Friday, March 31, 2006

I wanna watch The N

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So, I've been burning DVD's for my parents like it's my job. But I get all the DVD-r's I could possibly use for it. Today I got Season 5 of Six Feet Under done. I'm pumped. I am totally in love with that show. I think the next project I'll do is
Sex & The City.

"If we get a girl, you better hope she's obese, I don't want no twelve year old hottie runnin' around Sunset Boulevard with her ass crack showing." - Keith from Six Feet Under, on adopting children

Today I went to the Rec to finalize my job for the summer and it looks like it's a go for being a counselor, as well as teaching ASL & possibly another language, yet to be determined. Heck yes. That's about 30 hours a week, give or take, plus my job at the Village. Oh, something shitty did happen today, my dad did my taxes & I barely get any money back. That's pretty sad. But something else balanced out the equation, I got my car all fixed up! Heck yes again. So now I've got it for the rest of the school year, even though I don't really plan on using it.

So back to teaching ASL this summer. I am so excited about that. I've already started coming up with a lesson plan for it. Woot. Obviously I can't get too involved, but I can do fun stuff with the kids, like finger spelling, introductions, questions, family, numbers & animals. I think that should be a good start, but for now, I don't know how long the class is going to run. Oh oh oh! I'm way to excited about this. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for another class, Kasy suggested French or Spanish, I think I'd definitely be more comfortable with French, as I am partially fluent in it. I'm not sure at all what the lesson plan will be for that class, but it should parallel the ASL class, since they're both language classes. Hmm. Well that's all I've got for now. Later.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

HBO is killing me...

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Today was nice, I got up quite leisurely at 10:15am and got all packed up to go home. Then I went to the music building to give Ben Phil's book, Geography Club. It was a pretty good book. Then I went to ASL & learned more about signing personalities. At 2:00, Cat's aunt picked us up to go home. We arrived home at about 5:00 and I went & got my check from work. $160 for 2 workdays. How sweet is that? I went back home & hung out with my parents for a few hours and we watched Six Feet Under. Around 8:00 I went out to World's Finest Custard with Scott & Dana from work. Fun times. We went on the swings and ate ice cream. Dana left & Scott and I stayed for another 20 minutes or so, laughing like idiots, as always.

So now I'm watching The Laramie Project right now. It's really sad. I don't wanna finish it. But I must. It's about the Matthew Sheppard murder case, which is unbelievably sad. I'm gonna finish the movie now. Tomorrow I think I'm gonna be burning dvds for my mum and go visit Kasy. Laters.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm the devil on your shoulder...

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Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire (I'm almost done now, I swear)

H'ok, so... I had three really effed up dreams last night. The first one was just stupid, but someone cut all the nails on my right hand, all the while I've been trying to grow them out. The second one was very involved, I swear, it had a plot curve & character archs & whatnot. So apparently I had to drive Cooper back home, to CANADA, one day, which probably took about an hour & a half. By the way, if you move to Canada, do not expect me to drive you home. Anyways, I drove her home, then I had to figure out how to get home. Now asking for directions was obviously below me. No, I had to be dramatic. I pulled the fire alarm on the side of someones house. Yes, I know they don't really come on the side of peoples houses. So then the police came & took everything out of my car, including my futon & some huge water jugs. I don't know how my futon fit in my car, but I hope I can have this dream again & figure out how I managed that one. Anyways, they tried to take my car too, but I talked them out of all my stuff & they showed me how to get home. I don't remember much of the third dream, but it had something to do with my parents owning a Dodge Shadow & us moving to northern California. Sweet. Too bad that one wasn't true.

I'm going home this weekend & then I have to go back up to Birch Run on Saturday night to help with an Alternative Breaks fundraiser. Ugh. I should be home all Friday morning/afternoon if anyone wants to hang out, but other than that, I'm all booked up. Hopefully I can get my car back this weekend, I hate having to depend on people for rides.

Oh, at the Alternative Breaks meeting last night, I was in charge of bringing the snacks, so I bought Twizlers & Sixlets... and no one ate anything, so I have a menagerie of sweets in my room. Please come eat them. Oh, and a sidenote: If you have ANYTHING negative or the least bit judgemental to say about my family and feel like saying it to me, don't. That is probably the rudest thing I can think of someone doing, and yet it happened to me just last night. Fucking A. See, now it feels like daddy slapped mommy at the dinner table and now no one wants to eat. Great.

