Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shark Attack...

So I've been up at school for the last 5 days, moving in & hanging out with the cousin. Good stuff. He's big and strong. One of my roommates, Jayme, has a fish tank with one cichlid in it, so she told me I could get some fish for it & she would take care of it... sounded like a good idea. Then she explained that her fish, 'lucifer' generally kills anything that enters the tank. So obviously, I decided to get something that could stand up to this jerk. The first thing that came to mind was sharks. Trev & I went to Meijer and got 2 baby sharks... I guess you could say it didn't pan out. One was savagely gummed until he died, less than three hours later, the other I found floating in the tank this morning. I didn't even have enough time to name them.

I drove Trev home today, so on the way home we stopped by the outlet mall in Lansing so he could go school shopping. Good fun. Oh oh oh and we went to a waterpark on Tuesday up in Gaylord. It was mediocre, but it had a surf simulator, which was totally worth it. I boogie boarded most of the time, due to my lack of balance, but I did try surfing. Trevor was okay at it. I think that if I try it again, I could probably do it.

Okay, I'm really sleeping, which is why this is probably ridiculously hard to read... sentence structure isn't my strong suit after about midnight. Goodnight.