Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Spring Break...

So, this is gonna be one heluva post. I'm feeling a long one coming on. So I got home for spring break last Thursday night and I'm pretty sure I just went to bed. Friday I hung out at home for a while, then I went up to the Village because I had to go to work. Can I just say that I love Scott? That kid is great. We should not be allowed to work together, we cause way too much trouble. Then I had to work on Saturday, which was delightful. It's sad to say that I really do enjoy my job too much. I think its just the people that are there, residents and co-workers. Then on my way out I ran in to Scott, so we went up to Timmy's (Timmy Ho's?) for a little bit and gossiped about everything. Sweet. Then I went home I think. That day is kinda foggy.

Sunday I decided to take the day off and Trevor and I hung out, as I haven't seen that boy in a very long time. We went out to Taco Bell and then we went bowling. He kicked my ass of course, as I am the worst bowler that I know. I'm pretty sure I've never gotten above 110 points. Then we went home and watched Dogma and dad made dinner. Delicious as always. The I drove the boy home and went to bed, just to wake up again the next morning for more work. Hmmm.... I sense a trend. Monday I was supposed to train Vanessa on porter, however Amy really wanted to apparently, so I went on hot tray. Good times. Then I went out to dinner with Andy to Panera. It was so much fun, it's been forever since I've seen him as well. Then we went bowling. I've filled my bowling quota for the year, so if you're thinking about asking me to go bowling, DON'T.

So yesterday I went to work in the morning and trained on porter. Easiest god damn thing in the world if you ask me. Then I decided to stay on for a double, since I hadn't done any work all day anyways. I also trained that night on station waitress. And I worked with Scott. Once again, we should not be allowed to work together. Let's just say we've managed to frighten every single person that we work with. All in all, working 14 hours only felt like a few, since I didn't do a damn thing all day. Although, the boiler is broken at the Village right now, so I did go in the dishroom a lot to help with the pots and pans, since we had to do a 3 sink thingie. Good times.

Today I woke up and took a nice bath, then I went out to lunch with Scott at Panera. We had a lot of fun, like always. I absolutely love the Turkey Artichoke sandwich and the Broccoli Cheddar soup. It's splendid. Somehow that kid & I never run out of things to talk about. It helps that both of us talk... a lot. I've realized that I really do not shut up. Ever. Then my car started to make frightening noises. God damn piece of shit, that car is. My dad is gonna fix the noise and then we are reverting back to the old idea of selling it. Sorry Coop, no stick shift this summer :(. But I'm cool with that, I don't necesarily need a car, the village is 2.2 miles away from home, the Rec is blocks away and Lia drives back and forth from school, so I can ride with her once in a while. And whatever we get from my car is probably going right into the school fund, unless I find a good car for no money... Eh, I'll get some use out of my bike this summer, that's for sure. And when I need my car, my dad pretty much sets his hours so we can work around that, so I can do classes at Macomb & stuff like that.

So, today I leave for New York to see my favorite hockey player! Woot! I'm so excited. My train leaves tonight around 8:00 from Dearborn. Later!