipod shuffle. It's amazing, it is not only a 1G mp3 player, but it is a clip. It clips right on to your pants or your bag, or MY pants. Amazing. I want to find a rich kid & steal it from them.

This pink & black kitchen from the IKEA Catalogue. Amazing. I cannot begin to describe how much I want a pink & black kitchen. Wow. Truly inspired ;)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Life overhaulin'

So... I've decided that I've got some goals for the next three hundred and sixty five days:

1. Figure out how to pay for studying abroad in New Zealand. I'm praying for some loans/scholarships.

2. Get my ass in shape.

3. Learn how to sew. And maybe learn how to put rhinestones on things... because I like rhinestones.

4. Get a position as an RA.

5. Save money.

6. Get my ass in shape... again.

7. Stop drinking pop... and juice... apparently it has just as much sugar.

8. Drink water.

9. Figure out why I am suddenly enthralled with super heroes.

So, hopefully some of those will come true :)

Here it goes again...

I LOVE this video... and this song. Hooray for Ok Go.


I think I'm going to go see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan... more commonly known as Borat. I'm pumped, its supposed to be a hilarious view of the United States. Woot. I wanna be an ex-pat. Anyways, I'm standing here in the kitchen washing dishes and such. So I'm obviously bored if I've resulted to doing dishes. I'm out.

It's really not fair to anyone who's in the path of the four of us because with our powers combined, we're horrible people...

Currently listening to: Fergalicious by Fergie

So the title of this post sums up life. Or what happens when you get my core group of friends together. I wish the four of us could hang out more, but sadly, we only get to wreak havoc on the world during the summers. Lame. But somehow, we're amazing. The thing that is awesome about the four of us is that we didn't really hang out in high school, I mean Cat & I did and Coop & Steph did and Steph & I did and I was kinda friends with Coop, but the four of us did not hang out. Then something happened... Although I'm not quite sure what that something is. But, I became awesome friends with Coop and started inviting her to Rocky Parties that I was having, that both Cat and Steph (under protest, as an anti-Rocky Horror Picture Show person) came to, and the four of us just clicked. It's pretty much amazing, I think it's because we're four people that couldn't be more different. Anyways, I don't know what I would do without the three of them, no matter what, we're the ruling quartet.

Summer can't come soon enough.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

I've been reduced to watching The OC... and it makes me cry

Currently listening to: The Pick of Destiny by Tenacious D

So now that I've been home forever, I've finished the entire third season of The OC. Now the fourth season is on TV.... and I can't stop watching it. God damn mother fuck. In other news, I get to go back to school this weekend and Steph & I are going go the midnight skate for Alternative Breaks. I'm kind of excited. Aaaaand I'm actually looking forward to going to classes.

Ok, time out, Grey's Anatomy just made me cry. I think my hormones are off, I'm crying at every God damn thing I see.

Tomorrow I plan to go to MacDonald Public Library and catching up on homework from this week, it shouldn't take that long, as I only have a few assignments to do, but I need to get myself out of the house, I'm going stir crazy. And slightly ADD. And when I say slightly ADD, I mean extremely ADD.

I'm getting so excited about going to New Zealand, its unbearable. I filled out my housing request form the other day and I found an awesome apartment over their, only five minutes from my campus. I'm super excited, as I'll be living with 4-5 other people, who I think will be native New Zealanders :). Wooooot. Okay, I'm gonna go.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Found the coolest thing ever... in the whole world

Currently watching: The OC Season 3...

So I've found the most exciting software ever. It's kind of a mix of the Mac OS and Windows XP... and it's free & pretty sweet. I believe it's called flyakite.osx, but either way, it's AMAZING! I swear, it has all the sweet features of a Mac but everything that I still love from PCs... I'm in love. :) I bet this is kinda like what Microsoft Vista is going to be, its supposed to be way more user friendly... :) WOOT. Looks like I've found something new to play with while I'm sick in bed!

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Desperate Housewives...

Currently listening to: Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae
Currently reading: Fried Green Tomatoes - Fannie Flagg

Okay, so I was watching Desperate Housewives and it was pretty intense... long story short, crazy lady shoots up a super market & Lynette got it in the shoulder. Not gonna lie, the show made me cry. Anyways, I'm ridiculous. So now I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition... and it made me cry too. Oy vey. Since I'm pretty much out of commission for the week, I've decided to catch up on The OC. Which makes me, if possible, more ridiculous. I can't help loving that show. Anyways, I should go to sleep now, I'm taaaard.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Wayyy too much Tivo...

