Monday, January 30, 2006

She could see by my face, that I was FUCKING HIGH...

So, can I just clue all of you in to the fact that I am completely obsessed with James Blunt right now. He is brilliant. I've had You're Beautiful on repeat for like 2 weeks. Damn you Lia, for making me listen to that song. I'm actually listening to it right now.

I am reading the absolute saddest book that I've ever come across right now, so sad that I practically cried myself to sleep last night and I had to stop reading it today because I was crying in public. It's called The Whole World Was Watching by Romaine Patterson, a close friend of Matthew Sheppard. Its fucking SAD, but I can't put it down. Let me just tell you, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Fucking a.

I wish I knew how to loop music on my blog, you guys would be so sick of my music within a day. But it'd be worth it, because it is awesome.

I'm definitely breaking a computer lab rule right now, I have my piping hot tea sitting next to the computer. Whoops. At least I'm not drinking it, its safely situated behind my backpack so that it will ruin a few hundred dollars worth of books instead of one of these shitty computer lab computers.

I think I'm going to start going to the ASL Club conversation hour at Kaya, I think I'll learn a lot. That could be helpful, since I'm gonna go out to RIT for part of spring break this year. Maggie & I are trekking out there, that's gonna be one hell of a road trip, we both have the same sort of fucked up sense of humor. Oh, speaking of ASL, Lia and I are going to a 'Signing Hands, Dancing Feet' performance on Wednesday at about 6:30, it should be really good, I'm excited. Alright, I'm done for now, I have to go back to my pathetically sad book before I go to Community Health to be bored out of my mind. Later.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Ain't No Hollaback Girl...

Okay, so I've been listening to Gwen Stefani obviously. Let's see, I woke up at exactly 12:45 this afternoon. I can't figure that out, it's really late. I was only up until about 2:00am this morning, & I got eleven hours to cover that. Ugh. So my back is still killing me and I don't know why, damn curved spine.

Oh, mom! Guess what we forgot to buy that I didn't realize that I needed! Yeah, you got it. So, I'm gonna have to go shopping today and get some shit. Maybe I'll get myself a new fleece. I should do that. I need one. Bad. Hmm... Must take a shower first though. Then go shopping. Shower, shopping, shower, shopping, shower, shopping. Maybe I'll go get mum a prize at Green Tree, the local organic grocer. Love it. They have organic things! Woot. And "No Pudge" brownies, which I couldn't find anywhere. Sweet.

Aight, I'm gonna head into the shower. Ugh, we need to organize this damn room.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I love myspace :)

I have a serious problem with myspace, I can't get off of it. I'm obsessed with it. I post the most random shit on there. But it's addicting. Ok. So, James Blunt is coming to Detroit on March 24. And I'm going to see him fucking LIVE. And Cooper is jealous. But yeah, Lia and I are going, it's gonna be hot, and for only $23.

I just heard the funniest thing on Celebrity Fit Club. "Nuclear patients flush twice." Apparently their urine is a tad bit radioactive. Since when do I watch Celebrity Fit Club? Eh, it's not a bad show.

Best quote ever: "You are a lesbian!"

I think I'm gonna take a nap now. I'll post some more later tonight-ish.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

So, my back is killing me...

Fuckin A, I wanna go to the chiropractor. 'Nuff said. I'm listening to quite an array of music right now, a nice mix of Los Lonely Boys, John Lennon, Franz Ferdinand, Weezer, & Green Day. Nice and hot. Umm, well today should be fun, as soon as my mom shows up, she should be here around 9:00 or so. It's gonna be sweet! Oh, I legally downloaded a song off of Sony's download store for free because I'm awesome, it's Madonna's Hung Up. Sweet Song.

Oh God. So I'm thoroughly obsessed with myspace... it's really sad. I love it though. Alright, I should probably go. I have some myspace-ing to do.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I come to you LIVE from the Health Professions Building!!

