Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Place, New Blog

Hey, so I'm posting everything from NZ on my new blog, the temporary expat. Read it :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nothing can change the shape of things

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So, I'm doing something quite important... packing for the next 5 months... but I have this urge to do something completely pointless and impertinent. Gah. I hate that feeling. I've finally got a lot of stuff packed, it's weird looking @ the only clothing that I'll be able to wear for five months. Lame. I have less than 48 hours left @ home. It's such a weird feeling.

Today I bought some essentials, including more underwear and socks. The underpants are pretty. Then I went to Jill & Jen's for dinner. It was a fun time & I'm happy I got to hang out with them before I left. I got to see Scotty for a minute today, but he's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to say goodbye. Then I went by Nana's to see her & Auntie M & Trevor. Goodbyes all around. Now I'm trying to pare down the books & DVDs that I want to bring with me. I wish I could fit a few people in my suitcase.

Alright, I better continue packing before I get distracted again.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Running With Scissors

This is why I watch offbeat films:

"You have no business being here, this is my masturbatorium! And you're using my blanket!" -- Dr. Finch from Running With Scissors.

“My mother began to go crazy. Not crazy in a let’s paint the kitchen bright red! sort of way. But crazy in a gas oven, toothpaste sandwich, I am God sort of way.” -- Augusten Burroughs from Running With Scissors

So, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, I was up at Central hanging out with friends. Actually, I was kidnapped by Jenny. When I say kidnapped, I mean to say that I drove to her house, then we went up to CMU. Good times. I went to a GSA meeting & got swarmed with love. On Thursday, Jenny, Dave, Kent & I went to Midland, mainly to go thrifting. I got an awesome Adidas sweatshirt for $2.99. Love it. Anyways, I've got to continue packing my stuff for the NZ.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

1 week

I would like to take this moment to say that I, completely by myself, French braided my hair. I'm extremely proud of myself. Although Cat taught me how to French braid her hair, I never thought I'd be able to do it to myself. Granted my arms fell asleep... Anyways, my handiwork is to the left.

So I should probably say that I'm coming up to Central tomorrow night-ish with Jenny, I guess I should have told Cat that this was definitely happening, as I wanted to stay with her... I'd call now, but some people have classes in the morning. Cat, if you're reading this, I'll see you tomorrow :)

Well... I went to the Michigan Design Center & Whole Foods with Becky today, which was a riot. I want to live @ the Design Center and I will do all of my shopping at Whole Foods. I tried to find Gin-Gins there, but to no avail. Maybe I'll grab some @ Green Tree tomorrow or Thursday. Anyways, went out to dinner with Becky & my brother tonight, felt like I was on crack, now I have the most amazing headache I've ever experienced.

On to the good stuff. Why am I discovering movies from the 80s now? Granted they are all the same movies with pretty much the same formula: Boy meets girl, boy & girl = best friends, boy meets conventionally attractive girl, best friend = jealous, best friend hates girl, boy hates best friend, best friend + boy = love, The End. I've decided that I love Some Kind of Wonderful. I've passed that movie on the shelf at Blockbuster a million times, though I thought Mary Stuart Masterson's character was a boy... She looks like one on the cover. Anyways, after passing it yet again, I walked back and went to grab it, only to find that there were no copies in stock. Luckily, we live in a world where everything is accessible via the internet. I cannot believe I watched an entire movie on youtube. Also, I'm in love with the bands Busted & McFly.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

British Invasion

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I've come to a conclusion. I should have been born in the UK. I love their TV, I love their music, I love how they talk... Dana brought over Dr. Who the other day & I've finished the entire series... and by series I mean season. Now I'm in love with David Tennant. Damnit.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm in need of some input...

So I can't decide if I should continue with this blog while I'm in NZ or make a new one and link it to this one... HELP ME!

I found the job I want to have. A coffee consultant. This guy sits around and slurps, not sips, coffee, so as to get the full bodied flavor and smell of the coffee. Then he writes about it. How do I get that gig? And I'm having a job related issue. I kinda want to be a director for documentary type films. How fun would that be? Maybe I'll do that in addition to everything else in my life. OH oh oh! Maybe I'll do documentaries... in ASL. I think I've found my true calling.

Ollie just came downstairs with my sex wax in her mouth. Good thing that's not awkward at all. Before you judge me, sex wax is for surf boards & such to make them glide on the water. It also smells amazing. I want the afterlife to smell like sex wax.