Thursday, July 28, 2005

Somehow Rocky Parties Never Get Old

Yesterday was a fuckin' blast. First off, it was Cat's 18th birthday, so that was cool, then I gave her a really funny card that I made on my computer. I stayed at Rec for a few hours, then went home get ready for work, then on an off chance, I got a friend to work for me because I wanted to not go to work. It was cool, so I went back to Rec for a little bit to hang out with Cat and Steph and Amanda. The I went to Meijer to buy some shit. And I got some shit. Fast forward a few hours and Cat comes over when I'm wearing exactly a bra and a towel. And the front door is open, that was funny. So I gave her her birthday present, which consisted of Under The Tuscan Sun, some weird jumbo paper clips and push pins and a Grease CD. I hope she liked it. Then Cooper and Sammy showed up. I didn't know Sammy was coming, Cat told me a few minutes before she got there, but it turned out good. Cooper gave Cat a whole bunch of dolphin stuff. Then Amy, Kelley and Michelle came and we went upstairs to hang out and watch Rocky Horror, since Stephanie was going to be late and doesn't like Rocky Horror anyways. She was there for moral support ;) . Sammy was a Rocky Horror virgin until last night, but I think she like it a lot. There were so many damn quotes, but I didn't write any of them down because it was dark. Then we played Tourettes. I love that game. It was awesome, we had to use 3 decks of cards. I think it went over pretty well. Then, in true slumber party form, Cooper and Steph started tickling Cat because she had to pee. That was mean and yet funny to watch. They're just lucky she didn't pee on my floor. So while she was in the bathroom, I ran and got one of Doris's doggy diaper pads and put it in the spot where Cat was sitting. Haha. It was good. After tourettes, Cooper had to leave, so we all went outside to say goodbye and ended up laying in the middle of my road at midnight. "CAR!!"

After Cooper left, we finished Rocky Horror, then Stephanie left and took my beloved Harry Potter with her. I bet she's done with it now. We then staked out our sleeping areas, but ended up playing musical beds all night long. And because of my stupid, faulty air mattress, the circuit blew like three times. It was utter insanity. I finally fell asleep on the floor by Cat's feet. Then my mom woke us up evilly and took pictures because we kept her and my dad awake last night. Whoops. She took a picture of my butt...which is strange. Then we all woke up around 10:00 and Sammy had to leave right away. We ended up watching a little bit of the movie 9 Dead Gay Guys. Damn Funny. It's like a cross between Rocky Horror and Fight Club.

Ta ta everyone, I'm going to mow the grass then go up north. I'll be back on the 8th or so of August. Oh, and I'm gonna have one last Rocky Party before we go off to college, so any input on the date by anyone who wants to come would be helpful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Day off...

Oy vey, I had the anti day off today. I did nothing fun...except clean the coffee pot. Inside and out. I showed that thing who was boss. I gotta figure out what to get Cat for her birthday...

I'm Naughty

Hahaha...made you think bad thoughts. I know I haven't posted in forever, but I've been at work for the past eleven days straight, my first break Woot. Yesterday, I went out and bought a trunk and a whole bunch of stuff for college for about 80 bucks. Its a piece of crap, but so are all the others that I've looked at. Tough Nuggies. I'll just have to get my dad to reinforce it. I'm so tard. Oh! Cat's birthday is Wednesday, that whore is gonna be 18. And she gets to register to vote. I wanna do that. But we're gonna have a Rocky party. Me, Coop, Trips, Steph, and Cat. Should prove to be a good night, its an interesting group of people. I bet we'll be singing Rocky Horror at Rec on Thursday, God knows we'll scar the kids. Oh, I'm very happy with the people that came to the City Council meeting to support Kasy: Cat, Cat's mom, Karley, Steph, Mrs. Roy, Austin, Jessica, Donny, my mom and a few others. It was good, though Kasy made me cry. It just pissed me off that people could do this to such a pure person, she's the epitome of a good person and someone's trying to ruin that. This is why I hate people. Right here. Anyone who knows me, knows that Kasy is my second mom. She's been there since I was a year old...Manda and I were practically raised like sisters from the ages of one to four. It was a cool way to grow up. But anyhoo, people can't be mean to Kasy because I don't take it lightly and my mom doesn't take it lightly and no one in Rec or associated with Rec should take it lightly. But you watch, good will prevail here, and hopefully, Karma will be a bitch to that slut of a lady.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm A Copy Cat

I stole this from Cat's Journal...because I just really like it.