Anways, have a great day & thank you for reading.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm awake...?

Currently listening to: Bye, Bye, Bye by NSync (just shut up)
Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire (I'm almost done!)

So I rolled out of bed a few minutes ago to go pee, then I checked my computer because it made a funny noise and my mum had im-ed me four minutes previous. So... I talked to her for a few minutes, then decided I couldn't sleep. Big shocker. I'm really excited about a few things coming up.

First, I'm going home this weekend & I'll probably get to hang out with a few people, maybe Saturday night while my mom is playing euchre with the girls.

Second, the Central Michigan International Film Festival is coming all next week! I am pumped. There's just something about foreign films that I LOVE. I truly am a drama nerd. Now all I need to do is join a theatre troupe and I'll be all set. Bahaha. Anyhoo, Memoirs of a Geisha is coming & I might go see that again, because it kicked ass... although it was a domestic film. Eh, whatever. I'm also really interested in The Constant Gardner, The Wedding Banquet & Mad Hot Ballroom. Sadly, I won't be able to see Mad Hot Ballroom, because I'll probably still be home when it plays... Unless I get back to CMU by 3:30 pm, that is!

Oh, the third thing I'm excited about is the drag show, coming up on April 7. Should be a lot of fun. Not saying any more there. Ok, I really need to go to bed. Like now.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm being sucked in...

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Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

So, right now I feel like I'm gonna barf. No joke, I feel like absolute shit. But I will try to forget about that, as it is a beautiful day outside today, can't be less than 50 degrees. You should see the flurry of flip flops and gauchos. I refuse to wear shoes and socks unless I am forced to against my will (unless it gets cold again, like it does so often in Michigan).

This weekend was crazy at worst, awesome at best. I went to Maplewood on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Had a Spanish exam on Thursday that I'm pretty sure I kicked ass on. Thursday night I put these little lights on my bicycle, on the cap of the tire, so that I wouldn't be totally invisible while riding at night. Au contraire, not only was I invisible because the stupid lights didn't work, I also got a flat tire. So I rode to the nearest gas station, where of course, I found that their air compressor was broken. Then I went about a 1/2 mile down the road to another gas station, which did not have free air. I talked the guy at the counter out of $.75 so that I could get some air in that tire. Then it started snowing, of course, why wouldn't it snow while I'm on my bike. So I stopped at the library on my way back to Larzy to get a Chai Tea Latte for my troubles.

Friday I went to Maplewood for the day, then it started hailing on my way home. Maybe this is Mother Nature's way of saying "stop riding your bike". Whatever. I did some grocery shopping and went for dinner at Jimmy John's. I've decided that their subs are a lot better if they have been sitting for about a half hour so that it can soak up its juices right. They're kinda strange when they're fresh... or maybe its just me.

Saturday I did some Maplewood, then I hung out with Phil, Aaron, Ben & Robert. We went to dinner, then back upstairs to play with Phil's new juicer. The group of us smuggled 20 fruits out of the dining commons without any trouble at all, thanks to Robert's amazing jacket, which fit 8 fruits easily & mine that fit about 6. The juice had a little bite to it. Later, I went and hung out with Phil while he worked at the desk for 2 hours and I came up with an idea for a "My Humps" parody: There should be a video with a camel singing about their humps... it would be absolutely ridiculous. I went home at about 11:30 and watched the movie Lords of Dogtown. It was pretty good.

Sunday was a crazy day. I did all of my laundry in under 2 hours, which has got to be a record for me. Then I went to the National Theater for the Deaf performance at Alma, which was an Alice in Wonderland-esque experience. It was really cool though. We rode in Kim's car, which I have decided that I love and I want one. I think its a Tracker or something like that. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and got back around 5:50, so Cat and I promptly left for Rose Arena to help set up for the Dierks Bently show. It was pretty good, for country music anyways. I'm being sucked into liking country music, but it's something I can only listen to when it is nice outside for some reason. Winter & country don't mix. Anyhoo, we got these cool badges to wear, which I lost at the end of the night, so Trixxxie is bringing me one at the meeting tomorrow night and I'm gonna try to get another one off of her if I can. I didn't get to go to the meet & greet with Mr. Bentley, however I spoke to him when I was on the bus guarding shift, before his show started. He seems like a nice guy. The other performer, Eric Church, was pretty cool too, I talked to him while I was on dressing room duty. He's extremely tall and has a penchant for Jack Daniels. Dierks played a song, something along the lines of "I'd Love To Lay You Down"... and I loved it, it was a really good song. We didn't have that long of a night either, we got out of there around 11:00 and I was in bed by 11:45, but I didn't fall asleep 'til about 12:40 because I opted to read some more of Wicked before I drifted off. I'm loving that book.

