Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why am I still awake?

Okay... so I look like Pipi Longstocking right now. It's ridiculous. I have my last exam of the week tomorrow morning & it shouldn't be that bad, I studied like it was my job. I have a new to do list though:

1. Meet with Kim Jones, the financial advisor, to go over study abroad money.
2. Get faculty approval for the courses I'm taking in New Zealand.
3. Pack everything I want to take home for Thanksgiving.
4. Print my life away @ Grawn.
5. Start looking for Christmas presents for the friends & fam.
6. Fill out Application to Enrol for University of Canterbury. They spell enroll wrong, that was not a typo.
7. Stop freaking out about everything.
8. Take more naps.

Study abroad is getting super stressful right now, I feel like there are only a few things left for me to do, but they are really weighing me down. I'm afraid that I won't be pre-approved for the classes I want to take. And that makes me supa nervous. Anyways, I should get to bed... but I probably won't, I can't seem to fall asleep in my bed @ school anymore. Maybe I'll fall asleep in the menagerie of pillows we have in the "living room". Maybe.

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