Ok. So. I'm in New Baltimore, pretty much on bed-rest for the next ten days. LAME. I went to the Dr. today & I don't have pneumonia, but I have an amazing bronchitis that is totally kicking my ass. Which means I'm not allowed to go back to school, effing doctor's orders. So I pretty much get to lay on the couch & watch my parents Tivo. It is fun though... but there is a limit to what you can Tivo. So life is pretty lame right now. I'll probably be on aim all week, so hit me up some.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I've found the most amazing soy milk...

Currently listening to: Light My Candle - Rent
Currently reading: Just finished The Hours by Michael Cunningham

... anyways, this soymilk, 8th Continent, is amazing. It almost tastes like real milk! Haha, I know, I'm ridiculous. I've really got nothing else to say but that. Laters.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I feel like absolute hell. I keep sneezing & every time I do, I think I'm going to puke. And I have a super headache. Add sinus infection to my ridiculous life. Anyways, done complaining.

In other news, I've been watching Discovery Health for a few hours now. I love it. Right now there's this guy on Dr. G, Medical Examiner, that was found in his apartment... decomposing. He was green. Ew... and yet fascinating. I've been watching this channel on and off since I got home. I've also been watching Little People, Big World and Scars. I'm addicted. I should get my ass off the couch and stop watching TV... but I won't. I'm feeling so lazy right now, I don't even want to go back to school Sunday night. But I must.

Snap. I just had a reality check.

Oh and I can't even go to Jill's Halloween party this weekend, as I'm pretty much dead.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm dead...

Yeah, so I'm not going up to school today. I'll go tomorrow in time for ASL 100 @ 6:00pm. The only reason I'm going there is because I have a 'midterm'. When I say midterm, I mean that I have to sign a song. I'm going to do "Light My Candle" from RENT... because I'm amazing. If I didn't have to go to that class, I wouldn't be going back until I absolutely had to. Right now I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition... and I'm definitely crying because this show gets sadder every week. God damn. So this weekend has been completely ridiculous, I have an upper respiratory infection and strep throat. Then I gave my disease to my parents. Now I'm just chillin' on the sofa.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's Signing Time!!!

So I've found a new television show that I thoroughly enjoy... the downfall... it's made for preschoolers. But it's a signing show. :) I'm pumped. And slightly ridiculous.


I wanna make a full length ASL movie I think... let's do it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So I ended up taking a coma...

Yesterday I woke up... at about 3:00 pm. Only about fifteen hours after I'd gone to sleep. I think sleeping that much indicates one thing. Severe illness. Anyhoo, I've decided after much deliberation, to come home this weekend, as the volunteer thingie I was supposed to do decided that they needed 25 people as opposed to 40, so I jumped ship. I get to go see a doctor on Friday morning. Hooray for me. Now I'm off to ASL then GSA. Sweet.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This week will kill me.

Currently listening to: When You Were Young by The Killers
Currently reading: Real Simple... the magazine

I just got an email telling me that I've been accepted to the Study Abroad program for the Spring!!! I'm pumped. Yesterday I also got my American Red Cross Donor Registration Card. I'm O+, which means I can give blood to anyone but I can only take from other O's... sweet. I'm going to die this week. That's pretty much it.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

I'm bringing SexyBack...

Currently listening to: SexyBack by Justin Timberlake
Currently reading: Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

Hmm... it's been a while. Life happens I guess. It feels good to write about nothing in particular. So... the last month... well, my computer has been on the rag. I just got it sorta fixed today, so that I can go on the internet at school. The Geek Squad is overrated, I gave them my computer to fix & they lied about fixing it. I want a Mac.

Last week was Deaf Awareness Week. Here's a wee video I found on I really enjoyed the Peter Cook performance, I went up and had a conversation with him after his show. Apparently he is a professor @ Columbia College, so I told him that Phillip is a professor there as well. Not gonna lie, I was pretty much excited by that.

Oy vey. I'm super tired, I came home this weekend because I feel like hell. I stopped at Jill & Jen's & gave them my Pink cd & Jill let me borrow one with some awesome songs on it, so I'm pumped about that.

I'm sick of life right now. First of all, I love spinach... but apparently we're protesting spinach on account of e.coli. God damn e.coli. Second, the whole world is sick. Third... I'm super freaked out right now, there was another double murder in New Baltimore, the couple was found today on Washington, in their garage. Shitty. I did get a chai tea latte today with Scotty boy, that was fun. I think I have a coffee date with Ms. Margaret tomorrow, as she's up from school for the weekend.

So on a way more exciting note, I'm studying abroad in the spring. Where? New Zealand. I'm stoked. I somehow made everything work. I'm utterly shocked that this worked out.