As with most Monday's & Wednesday's, I am in the Health Professions computer lab, waiting for class to start. Although today, I am very excited, my mp3 player should be arriving, in fact, it should be in the dorm right now... So, I'm trying to figure out what to do for Sibs weekend, if Trevor doesn't come up, I'll see about Rachel & Taylor, because I think that's something that they would enjoy a lot, and it would end up being a blast. So, I think that today is my easy day for classes, besides Wednesday, of course, since I only have 2 classes on Wed. Today I have class from 1:00 to 1:50, 3:30 to 4:45, and 5:00 to 5:50, so I'm in and out in about six hours, which is a lot nicer in the afternoon than it is in the morning, I cannot deal with waking up apparently, since I didn't wake until about 11:30 today. Blame Cat, we stayed up talking and laughing until about 3:30 am, since we hadn't really talked for a few days.

Alas, I must look over my notes before I go to class. I shall blog later or tomorrow, just depends on when I have something interesting to say. OH! Here's what the mp3 player looks like, IT'S PINK!!!

SOO EXCITED!!! Oh, I'll have to put a picture of the rasterbated wall on eventually as well.


I learned how to play the famed game 'Hoorah!' last night and now I'm hooked. It is so much fun. It was first described to me as solitare football... that description sorta works. Umm... I'll be on later to update, right now I must straighten my hair and go to class. Laters.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've found a new word...

Okay, so I think I've finally found the word that would describe my relation to all the Ruhlman kids, like Rachel & Taylor and so on: Illegitimate cousins. I like it. It works. So I got to talk to my girls last night, its been a long time. I was on the phone while my mom was at her euchre thing out at Jessica's house & suddenly I'm being passed around the party like a cheap whore. But it was good fun.

I guess I'm on a FRIENDS bender right now, I've been watching that show since last night & it was the first thing I turned on this morning. I cannot do this to myself, I'll be watching it for like 4 weeks straight... Bad Sam. So, I'm only gonna watch season 10, I swear. Damnit, I have laundry to do today. Fucking fucker! I don't want to. I really should though... I want to wear my hot pink scrubs again.

I'm having a real hard time trying to figure out if I want to change my housing request form for next year, I do want to live in Larzelere with Cat, but I want more space also... kind of a tough one, since we will be in the same room as we are now, and let me tell you, it's not that large. I don't know, I really wanna live in the new Towers or something, but whatever, it's already signed, so I guess that's what its gonna be. It'll still be good, I just want my own room, I hate keeping people awake :). Kinda looks like that smiley face has a birthmark... Okay, I think I'm going to go down to brunch... Later amigos.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Okay, I think I've decided on a blog background...

I'm OCD, so I think I've finally found a blog background that I can deal with, at least for now. I love pink & black, especially together. Umm... I'm just gonna chill in my room today, I don't want to leave, its too cold to go outside and too nice in here to leave.

Mount Pleasant needs to rethink their city planning. They need to think about their audience, if they had a mall and a Barnes & Noble... and maybe some laser tag... it would be wonderful. Anyhoo, today I plan on staying in sweatpants all day long. Its gonna be hot. I'm so excited for the day to go on.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hola friends

Alright, take this quote, chew on it:

How can you be homesick if you've never felt at home? I heard it today and it sounded quite prolific, although it does not apply to me at all.


Well, I changed around the blog a little bit, it's gonna be constantly under renovation for a lil bit, but it should turn out well. I really like the crazy British flag going on there, I made it, then I rasterbated it. Marvelous. The rasterbator sounds naughty, but in reality, it's freakin' awesome. It makes pictures into pixellated dotty things. I looove it. I'm rasterbating everything in sight... Diiirty. Okay, gotta go for now, organic foodstore and 'Brokeback Mountain' up next.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I ain't no hollaback girl, how many times I gotta tell you?