Finally, I'm on to today: Well, Cat woke me up around 10:30 so I could schedule for classes, as both of us sorta forgot about it, we were allowed to schedule at 9:57. I got all of the classes that I wanted and the HEV 418 class that I had to go to the registrar's office to get, should be fine as well, although I had to jump through some hoops to get into it. I lazily got ready for class, then ran into none other than Donny on my way to Spanish. As strange as he is, I love him. No, I do not love him, freaks, I've just known him forever and a day. And it makes me really happy that he can recite my mother's former job description "Susan Thomas DASH Underwood, former nighttime activities director for the city of New Baltimore Recreation Department", in one breath, without missing a beat. Oh! After typing for a while, I've forgotten about feeling like crap and now feel just fine, funny how things work out like that. Ok, I'm off to Community Health to do my twice weekly Sudoku puzzle. Somehow I still manage to kick ass on those tests... maybe the Sudoku focuses my concentration. Or maybe I'm a savant. A genuis savant that is. Could this post be any longer?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I got my scanner to work!!! Woot.

So, I have an exam in Spanish in roughly 3 hours... I don't really know what its about, per se. I believe clothing and colors and a bunch of verbs that I don't really know all that well. But whatever, it'll be sweet. I'm gonna be living at Maplewood tomorrow and Saturday... but today I'm giving myself a break before I go crazy. I only have about 63 more hours to complete, and my teacher said that she might count the hours I spent at the Village at home, so thats like 34 hours. Which would be super sweet, because I'd be left with just under 30 hours to complete, but regardless, I'll be done with time to spare. I plan on doing about 18 or 20 hours this weekend, and I'm gonna go there tonight after Spanish to help with bingo and not take all of their money this time. Real quick, I feel that I must recount a memory to you all, as I look at a picture of Pike Lake that I scanned the other day:

So, let me set the scene for you. Trevor and I are up north with dad last summer, end of August, like always. We are mildly obsessed with being in the water whenever possible while we're up there. Also of note, there is a very small island just to the right of the edge of the photo. Anyhoo, we decided that it would be a good idea to swim over to the island, its probably a good 500 meters, and both being good swimmers, it wasn't that hard to do. Before I finish, I must let you all in on a little secret. I am deathly afraid of seaweed and dark water, because you don't know what is touching you, blah blah blah. Anyways, I'm scared shitless of seaweed in dark water because it brushes up against you all fluidy. We swim out there and I'm not really freaking out much, because I'm totally not looking where I am, just looking at my destination, the island. So we swim for a good 7 or 8 minutes before we get there, then once we are there, we chill out on the far side of the island, because its a nice sandy bottom and its really shallow for a long time. I don't beleive that we actually went onto the island, because it really is a very boring place, not a whole lot to look at, just a few trails to follow, for about 5 minutes total, because the island is so damn small. So we decided that we should probably head back, as dad can't see us on that side of the island and he tends to freak out if we're MIA in the water for long periods of time. So swimming back, I made Trevor go first, because he's not afraid of seaweed or anything good like that. Then it hit me... seaweed touched my leg. I can't tell you how fast I swam back to the shore of our campsite, but Trevor got back about 3 minutes after I did. I cut through that water like I was Moses parting the Red Sea. But anyways, look at that gorgeous lake, we took that picture at sunset one year. Who wouldn't want to go there?

Ok, time to go study for Spanish, then off to Maplewood for some fierce competition, I mean... no bingo.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bouts of insomnia never hurt anyone...

I can't sleep. Damnit. Well, here's a recap on the last few days.

I went to class for a while, then I went to Maplewood to volunteer, then I went to Spanish for 5 minutes to take a quiz, then I went back to Maplewood to help with bingo. I love bingo. My elderly pal Dorothy convinced me to play some bingo, but I needed $.25 to play. Fortunately I had a dollar in my pocket, so I shared it with Lia and we got to play. It costs $.25 per game and there are 12 games, so I had enough for precisely 2 games. Until I kicked some elderly ass. I won the first game of bingo, which got me like 11 quarters, then I won another game a little while later, then I won a third game! I ended up with about $5 in quarters, which I will use for my laundry. And no, I am never playing again because I feel like a bad person, taking money from old people. But it was worth it :). I'm going straight to hell.