OH... I'm liking the tv networks idea about putting entire episodes of television shows online for those of us with a schedule. Now I can watch Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, & anything on The-N... Yes, I watch Degrassi & South of Nowhere like its my job. I'm lovin' it. Anyways, I know a few major networks do it, including ABC, CBS & NBC. Sweeeeeeeeeeet. All the cool networks are doing it.........

Ok, I'm watching SNL, apparently I can't get enough of the Tivo right now. Later mis amigos.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Sea Turtle Rescuers

Back: Nick, the Florida Park Service Guy (Barry?), Will, Me, Katie, Liz & Kristen

Middle: Angie, Mandy, Ashley & Shelly

Front: Melissa

Monday, September 4, 2006

The Croc Hunter...

So apparently Steve Irwin died earlier today in Australia, after being fatally stung by a stingray... That's kinda sad, he had a little baby boy :(

Mmm... birthday cake remix... :)

Currently Listening to: I'm Not Dead by Pink

So I just typed up a post, then somehow it didn't publish & I lost everything. God damnit. Anyways, this is just a quick update on my life:

I moved in last Saturday & it took quite a while, but it's all good, I got done what I wanted. I really liked most of my classes, especially ASL 100 & 201. Amazing. I love having a Deaf sign lanugage professor, it's a different way to learn & I'm quite fond of it. I'm not so sure about my HEV 100H class. I feel like its going to be lame. The week was good, especially seeing all of my friends again.

Scotty boy came to visit me on Saturday morning/afternoon. :) I love that kid. We hung out, walked around campus, played pool... at some dorm food... We also watched some Margaret Cho. I love Margaret. Saturday night, I went down to Lansing with Dave, Ben & Phil for some birthdays (Phil's Sept. 2 & mine Sept. 3) and we ended up at Spiral, a fun little club there. It was good, although Phil got super drunk. I'm not gonna preach, everyone already knows how I feel about alcohol. But its okay, because I got to dance. I've only been waiting all summer to go to a club & go dancing.

Today I'm going to try to be productive... I will fail, I'm sure, but it's the thought that counts.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Onward & Upward

H'ok, so it's been a crazy two weeks, lemme tell ya. First off, I had an amazing time in Florida, saving the sea turtles. I'm gonna do a series of separate posts about that, I'll just backlog the dates for when they actually happened, so look for updates from Aug. 14 to Aug. 23.

As for today.. the day was slightly amazing. First, I woke up around 8 and did some cleaning and such, then went out to Trevor's and we hung out for a while at the water. He even made us a picnic. I pretty much have the best cousin ever. I bought him some sex wax for his jet ski, but I forgot to bring it today. That sounds wildly inappropriate... but it's not. Anyhoo, I got home around 12:30 and hung out with my mom for a bit/cleaned the house & Yukon. I also did a shit load of laundry today. I have to get ready for school, meaning pack up my car and clothing, tomorrow before I leave. That's gonna be crazy, as I intend on leaving in the morning around 10.

This afternoon, I made a birthday cake for the rents & I, as our birthdays all fall within the next week. T'was delicious. Then for dinner, Coop and I went out to Mongolian BBQ. We had a crazy fun night, it was just good hanging out before we go our separate ways. We also stopped at Jill & Jen's so I could say goodbye real quick the the favorite aunts. Phillip was there too, so that was cool. I have to get to the Nana's tomorrow morning before I leave for school. Anyhoo, Coop came back to my house for a little bit, then we had to say goodbye. It was a lot different from last year, as we only hung out a little bit at the end of last summer, this summer we were inseperable. It was sad, but I didn't cry! Yeah, I'm awesome, I know. Now I'm laying in bed trying to put off sleep for a little longer. It's not gonna work, I must sleep and I must sleep NOW.

Oh, here's a sweet picture that I took in Florida:

That's a baby loggerhead turtle :)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Florida, Day 6

Well, this morning, I apparently opened my eyes & stretched when someone "woke" me up, but in reality, I was still sleeping. You see, I do this thing where I sleep with my eyes open. Freaky. Someone took a picture & I'll upload it once I get a copy, apparently it's pretty funny. Today was a pretty quick day, we found 11 turtles and then went to Juno Marinelife Center. We got a tour of the new facility, which is very impressive indeed. After Juno, we went to this lighthouse, which was scary, if I do say so myself.