1. When you look around and finally realize that it couldn't possibly have been everyone else's fault all those times.

2. When you realize you're not everyone else's main priority, nor is everything they say or think, about you.

3. When you realize that your ingenious scheme was the equivalent of a pathetic ruse and all parties involved figured it out and laugh at you because you still think you are in control.

4. When you figure out that the only reason you aren't alone, in a glass box, with three snakes and a broken bottle of fire ants, three thousand feet under the ground and clinging to your life's pathetic existence is because life's not fair, and karma forgot to be a bitch.

5. When you realize you didn't win.

So have one.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Hahaha...I went out with Andy to Barnes & Nobles to get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Friday night/Saturday morning. It was quite and experience. There was a boy that looked like a girl there. The beard gave it away though. I got to reading my book as soon as I got home, but I soon fell asleep, I only got through 2 chapters. I worked both Saturday and Sunday all day, so I only got to read a little bit this weekend, but I got the book finished this morning, it was only 652 pages. I am very mad at J.K. Rowling. She killed off the best character. That bitch. It was still a good book though, but now, I don't have any idea what to expect for the last book. Anyways, I gotta get offline because I have to go to work.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Last Few Days

Well, the last few days in Chicago were a blast.

Thursday: We went to the Adler Planetarium, which kicked behind. It was so fricken cool. I'm in love with it. Although, the planetarium eerily reminds me of the movie Contact. Then we stopped by the Art Institute, mainly to see American Gothic, a peculiarly intruiging painting. We hung around there for about an hour. When we got home, we went to the beach and laid out for a bit, then swam, then laid out for a bit more. The we went home, showered and started cooking. We had shells, which by the way, went over very well, thank you very much, because Uncle Bill's awesome friend, Walter, came over for dinner. He reminds me of Thomas Haden Church. He's a cool dude. The we played the ever infamous, Trouble, in which Uncle Bill lets his inner bitch out to play. Its so much fun. And each one of us won one game.

Friday: We went to the Field Museum...which was very educational. Nuff said. Then we just hung out for the remainder of our time. But of course we ordered Barry's Pizza again.

Saturday: We woke up somewhat early to go to the beach and not get yelled at by the bitch lifeguards. Then we went home and showered and finished packing up. Then we just sat around like hippies and listened to music. "I'm throwin' up my baby bumble bee/Won't my bulemic past life be so proud of me" Then we boarded the train, only to find that there were no seats next to eachother in business class. Lifes a fucking bitch sometimes. After about an hour and a half, we went back to the cafe car and watched 4 or 5 episodes of Will & Grace on my laptop, then found seats next to eachother minutes after my battery died...with a plug next to them. Score! So we watched Real Women Have Curves. Good movie.

Anyhoo, Chicago Rocks. Thanks Uncle Bill.

I just got home from the city...

...but I'll have to post later, I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired, maybe because our train got in 90 minutes late. I'll be posting everything, but it'll all be before...I think it's called post dating. Not sure though.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Chicago By Boat, Who Knew?

This morning we got up bright and early for an architectural boat tour of Chicago. It was sexy, but the lady talking was both nasal and boring, so I stopped listening half way through and we all went downstairs because it had a much better view of it all. Oh, and they had free Starbucks coffee and lemonade and muffins. FREE BREAKFAST! Haha. Then we went to the biggest, kid friendliest place on the planet. The Museum Of Science and Industry. Woah, its huge. And we had to see the Human Body IMAX because the others were sold out...sorry Cat... The museum would have been great if I was about 11 years old, but it was still pretty interesting. The IMAX on the other hand, was quite disturbing, I only recall seeing a gigantic pimple being popped on a dome screen that was about 5 stories high and surrounding us. It was a pimple the size of a small pool. It was disgusting. I wish we could have seen the Nile movie, that looked cool.
Oh, and Cat and I are really getting the hang of this L system, you could put us anywhere in
Chicago and we could get back to Bill's house without any effort what so ever.

