Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you

Currently listening to: The gentle hum of haunted laundry

I finally got my lifeguard shirts... 3 weeks before I'm finished for the summer. Whatev, they're sweet.

I went to work around 9:30 & got home around 8:00. Steph climbed onto a barge. Watched Dogma with Steph. Kinda fell asleep during Dogma. I officially hate one of the Rec kids for messing with Donny.


Shitty day @ Rec. Worked from 9 to 3:45. Went home, vacuumed. Went to work @ the Village. I didn't know that we were having a resident/family picnic. We barbecued our asses off. I ran into Briton @ the Village, he's one of the Police Cadets. Good kid. After work, I went to the gym & ellipticalled away all of my stress. Haha. That was a lie.

Working @ the beach tomorrow from 10 to 4, then the village from 4:30 to 8.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

I yelled myself hoarse

Cedar Point was a blast, I totally love Scott & Dana. I'm not gonna go into it b/c it'll be boring, but I did go on the Rip Cord & it was flippin' sweet. Thought I was gonna die. Like whoa. The drive there was 4 hours & the drive back was 4 hours. Should've been 2.5 hours each way... but whatev.

Happy Birthday Catherine Trombly!!!

I found a quote that I really like:

Friends are the family we chose ourselves.

It'd be sweet if it actually worked out like that, but I'm sure it doesn't. Friends can stop being friends. Family never goes away, no matter how hard you try. Damn. Too bad its not the other way around.

So bear with me, I've been uber depressed all summer. I'm lame. I need to dial down the emo... STAT.

I found a sweeter quote:

Friends are like the colors of the rainbow, unique and brilliant alone, but perfect and awesome when together.

That totally describes my group of friends. Like to a fucking T. Woot. I think I'm bipolar. Oh snap.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dear Diary, Mood: Apathetic

H'ok, so this is gonna be a super short post, I have to go to work in about 20 minutes. Lame. Anyhoo, I got that foreign piece of metal removed from my head yesterday morning. The Dr. numbed half of my head, which hurt like a bitch, whatever he put in there to numb it felt like it was on fire. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes, as scar tissue had grown around it. The verdict? An earring backing somehow managed to get stuck on my head, next to my ear and without warning, was swallowed by my body. And apparently, it had been in there for about 10 years. Weird. I kept it in a little vial. Bahaha. Today is going to suck, I go from Rec to lifeguarding to teaching ASL to the Village. No breaks. Whatev, I'm a big kid. And tomorrow will more than make up for it, as I'm going to CEDAR POINT! Woot. I'm pumped.

Ok, leave me some lovin'.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Come A Little Closer Baby...

Today was the longest day ever. End of sentence. Last night Coop & I went to Aunt Jill's 22nd of July party for a few hours, I got to chill with some of the illegitimate cousins & one actual cousin. You don't know how crazy your family is until you show someone else though, holy hell. Not naming any names though...

Today was the day from hell... I woke up after about 4 hours of sleep, then I had to go to the Village. I was main waitress, so I had to dress up... I wore soccer socks just to be a rebel. Then I went home, changed & went straight to the lake. I even got there on time. Lifeguarded for 3 hours, came home & passed out. Then I woke up @ 9:45 ish. Now I'm here. Dang. And I have a super headache.

Tomorrow I'm getting a minor surgery to remove the metal from my head. That makes me sound crazy. After that I'm going to work. Only 1 week left at the Village. I'm pumped. Oh & I'm going to Cedar Point on WEDNESDAY!!!!! I haven't been there since the end of 10th grade. Should be super, I'm going with Dana, Scott & little Paul. Woot. & I'm going on the Rip Cord. So watch while I die.

Ok, so I have to go to bed now. Bah.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Snap snap snap your fingers for me...

I just wrote an entire post and then the computer froze. Lame. Look's like I have to start over.

Currently listening to: Emo Kid by Adam & Andrew
Currently reading: Re-reading The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Wiesberger

So I can't remember what I posted at all. Ok, I remember a little bit. So the other day I drove out to Royal Oak and saw Jenny & Phil. That was awesome, I missed them so much. We went to a bar called Pronto for a minute, but it was kinda low key, so we left & hung around downtown for a bit. Good times.