But that may be because I like neither heights, nor rickety stairs. The view from the top was pretty sweet though. In this pic, the little outdoor patio thing at that restaurant is where the video for Jimmy Buffet's "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" was taped:

Oh, and one more awesome thing from the Lighthouse place was this tree outside, called the Banyon Tree:

Oh oh oh! Another sweet thing I got to do today was interpret French. There was a lady walking the beach and she was curious about what we were doing & she was from France. She came up to the group & started speaking French & I responded... the entire group balked for a second. It was sweet. Had to be the first time I spoke French in almost a year, so of course I sucked, but it was cool.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Florida, Day 5

This morning, just like every other damn morning, we woke up @ 5:15 and were at the beach by 6:30. We found 4 disoriented baby turtles before we even got up to the shoreline, then we had the most amazing discovery, a Leatherback nest. Leatherbacks are by far the most endangered of the species that we were dealing with. They had laid less than ten nests on that stretch of beach, as opposed to the hundreds of Loggerhead & Green nests. As soon as we found that nest, we knew something was wrong though, none of the turtles were moving. We did find three alive, but the nest hatched when it was hot out & they were exposed to the sun for too long. :(. Sidenote on Leatherbacks, they are soooo big when they mature, one was found on the coast of Maine & it was the size of a Volkswagon Beetle.
Here's the Leatherback turtle nest that died, but 3 of those turtes made it & we took them over to the Juno Marinelife Center.

After lunch @ MacArthur, the guys from the Florida Parks Service took us on a boat ride on the Intercoastal Water Way to get to Munyon Island to pick up trash. Unfortunately, the tide was too low, so we had to go on a pontoon ride for almost an hour. Damn. ;). We saw some amazing stuff, primarily a family of wild bottlenose dolphins. It was flippin' sweet. We also saw some famous stuff, like Kate Winslett's house and Tiger Wood's yacht. Here's a sign that was to be taken completely seriously:

I think that's pretty much amazing. Here's another photo, I stole this one from Katie:

That one was more amazing though. Riding around on that pontoon was so much fun & being with the group like that, just hanging out, was a lot of fun. I'll post another picture of the whole group on the pontoon, as I think I can only put 3 on each post. After the awesome boat ride, we went to Munyon Island and picked up trash for about 20 minutes and I saw real hermet crabs... they were huge. I think they were in conch shells, it was so cool... and kinda scary.

After MacArthur, we went back to the church and showered & hung out, then we got to go to Debbie's for dinner. She's an amazing cook, it was delicious. We also got our shirts, which wre beautiful, with little Leatherbacks on them. I got one for my mom too. We got back to the church after eleven, had reflection, then went to bed. AWESOME day.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Florida, Day 4

Today we got up around five... this seems like a trend, does it not? Anyhoo, we went to the beach but had to wait until about 7 to go out, as there was a small storm over the water. We found one nest when we got there & there was only one hatchling in it, so that's a good sign. Quite soon after we found that nest, we found a nest that was on the verge of emerging, so we waited & helped them along, there were 91 in that nest alone, it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. After the emergence, we took a swim break. After that, we found another nest with a few turtles left in it and a family came up to talk to us, curious as to what we were doing. One of the cooler things on this trip was that Katie & I were able to answer all of the family's questions.

Click To Play
After we got done @ the beach, we went to Juno Marine Life Center and had lunch. We got a mediocre tour of the place, but they thought we were coming on another day, which I don't believe, so there wasn't much work for us to do. I did get to clean out a Kemp's Ridley tank. That was flippin' sweet. Then we went inside with the rest of our group and incured the wrath of Jessica, the girl that worked there. She was a bitch. Then we went outside to collect some trash off the beach. Ironically, I found a piece of wood with a rusty nail in it... and I wanted to hit her in the face with it. But I didn't. But I wanted to. We had a very short day, we were back @ the church by 2:45, so we showered and ate dinner. Ashley got the genuis idea to play mafia, which no one else knew how to play except me, so we pretty much got everyone hooked on it. The hardest part is narrating and not being able to think of interesting ways to die.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Florida, Day 3

This is the first morning on the beach, we had to get up at an awesome 5:15 in the morning. That's shitty if I do say so myself. But somehow we all managed and it was a pretty sweet day. We were on the beach by six am and we met Debbie Sobel, the turtle lady. She seems super passionate about her turtles. Anyways, we found a nest with about 8 live turtles in it that were left behind from the night before and made sure that they got into the water alright.

(Ashley, Liz, Kristen, Mandy, Melissa... ? unknown person's arm)
I'm pretty sure that that's not my hand holding the turtle. Anyways, we got to have a few swim breaks along the 2.5 miles that we walked, which was pretty cool, as I haven't been in the ocean for years. We also found a few nests that were laid the night before by both Green & Leatherback turtles. That was pretty sweet, as the turtles tracks are plainly visible from the shore.