H'ok so... I believe that everyone needs to experience the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Give it a chance before you stop reading, as it shows the ridiculousness of the United States. Remember that thing called separation of church and state... somehow we forgot that "intelligent design" or "creationism" as some may call it, is an idea that is only accepted by one type of religion and thus should not be taught in schools alongside the theory of evolution. The only plausible way to teach creationism or intelligent design, would be to teach every single possible believe of how the world and/or humans were made, developed or otherwise implanted onto this earth. If creationism is taught, then I believe that it is only fair to teach the ways of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and his noodly appendage.

Anyhoo, now that that is over, I can talk about the rest of my day. It was alright. I went to dinner with Phil, Aaron & Ben, then we hung out in the Kulhavi computer lab for an hour or so until the GSA meeting. It was an interesting meeting, but it seemed so long. I want to be on the executive counsil really bad, it seems like it would be the way to get into the vice president position a little easier. But anyhoo, I'm just waiting for this DVD to burn, then I can go to bed. Ahh... 2 more minutes... that means I can go slip into my pajamas and go to sleep. Lovely. Goodnight lovers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sitting, Waiting... for class to start

So, I'm just sitting in the Health Professions Building computer lab, waiting for Community Health to start. I'm kinda looking forward to that class, but I'd rather that it was over right now, I'm getting rather bored of waiting. Let's see... I need to get my car tomorrow to take care of some clandestine business, good times. I'm so sad that sign language was cancelled yesterday, I feel that there is a gaping sign language hole in my chest. That was ├╝ber melodramatic. Eh, what ever, I reserve the right to be melodramatic. H'ok.. so I guess I should probably go to class now. Later mis amigos.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I need Sudoku and I need it now...

Okay, in the last minute, I explained Sudoko to Cat and now I feel as though I must explain it to the world of my readers (last count, 5 people). I have a link to a Sudoku website on my link field, but it is a really easy game: Within the large box, there are nine smaller boxes with nine spaces within them. You must have each number in each box, then you must make sure that the number does not repeat in any of the rows or columns in the entire large box. Go play it.

This week has been horrible at the Village, we have lost 3 residents, which has got to be a new record in one week. Holy hell. And thanks to my informant, Scott, I do not go back to the
Village looking for people that are not there, because I have gone back asking where so and so was and then I am told that they passed. Shitty.

I went a little crazy with my Target giftcard and ordered a new mp3 player with it. I'm so excited, its pink and it holds like 512 mb worth of music. But I figured that I could use a new one, since my last one didn't even have a display and the only earphones you can use with it are very damaging to sensitive ears... and it was Christmas money, so I was expected to buy myself something I would use. See how I rationalize things? I learn from the best.

Sign language class got cancelled today, damnit. Of all the classes that could've been cancelled, she cancelled my favorite one. I wouldn't have minded if my Recreation for Senior Citizen's class was cancelled, or Spanish, but no, my favorite class. That did give me approximately three hours time to do what ever I wanted with. So... I ate lunch, then I sorta straightened my stuff... A little. But its not that messy. Just a little disorganized.

Okay, I"m gonna play a quick game of Sudoku. Then I'm off to Rec for Senior Citizens & Spanish... Then Program Board. I'll be back around 10.

Monday, January 16, 2006

It all comes back to milk...

H'ok so, my mother and I just had an entire conversation that culminated in her strange aversion to containers that have previously contained, could contain or will in the future contain milk products. My mom has a milk thing, where she can't touch anything that has had both milk products and saliva touching. It's weird, but I must have inherited that, because I can't drink milk after people, nor can I drink milk that has been sitting for more that a minute. Anyhoo, we were talking and I pulled a 10.1 oz Dasani water bottle out of my purse. The conversation went from pleasant to frightening in less time than it takes to slap a tick, let me tell you. She saw it and rage filled her weary eyes. (She just got off of work, weary seems to work in this situation). Long story short, my dad had one of the same bottles for about three weeks that he wanted to put his milk in for lunchtime at work and inadvertently forcing my mom to wash after he had drank milk out of it. The bottle in question was stolen from my car, by the way. On with the story... both of us were reduced to giggles at my dad's idiosyncratic need to have things, such as this water bottle, as his own, which people may not throw out. So whenever my mom sees bottles like this, she gets an unexplainable anger in her eyes and everyone must watch out. And you all think she's normal? Fuckin' right.