Today after the gym, Coop, Steph & I went to Meijer and ended up doing a science experiment in the parking lot. It was flippin' sweet. We took a 2 liter (2 actually) and a box of mentos and made the world explode. If you put Mentos into pop, especially diet pop, the pop will shoot out of the bottle like whoa. Time's like that make me sad about going back to school, just hanging out with my friends being douchebags. But I'm still looking forward to going back.

Speaking of douchebags: So I work with someone who shall remain nameless. She was homeschooled & is now about 22. She has absolutely no social training under her belt, let me tell you. The other day I called some guy a douchebag & she said: "What does that mean, I've heard people say that before... Is it German?" No, its not German, its a douche bag! First of all, douche is French for shower, second of all... ew. Everyone knows what a douche is. God damn. So I made fun of her all day. She still has no idea what a douchebag is. That's sad.

I've been working a lot lately, so blame that for my ridiculous amount of time in between posts. I'm working at the beach from 10 till 4 tomorrow, so everyone in the greater Detroit area should visit. Including you. Then I have to work at the Village, THEN I'm going to Aunt Jill's 22nd of July party... Should be fun times.

Ok, I'm super tired, I'm gonna go to bed. I must be emo.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A nice brawl never hurt anyone...

H'okay, so... basically, I kicked Cooper's ass... well, I kicked her in the shin really hard anyways. We were @ the beach with Steph and she was having a lovely time of guarding, so we decided it would be a good idea to push Cooper into the lake. And it was. It turned into about a half an hour of Coop & I greco roman style grappling. Hmm... saucy. It was actually surprisingly fun. Anyhoo, went to the gym, kinda worked out. I ran exaclty .1 miles on a treadmill today, then I said "oh fuck that" and got on the elliptical. Good times. I blame it on my shoes, K-Swiss are not meant for running. Whatev.

I've decided that I should get into the habit of regularly updating this here blog, so here we go. Today we took the kids to the Detroit Science Center. It was enough to make me hate the Detroit Science Center. I thought I had gotten a good group, only 4 kids, because they were the older kids and really didn't need any supervision. Wrong. They were the whiniest kids of all, they were complaining the entire time. Finally, around lunch, I dumped them off on someone else and took a few 8 year old boys, who are much better.

I lost a Vicodin at the beach today. Whoops. Those things are brutal, I was given a prescription for 30 & I've used 3... that's all I'll need too. Someone thinks I'm gonna get addicted... Jeez Christ. I'm still on a liquid/soft food diet. :(. I should be done w/ that by Saturday, in time for the Rocky Party. I'm looking forward to seeing my good friend, Mr. Anderson this Saturday. Woot.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I love me some nitrous oxide...

So today Coop took me to the oral surgeon so that I could get my tooth extracted. I definitely got some nitrous oxide & was high as a kite for a little bit of time. I felt a little strange, to say the least. So... I've decided that I don't like the ASL class that I teach, primarily because a few of the kids just do not want to be there. It's super. But there are a few kids there that actually want to learn, so that's fun. I learned the sign for chocolate today. I'm pumped.

We're taking the kids to the Detroit Sciece Center tomorrow... I'm kinda excited, not gonna lie.

Ok, well I'm off to Coldstone b/c I'm living under the illusion that it'll make my mouth feel better :).

Thursday, July 6, 2006

I guess its time to update again...

Currently listening to: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

So I guess I haven't updated in a while. I've been slightly busy working my life away at the beach & the village. Other than that I've been going to the gym with Coop & sleeping. Boring, no? Well atleast I'm having some fun. The summer is actually going pretty well, I've sorta become the ASL go to person for New Baltimore, Kasy told a family with a deaf little boy about me & they seem to want me to help them, which I don't know if I can or not, but it's exciting all the same. I've also been talking a lot with the two deaf ladies that work at VG's and the lady at the village. It's good fun.

I've recently become obsessed with my parents Tivo. Hmm... I figured out how to send stuff that I've recorded from the Tivo to my computer. Oh snap. I'm ridiculous, I know.

Alright, I have to get to sleep, I have to work all damn day tomorrow. Peace out.