Around lunchtime, we went to MacArthur State Park and ate our lunches, followed by the cleaning up of exotic plants. We were supposed to be going to Munyon Island to clean up these plants, but the weather was not boat permitting. These plants looked like carrots, but they were stringy like coconuts. So not really anything like carrots. We also watched a film on MacArthur State Park, but everyone was pretty much dead and fell asleep during it. After that, we went to the church & showered, then a few of us went to the store to get random stuff. I had to get a new satchel to carry on the beach, as my old one kinda ripped right in half.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Florida, Day 2

This morning I drove from 2 am til' six. Atlanta is sweet when there's no one awake, otherwise is slightly shady. I'm pretty sure I slept for a good few hours after my driving shift. We got to the First Presbyterian Church around 4 in the afternoon, so 11 of us somehow managed to shower after being awake for about 25 minutes. Needless to say there were a few naps. We hung around the church campus for a few hours, then went to a Pizzeria for dinner... not good times. Well, the pizza was okay, but they gave us dirty silverware. And they had the Spanish channel on... muted. But it was fun to try and read lips in Spanish, our table made up some flippin' sweet story lines.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Florida, Day 1

I got to Mt. Pleasant around 1:00 pm and went to have lunch with the Philf. The Alt. Summer Break group assembled & we left around 2:30. I wound up in a van with Melissa, Katie, Shelley, Liz & Nick. I'm pretty sure our van was SILENT for a good few hours, I read some of my book then fell asleep to my mp3 player. I drive at 2:00am, right through Atlanta, Georgia. I get to stop somewhere around 6 in the mornin'.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


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Panic! At The Disco
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In Silence: Growing Up Hearing In A Deaf World by Ruth Sidransky

So, tomorrow I'm leaving for Florida. Woot. Saving the seaturtles is just a day away. I'm pumped. Sadly, this trip brings my summer to its end, as I'll be coming home from Florida on Wednesday the 23 & leaving for school on either Thursday or Friday. :( So as much as I've been looking forward to it, I've not been, because that means no more summer. Here's a sweet pic with my girls:

Pretty sure that's the last time we got to hang out, just the four of us, for the summer. But it was a nice, relaxed night & it was fun b/c thats what we do. See... all we need is for Coop to go to CMU & we'd be set ;). Oh, and one of my legs is more tan than the other, see if you can spot it. Ten points to anyone who can. And no, I'm not trying to grab anything naughty in the pic.

I'm about halfway packed for school, I'm taking about 1/3 the stuff I did last year, so it should be sweet. Hopefully the new roommates will be cool.

So, today I went shopping with the mum in the morning, got a refridgerator, then came home & packed a little, then I don't what for a little. Around 5, Coop came over & watched me pack, then I went out to Coldstone w/ Scotty boy. I think he's gonna come visit me around Labor Day. Woot! I love that kid. Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping early in the mornin', then I'm off to CMU. Maybe I'll see Phil & Dave for a little bit before I leave for Florida. Maybe.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I'll be back online to post about the Alt. Break on Wednesday or Thursday! Laters.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Vicodin strikes.

Ok, so I'm loving this pattern of taking vicodin, then going to sleep. There are a few awkward consequences to it though, my fore arms fall asleep and I partially lose the abliity to hear, but otherwise, I'm good. I had a really good experience at the oral surgeon today, I took an oral sedative, then when I got there, they put me on some nitrous oxide. They put the IV in and it didn't even hurt, I think I was asleep before they even gave me the sleep drugs, as they were using it as a port for putting in other drugs first. And my male nurse was cute. I definitely slept until about 5:30 today, then Cat came over for a visit & ended up eating Mac & Cheese with me. Damn family size boxes are ridiculous. Oh, and apparently I was signing this morning while I was higher than an kite on my drugs, after the surgury. I'm sweet. I've been up for a few hours, so I think I'm gonna go to bed pretty soon. Woot.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I'm sweating like its my job

H'ok, so... It is super hot out today. End of story. I'm laying in bed, sweating for no reason. Amazing. I think I'm gonna go sleep in the sunporch. The last few days have been okay, nothing too exciting that I can think of. I did pass out while trying to watch Super Troopers for the second time.

Oh and Steph got into a fight with a swan. I took video... Because I'm a bad lifeguard... Don't show this to my boss... I'm warning you.

So... I've worked this out in my head, my next 3 weeks are super effed up. Friday I get my wisdom teeth removed. That means I'm out of commission for the weekend. I was supposed to go to CMU on Wednesday, but I'm not. The following weekend I leave for Florida and come back the Monday after that, which is the 21st I think. Then I go back to school around the 24th. Hmm. I wanna go back, but I'm almost enjoying hanging out w/ my friends @ home.