Ohh! It's 12:34 right now, how cool. I worked at 6:15am both Saturday and Sunday and I'm spent, I seem to be unable to keep my eyes open, but I will say that the aforementioned milk incident shows my parents oddities, but let me just tell you, they had an all out fight about CHER, of all things, people or places. Who honestly fights about Cher? Whoa. Could this family be anymore ridiculous? I think not.

So, tomorrow is the big trek back up to Mount Pleasant. Yay. I'll let you in on what an obsessive compulsive dork I am: I printed out roughly one ream of paper full of notes for 2 of my classes on Thursday, however due to time constraints, I was not able to organize them into their respective binders. Guess what has been plaguing my mind ever since I left. "I can't wait to put those papers into their binders." Oh oh oh oh. I think I'm gonna get a webcam, how can I not? They are too much fun, and besides, I'll be able to sign over the vast thingie we call the internet. Woot.

Sidenote: AIM is turning into my life, how scary? I actually talk to people from work... online. Only the good ones though. But seriously, how hot would it be to sign over the internet, in real time? Fuckin' right, it would be awesome. Sooo excited.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hectic first week back, I'm lovin' it -

H'ok, so... I love four of my six classes so far, they're awesome! Nutrition, Community Health, ASL & Spanish are awesome, I could do without Gerontology and Recreation for Senior Citizens, however, they could turn out to be intersting. I think that once I'm in the swing of things back to classes and such, I'll be blogging more regularly, because I know I've been slacking in that department lately. SORRY! Anyhoo, I love being back at school, even though I'm home for this four day weekend, I don't plan to come home that often anymore, its just not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love going home, but I think I need to get used to being a big kid and start living my weekends without my parents so much.

I don't know if I've mentioned it or not, but I absolutely love my Spanish class, it rocks. I think I'm gonna be loving Spanish. Its such a sexy language. Oh, and my mom has decided that scrub shopping is her new passion, I've gotten two pairs of scrubs for work and one pair of hot pink scrub pants in the last week or so. Hot stuff.

I'm really excited to get into my Gerontology service learning hours, I hope I get a fun job for the next 120 service hours! Okay, I really have to go to bed, I have to work in 6 hours and I haven't gone to sleep yet. Btw, the earliest class I have all week is Tues. & Thurs. @ 11:00. Gotta love that schedule, that means the absolute earliest I have to go to bed is about 2:00am... even though I'm usually out like a light around 12 or so. Goooooooooodnight.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Someone Save Me..

My mother is yelling at the TV... and when I called her on it, she was like "IT'S THE ROSE BOWL"... She's such a freak.

Monday, January 2, 2006

H'ok... so... I'm going to Toronto, eh?

I get to wake up tomorrow mornin' at 4:00 so that we can go to the big Toronto tomorrow. Fucking A. A family member died, Olympio Scaini, so me and the Trev man are representin' the family. Should be fun, I haven't seen Anastasio in about 4 years. I got a new funeral outfit though, so its not all bad news. Anyhoo, we're watching Nick Games & Sports. Gotta love that channel.

My mom is snoring so loud that I can hear her through the walls... and she sounds like a vibrating cell phone. Weird. By the way, I can sign the entire "Hi my name is Joe, I have a wife and three kids and I work in a button factory, one day my boss said to me, he said Joe, are you busy? I said no. He said turn the buttons with your right hand..." song. No one knows that song unless they went to Anchor Bay for elementary school and had the same Music teacher that I had. But yes, I am obsessed with signing. Love it.

So... we have this weird chip clip that is in the shape of an ear, trust me, its gruesome detail... anyhoo, Trevor is clipping it to parts of his face and lookin' kinda freaky. H'ok, so I have to get offline, I'm being rude. Laters.