Lia & I went to Maplewood again, as we need to do approximately 120 hours there and have only completed about 28 so far. We helped serve lunch, played some Cribbage and did a puzzle, then helped serve dinner, then more Cribbage. Cribbage is an interesting game, to say the least, but it is fun. We decided that we were gonna have a sleepover back at the dorm, so Lia spent the night. And we ended up having a battle of epic proportions... Dr. Mario style. We were hard core, we even had brackets made. I believe we played for four hours. It was sweet. Of course Cat won, but that's because she's been playing that game since she was born. I'm definitely as skilled as Lia in it though, which I'm not sure is a great thing, but whatever ;). We went to bed approximately really late.

I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time waking up. We went to Maplewood again, did stuff and left. My parents came over from Benzie County, where our property is, with the idea of getting a hotel room for the night. Alas, the plans were foiled by a stupid hockey tournament. No hotel rooms within 20 miles of Mt. P. Damn. So we went to Mountain Town Station for dinner. Absolutely delicious. Then we went to Cold Stone for dessert. More delicous, and my parents got Cat & Lia some ice cream too because they felt like bad quasi parents for not bringing them to dinner, but they are just too poor for that. Oh, and they brought me my beloved bicycle! Woot. The 'rents left at about 6:30 I'd assume. Around 9, Lia drove me over to the Towers, as I was gonna hang out with Phil for an hour or two. It turned into six hours of movies and mayhem, with not only Phil, but Dave, Ben and Aaron. I'm pretty sure that there will be video of me circulating on the internet, attempting to eat a Listerine breath strip, but it got caught underneath my tongue and burned the fuck out of me. It was a priceless video though. I got back to my own bed around 3:30 am.

Maplewood & shit. Nuff said. Grey's Anatomy was interesting, the good guy didn't die, the stupid girl did. Oh, and Lia & I started a sadistic puzzle. All of the pieces look the same and they are all practically the same shape, so it is extremely hard to tell if which ones fit each other and which ones don't. Now I'm gonna go to bed. Bah.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The urge to merge...

So this guy came to the meeting tonight, he was around 40 or 50 years old... and he was talking about STDs and such and he definitely said to get tested before we get the "urge to merge". It was sweet. I don't think that I've actually ever heard that particular phrase before. Oh! I got a free book tonight, I was at the library with Ben & they were giving out free copies of Fahrenheit 451! I've always wanted to read that book, which is an added bonus! Now I can, now I can. I went to GSA for the first time in a while & it was good to be back, I just had way to much life to deal with for the past month, but I hope no one holds that against me. I'm mildly excited right now, my mum & dad are coming up for at least Friday night, so we're gonna go to Mountain Town Station for dinner. They have delicious asiago chicken fettuccini, not gonna lie. I didn't realize that fettuccini was spelled that way... Hmm...

Oh, important message! I'm putting the comment thingie back up, but I'm gonna remove it if no one comments :( *tear*... So not to sound needy and pathetic, but I'm going to sound needy and pathetic... COMMENT, BITCHES! I love you :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I forgot to enlighten you with the story of the crazy lady!

I cannot believe that I forgot to tell you all about the mishaps on the train ride to Rochester! Ok, so it was early in the morning, about 6 or 7 am and we were stopped in Buffalo to pick up more lucky travelers. Well, this lady (who I thought was a man at first glance) was hauling ass up the train to get to the dining car, apparently she needed her coffee. Anyways, there's this lady, who is about 65, just minding her own business walking back to her seat, presumably from the dining car as well, and the crazy lady ran into her, on purpose! Then, as if that wasn't enough for an old lady to withstand, she pushed her ferociously out of her way! Holy hell. I had just woken up, so I thought that I may have hallucinated this in my stupor, but I was proven incorrect, this did actually happen. So, about 20 seconds later, crazy lady (who will now be refered to as CL) is hauling it, trying to get through the divider between cars, but alas, there are two people in there. Shit. First she wrestles an old man with a santa beard, then she gets to a girl who was probably 25 at the oldest and covers her face and pulls her hair. That girl made quite a noise, believe you me. Everyone in that car was tres confused. To make things worse, a bunch of people entered the train and were now standing in the aisle way, waiting to get to a seat. CL was on her way back at about this time. Oh no. So she was behind all of these people waiting to get a seat and she started losing her damn mind. I think she may have had Tourrettes, because she was blinking and winking like mad. It was a little bit frightening. Then she started yelling at people to hurry up or she was gonna "push them down". If I recall, this is 2006 and she is 40 at youngest, who honestly still pushes people down? Whoa. Anyhoo, she kicked someone's luggage and was thrown off the train about 10 minutes later. Oh, and a Mexican guy got taken off the train by immigration. Sad. I think that's it for the epic train stories.