Okkkk... I'm gonna go to bed now, I have to get a front end alignment tomorrow... Laters.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you

Currently listening to: The gentle hum of haunted laundry

I finally got my lifeguard shirts... 3 weeks before I'm finished for the summer. Whatev, they're sweet.

I went to work around 9:30 & got home around 8:00. Steph climbed onto a barge. Watched Dogma with Steph. Kinda fell asleep during Dogma. I officially hate one of the Rec kids for messing with Donny.


Shitty day @ Rec. Worked from 9 to 3:45. Went home, vacuumed. Went to work @ the Village. I didn't know that we were having a resident/family picnic. We barbecued our asses off. I ran into Briton @ the Village, he's one of the Police Cadets. Good kid. After work, I went to the gym & ellipticalled away all of my stress. Haha. That was a lie.

Working @ the beach tomorrow from 10 to 4, then the village from 4:30 to 8.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

I yelled myself hoarse

Cedar Point was a blast, I totally love Scott & Dana. I'm not gonna go into it b/c it'll be boring, but I did go on the Rip Cord & it was flippin' sweet. Thought I was gonna die. Like whoa. The drive there was 4 hours & the drive back was 4 hours. Should've been 2.5 hours each way... but whatev.

Happy Birthday Catherine Trombly!!!

I found a quote that I really like:

Friends are the family we chose ourselves.

It'd be sweet if it actually worked out like that, but I'm sure it doesn't. Friends can stop being friends. Family never goes away, no matter how hard you try. Damn. Too bad its not the other way around.

So bear with me, I've been uber depressed all summer. I'm lame. I need to dial down the emo... STAT.

I found a sweeter quote:

Friends are like the colors of the rainbow, unique and brilliant alone, but perfect and awesome when together.

That totally describes my group of friends. Like to a fucking T. Woot. I think I'm bipolar. Oh snap.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic

H'ok, so this is gonna be a super short post, I have to go to work in about 20 minutes. Lame. Anyhoo, I got that foreign piece of metal removed from my head yesterday morning. The Dr. numbed half of my head, which hurt like a bitch, whatever he put in there to numb it felt like it was on fire. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes, as scar tissue had grown around it. The verdict? An earring backing somehow managed to get stuck on my head, next to my ear and without warning, was swallowed by my body. And apparently, it had been in there for about 10 years. Weird. I kept it in a little vial. Bahaha. Today is going to suck, I go from Rec to lifeguarding to teaching ASL to the Village. No breaks. Whatev, I'm a big kid. And tomorrow will more than make up for it, as I'm going to CEDAR POINT! Woot. I'm pumped.

Ok, leave me some lovin'.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Come A Little Closer Baby...

Today was the longest day ever. End of sentence. Last night Coop & I went to Aunt Jill's 22nd of July party for a few hours, I got to chill with some of the illegitimate cousins & one actual cousin. You don't know how crazy your family is until you show someone else though, holy hell. Not naming any names though...

Today was the day from hell... I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, then I had to go to the Village. I was main waitress, so I had to dress up... I wore soccer socks just to be a rebel. Then I went home, changed & went straight to the lake. I even got there on time. Lifeguarded for 3 hours, came home & passed out. Then I woke up @ 9:45 ish. Now I'm here. Dang. And I have a super headache.

Tomorrow I'm getting a minor surgery to remove the metal from my head. That makes me sound crazy. After that I'm going to work. Only 1 week left at the Village. I'm pumped. Oh & I'm going to Cedar Point on WEDNESDAY!!!!! I haven't been there since the end of 10th grade. Should be super, I'm going with Dana, Scott & little Paul. Woot. & I'm going on the Rip Cord. So watch while I die.

Ok, so I have to go to bed now. Bah.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Snap snap snap your fingers for me...

I just wrote an entire post and then the computer froze. Lame. Look's like I have to start over.

Currently listening to: Emo Kid by Adam & Andrew
Currently reading: Re-reading The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Wiesberger

So I can't remember what I posted at all. Ok, I remember a little bit. So the other day I drove out to Royal Oak and saw Jenny & Phil. That was awesome, I missed them so much. We went to a bar called Pronto for a minute, but it was kinda low key, so we left & hung around downtown for a bit. Good times.

Today after the gym, Coop, Steph & I went to Meijer and ended up doing a science experiment in the parking lot. It was flippin' sweet. We took a 2 liter (2 actually) and a box of mentos and made the world explode. If you put Mentos into pop, especially diet pop, the pop will shoot out of the bottle like whoa. Time's like that make me sad about going back to school, just hanging out with my friends being douchebags. But I'm still looking forward to going back.

