Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I love me some nitrous oxide...

So today Coop took me to the oral surgeon so that I could get my tooth extracted. I definitely got some nitrous oxide & was high as a kite for a little bit of time. I felt a little strange, to say the least. So... I've decided that I don't like the ASL class that I teach, primarily because a few of the kids just do not want to be there. It's super. But there are a few kids there that actually want to learn, so that's fun. I learned the sign for chocolate today. I'm pumped.

We're taking the kids to the Detroit Sciece Center tomorrow... I'm kinda excited, not gonna lie.

Ok, well I'm off to Coldstone b/c I'm living under the illusion that it'll make my mouth feel better :).

1 comment:

coop said...

chocolate is a fun one... we taught stacey how to sign "chocolate dick" ha ha good times