Now I'm just chillin in the health professions building waiting for class to begin. Fortunately this is my last class of the day. Woot. Ok, I'm off.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Have you ever smelled the inside of a glowstick?

It smells exactly like hell would. And I would know that because I got the hair brained idea last night to break one open with my swiss army knife. Well I couldn't do it, but Cooper did. And it smelled like hell. And our hands smelled like hell. So, about New York...

I had an awesome time! Woot! Ok, so Coop picked me up from the train station around 8 am (can I just say that I was in the Toledo train station for 3 hours...) and we went out to brekkie. And in my quasi drunken stupor, I crashed the juice cup into my face and juice went a little bit everywhere. I couldn't stop laughing all through the meal. Then we went to the field house and watched robot basketball? Yes, it is a tech school... I just don't ask. Then we went back to her dorm and watched a comedy thing. Needless to say I was asleep in minutes. I don't really remember what else we did that day until nighttime. We went to a club called Muthers and it was a drag show. Fucking awesome. Oh and it was ladies night and I'm pretty sure that there were like 4 straight people there (and yes, I was one of them ;) ). That was probably one of the funniest things I've come across in my life. HOLLER. The main drag performer was Samantha Vega... almost convincing as a woman. She/He had really nice legs though.

I woke up around 1:00 pm on Friday and around three we went to a place called Henrietta Hots with Rich & Dayna, some pretty cool friends of Coop's. And I was forced to get a meal called the "garbage plate". It came in one of those styrofoam takeaway boxes and it was huge. Half of the box was filled with potatoes, the other half with macaroni salad and on top of these piles were two grilled cheese sandwiches. Needless to say I didn't finish my meal. We did make a ketchup cake though, it was about 5 pieces of white bread, held together with ketchup, with ketchup on the top, covered in ketchup and salt and pepper. Fun times... until the crazy old man asked us what we were laughing at and if we had food in our box. The rest of the day we chilled... I think we watched Rent (or maybe that was Wednesday...) and we re-watched the Ron White comedy special. "Coupins!" Later we went out to Denny's and had milkshakes, although someone ordered a milkshake and a banana split. Not gonna name any names...

Saturday had the beginnings to be a lazy day, but we went out and ran errands with Kaylie (sp?) for a few hours, then went back to the dorm so that I could pack up. After that, we went over to Kaylie's to get some dinner and get ready for the hockey game w/ the Rochester "Amerks" and the Manitoba "Moose"... Sidenote: I don't like that the word moose is both singular and plural. Anyhoo, the game was great, I saw quite a few fights. And we got free mini HOCKEY STICKS!!! So I'll never use it, but its cool anyways. This is where the glowstick mishap happened... Then they drove me to the trainstation and we said goodbye :(. Sadness. But I had such a good time... just sucks that I can't see all my friends whenever I want... yes, I'm greedy.

The fucking train back sucked, let me tell you. There were MEXICAN BABIES crying and screaming in Mexican... errr... Spanish, until about three a.m. Then I decided to watch Rent on the laptop because there was no way I was going to get to sleep. I arrived in Toledo around 5:30 and got on the bus around 6:30. Got to Dearborn at about 8:30 and I've been awake ever since. Oh! I went out earlier today and saw Maggie! That was fun, even though we only hung out for about twenty minutes, it was good to spend some quality Starbucks time with her. And I saw Hazel Johnson, who is always pleasant. So... off to school in about an hour. Yuck.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Spring Break...