Speaking of douchebags: So I work with someone who shall remain nameless. She was homeschooled & is now about 22. She has absolutely no social training under her belt, let me tell you. The other day I called some guy a douchebag & she said: "What does that mean, I've heard people say that before... Is it German?" No, its not German, its a douche bag! First of all, douche is French for shower, second of all... ew. Everyone knows what a douche is. God damn. So I made fun of her all day. She still has no idea what a douchebag is. That's sad.

I've been working a lot lately, so blame that for my ridiculous amount of time in between posts. I'm working at the beach from 10 till 4 tomorrow, so everyone in the greater Detroit area should visit. Including you. Then I have to work at the Village, THEN I'm going to Aunt Jill's 22nd of July party... Should be fun times.

Ok, I'm super tired, I'm gonna go to bed. I must be emo.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A nice brawl never hurt anyone...

H'okay, so... basically, I kicked Cooper's ass... well, I kicked her in the shin really hard anyways. We were @ the beach with Steph and she was having a lovely time of guarding, so we decided it would be a good idea to push Cooper into the lake. And it was. It turned into about a half an hour of Coop & I greco roman style grappling. Hmm... saucy. It was actually surprisingly fun. Anyhoo, went to the gym, kinda worked out. I ran exaclty .1 miles on a treadmill today, then I said "oh fuck that" and got on the elliptical. Good times. I blame it on my shoes, K-Swiss are not meant for running. Whatev.

I've decided that I should get into the habit of regularly updating this here blog, so here we go. Today we took the kids to the Detroit Science Center. It was enough to make me hate the Detroit Science Center. I thought I had gotten a good group, only 4 kids, because they were the older kids and really didn't need any supervision. Wrong. They were the whiniest kids of all, they were complaining the entire time. Finally, around lunch, I dumped them off on someone else and took a few 8 year old boys, who are much better.

I lost a Vicodin at the beach today. Whoops. Those things are brutal, I was given a prescription for 30 & I've used 3... that's all I'll need too. Someone thinks I'm gonna get addicted... Jeez Christ. I'm still on a liquid/soft food diet. :(. I should be done w/ that by Saturday, in time for the Rocky Party. I'm looking forward to seeing my good friend, Mr. Anderson this Saturday. Woot.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I love me some nitrous oxide...

So today Coop took me to the oral surgeon so that I could get my tooth extracted. I definitely got some nitrous oxide & was high as a kite for a little bit of time. I felt a little strange, to say the least. So... I've decided that I don't like the ASL class that I teach, primarily because a few of the kids just do not want to be there. It's super. But there are a few kids there that actually want to learn, so that's fun. I learned the sign for chocolate today. I'm pumped.

We're taking the kids to the Detroit Sciece Center tomorrow... I'm kinda excited, not gonna lie.

Ok, well I'm off to Coldstone b/c I'm living under the illusion that it'll make my mouth feel better :).

Thursday, July 6, 2006

I guess its time to update again...

Currently listening to: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

So I guess I haven't updated in a while. I've been slightly busy working my life away at the beach & the village. Other than that I've been going to the gym with Coop & sleeping. Boring, no? Well atleast I'm having some fun. The summer is actually going pretty well, I've sorta become the ASL go to person for New Baltimore, Kasy told a family with a deaf little boy about me & they seem to want me to help them, which I don't know if I can or not, but it's exciting all the same. I've also been talking a lot with the two deaf ladies that work at VG's and the lady at the village. It's good fun.

I've recently become obsessed with my parents Tivo. Hmm... I figured out how to send stuff that I've recorded from the Tivo to my computer. Oh snap. I'm ridiculous, I know.

Alright, I have to get to sleep, I have to work all damn day tomorrow. Peace out.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Steroid Sock

Okay, so tonight we had the much anticipated Bay Rama Fishfly Festival fireworks! Woot. I love fireworks, I swear, I'm really like 4 years old on the inside. Oh, the other day, I went to the doctor's office to get all of my prescriptions renewed, and to get a new one... or two... I wound up with five all together. I finally got something that should clear up the crazy eczema on my hands and feet. So now I can say that I'm on steriods. Scary. Anyhoo, I'm supposed to use the super strength steriods only on one of my feet, as only one of them is threatening to fall off. This does pose a problem, as I don't want to go barefoot once I have my steroids on... who knows what it can do to my bed... and if it touches any other part of my skin, it could cause stretch marks. And I don't want to ruin a pair of socks, by having one laced in steroid cream twice a day for a few days, so I came up with a solution. I went in my dresser drawer to find an unmatched sock, and would you believe it, I did! This pink and white sock is duely named... the steroid sock. Awkward. I don't believe that I've ever only put on one sock and kept it that way before. Hmm. Okay, so I have some issues.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm listening to Marky Mark now...