So, this is gonna be one heluva post. I'm feeling a long one coming on. So I got home for spring break last Thursday night and I'm pretty sure I just went to bed. Friday I hung out at home for a while, then I went up to the Village because I had to go to work. Can I just say that I love Scott? That kid is great. We should not be allowed to work together, we cause way too much trouble. Then I had to work on Saturday, which was delightful. It's sad to say that I really do enjoy my job too much. I think its just the people that are there, residents and co-workers. Then on my way out I ran in to Scott, so we went up to Timmy's (Timmy Ho's?) for a little bit and gossiped about everything. Sweet. Then I went home I think. That day is kinda foggy.

Sunday I decided to take the day off and Trevor and I hung out, as I haven't seen that boy in a very long time. We went out to Taco Bell and then we went bowling. He kicked my ass of course, as I am the worst bowler that I know. I'm pretty sure I've never gotten above 110 points. Then we went home and watched Dogma and dad made dinner. Delicious as always. The I drove the boy home and went to bed, just to wake up again the next morning for more work. Hmmm.... I sense a trend. Monday I was supposed to train Vanessa on porter, however Amy really wanted to apparently, so I went on hot tray. Good times. Then I went out to dinner with Andy to Panera. It was so much fun, it's been forever since I've seen him as well. Then we went bowling. I've filled my bowling quota for the year, so if you're thinking about asking me to go bowling, DON'T.

So yesterday I went to work in the morning and trained on porter. Easiest god damn thing in the world if you ask me. Then I decided to stay on for a double, since I hadn't done any work all day anyways. I also trained that night on station waitress. And I worked with Scott. Once again, we should not be allowed to work together. Let's just say we've managed to frighten every single person that we work with. All in all, working 14 hours only felt like a few, since I didn't do a damn thing all day. Although, the boiler is broken at the Village right now, so I did go in the dishroom a lot to help with the pots and pans, since we had to do a 3 sink thingie. Good times.

Today I woke up and took a nice bath, then I went out to lunch with Scott at Panera. We had a lot of fun, like always. I absolutely love the Turkey Artichoke sandwich and the Broccoli Cheddar soup. It's splendid. Somehow that kid & I never run out of things to talk about. It helps that both of us talk... a lot. I've realized that I really do not shut up. Ever. Then my car started to make frightening noises. God damn piece of shit, that car is. My dad is gonna fix the noise and then we are reverting back to the old idea of selling it. Sorry Coop, no stick shift this summer :(. But I'm cool with that, I don't necesarily need a car, the village is 2.2 miles away from home, the Rec is blocks away and Lia drives back and forth from school, so I can ride with her once in a while. And whatever we get from my car is probably going right into the school fund, unless I find a good car for no money... Eh, I'll get some use out of my bike this summer, that's for sure. And when I need my car, my dad pretty much sets his hours so we can work around that, so I can do classes at Macomb & stuff like that.

So, today I leave for New York to see my favorite hockey player! Woot! I'm so excited. My train leaves tonight around 8:00 from Dearborn. Later!

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Rabbit Rabbit! Bahaha.

Yeah, so everyone got me this morning. Sad. I can still get my dad though. Lia called me at 2:54am, my mom left a message on my phone, then Cat made a sign and affixed it to my bed so that it would be the first thing I saw when I got up. It's ok, I'm used to having bad luck. Bahaha. I'm waiting to go to Community Health so I can get it over with, that class is so boring, good thing I have a sudoku puzzle & a crossword to do while I'm in there, otherwise I'd go insane. OH! Cat French braided my hair today and it looks really cute. I love having my hair French braided, I really need to learn how to do that myself. I haven't decided if I'm going to go to Spanish tomorrow night. I would feel bad skipping, but do I want to wait 5 hours to go home for a 50 minute class. If I go, it does erase one absence though... I'll prolly end up going I guess, it'd be really nice to have one absence removed, as I have 3. Hmmm... then I could burn some more dvds and possibly be done w/ Roswell so I can move onto Will & Grace for Lia. I'm already done with the first 2 seasons! Woot. Hmmmm..... Ponder ponder ponder.

Can I start by saying that my subconscious speaks perfect Spanish? I had a dream and all of it was in Spanish. Then I woke up because some one in my dream said "despierte, perezoso" which means "wake up, lazy". I know, I'm awesome.

Oh, and a huge THANK YOU to Aunt Jill, Uncle Bill (Unka P) and the Larzelere Community Service Organization for donating to The 3 Day! Woot!

Hmm... I forgot, Nana was going to get me my passport for Christmas... I wonder if I should have her get it or not?