I wonder if Pierre would eat a fishfly. Hmm.

For What It's Worth, It Was Worth All The While

Currently listening to: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage by Panic! At The Disco
Currently reading: The Pocket Dictionary of Signing by Rod. R Butterworth & Mickey Flodin

So I got a fish about a week ago. I've decided to name him Pierre. He's a red Beta. Love it. Oh! I found some 100 percent pomegranate juice at Kroger today. It's as good as POM, but its at a much better price. While I want to be loyal to POM, I can't afford it.

I just figured out how to do a screen capture on my computer. I'm lame. But now I'm kinda excited.

OH oh oh oh oh oh! I never did do an update regarding IKEA. Well, I went with Coop last week (I think it was last week anyways, everything is running together) and it was amazing. Absofuckinglutely amazing. I was way too excited. There were so many things I wanted to buy, but I ended up buying a hot pink lamp and a pillowcase for an awkwardly shaped pillow I have. It's good.

I think I need to change back to my Volcom purse, this one that I bought at Target is too big and I can never find my cell phone when it rings. AND it sorta ripped on the inside, so stuff gets stuck in the lining. Whatev.

So here are the things I need to do asap:

-Change the music on my mp3 player
-Call Jill to see when the party is
-Plan a Rocky party
-Finish cleaning my room
-Did I say finish cleaning my room?
-Sell back some books
-Go to bed

Oh, and anyone interested in a Rocky party should get a hold of me, because I need to find a date that will work. I've been getting a lot of people asking about one though, so woot! Leave me some supa love.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

So I haven't done a real post in a while

Ok, so I started this post about 1 1/2 hour ago... then I got side tracked. Nice. So lately I've been working a lot at the Village & working out @ Powerhouse with Coop. I love me some elliptical. Oh, I ran into Carrie Berglud the other day, that was pretty cool, as I haven't seen her since I was about 10 years old.

This past week has been eventful, I've worked a total of 38 hours since Thursday... so when I say eventful, I mean long. But same thing right? Anyways, I'm totally getting sick of one of my supervisors, who will remain nameless, incase he google's his name or something. He completely bitched at me all night last night for random shit, then accused Scott and I of being too happy, saying that he got a complaint from a resident. What the hell is that? We just like to have fun at work, its not like we're inappropriate within earshot of the residents. Then when we were cleaning up the dishroom, he yelled @ me for getting the clean floors wet, because, you know, water doesn't evaporate, then he accused me of trying to hide the dirty-ness of the sink drain under a bus tub. I will have you know that I've been doing my job for more than 2 years and I know how to clean a fucking sink. Oh, and he said it really smartassed too, like I was trying to pull the wool over his eyes. Maybe if he had opened them, he would have realized that I wasn't even finished cleaning my area yet. Gah. Oh, the angry feelings.

Today was much less eventful, I was just on salads. I made some jello & pudding. Sweet. Then after work, I came home and sat on a chair and fell asleep for about 2 hours... and drooled on the chair. Amazing. Then Coop came over & we went to the park. We ended up sitting under the pavillion because that was the only place that the fishflies weren't wreaking havoc on. They're like locusts, causing great destruction in their path. I will take some pictures this year, so that people who aren't from the New Baltimore area can see just what they do to the downtown area. They only live for 24 hours in their adult stage, and in that 24 hours, they enjoy attaching themselves to buildings. If you leave your lights on at night, your house will be covered in them the next day. I wish I would have brought my camera to the park today, it was ridiculous, the are was thick with them. Oh, and if you happen to drive through a pile of them on the road, your car will slide. And when they're stepped on/driven over, they POP. But the best part is the smell, by far. This little beasts smell like fish. Shocker, right? Yeah, they make the city stink of fish. So why do we have a festival celebrating them? I guess the world will never know.

Oh, back to today, Coop & I went to the park, then after we were in the pavillion for a while, it started to down pour like whoa. Then the thunder & lightening came. Too bad I didn't have the key for the enclosed pavillion with me, that could have been handy. So we went over to the enclosed pavillion anyways, and on the way there, we got completely drenched. Then my dad called all worried & he came to pick us up. Sweet. So we sat @ home and made fun of people's myspace pictures. What a day. Now I'm off to bed.