Woot! When we got home today, we decided to go swimming and there was actually waves. It was like a mini ocean. Yay. We were most definitely on the gay beach though, there was 15o gay men, a pair of lesbians, me and Cat (no, we weren't the pair of lesbians), and a family of four, who must have gotten lost. There was an old man in a lime green speedo thong...quite a sight, let me tell you. And the lifeguards are stupid, they put the bouys in 25 feet of water, but you're only allowed to go about boob high. Wft? We got yelled at about 50 times.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

I Will Never Go To The Sears Tower...EVER!!

The Sears Tower has to be the most boring place on the planet. I hate it. A lot. The Hancock Observatory, on the other hand, is pretty interesting. And the views are spectacular. We could see the shadows cast by the clouds on the city and it look like Earth was gonna be invaded, ie Independence Day. It was freaky. We also went down Michigan Avenue...The Mag Mile for short and we found a 4 story Borders! And we thought 3 stories was huge. I bought a single book, but its an awesome one If I Should Die Before I Wake. We took a gander at Shedd's Aquarium today as well. I'm in love with that place, if for no other reason than the dolphin show. I love dolphin shows. The aquarium itself is pretty good, saw some weird little sea animals and they had this gigantic tank, called the Wild Reef, that had some awesome animals in it, it was like a mini ocean. Then, on the way home, we got off the L at Belmont and went to the Army Navy Surplus store. It's pretty awesome but uber expensive. We both bought British Flag buttons and Cat was adamant about buying one that said "Fuck Off"...but they were all sold out. Darn. I fell asleep on the L today. I hear that I rubber necked the whole way.

Monday, July 4, 2005

Sometimes, You Should Identify Street Names

Today we woke up and ambled over to Navy Pier to buy IMAX tickets, we saw some movie about sharks...I fell asleep, not because I was bored, just out of sleep deprivation. Anyhoo, it was in 3D. Anyway, that's not the point, we went to Navy Pier and walked all the way down and it was pretty neat, however, I paid $5 for a lemonade that was mostly did come with a souvenior cup though. After walking around the pier, we caught a free trolley to State Street, where a Marshall Fields is. Across the street, we found a Borders books that was 3 stories high!! Yay! Whilst shopping and finding 3 awesome guides for Anatomy, Med Terms and Med Abbreviations, my uncle called and asked where we were. I told him at the Borders across from Marshall Fields. To bad theres another Borders in town across from another Marshall Fields. He gave us directions to a place for lunch...but it was quite a catastrophe. We ended up making it to lunch eventually and ran to a bus. By the way, we got pelted with sand while running towards the bus, it was windy. We took the bus to the IMAX. The movie was pretty good and the whole 3D thing made my head spin.

After the IMAX experience, we went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo. I'm absolutely in love with the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It's so pretty. The Zoo was crap, half of the animals were dead, so it wasn't that exciting. We took the bus home and went down to the beach and swam. Whoopie! Anyways, later.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Fireworks Are The Shit

We woke up early today and went swimming at the beach and we were the only ones there. And the bouys went on our park, the water gets to be 5 feet this beach the water gets to be 25 feet! Anyhoo, we went for a walk down the coastline and it was so cool. I can't wait until after college so that I can live in Chicago...because I'm in love with it. Then we went with my uncle to the nursery to get some flowers...they were pretty, but there were no white lilies.

Early in the afternoon, we made our way downtown to get prepared for the fireworks. Along the way we stopped at Millenium Park. It's really cool, they have this gigantic pavillion by Frank Gehry (He did a lot of cool buildings, like the EMP in Seattle and the Guggenheim in Spain) and they do a lot of concerts and stuff there. They also had this really cool set of fountains that you could walk in and stuff. Then we went down to the Adler Planetarium area to watch the fireworks. Which were damn good, they sure upstaged Fishfly Festival Fireworks. Ha, try saying that one five times fast. I'll eventually post pictures and stuff...but I'm too busy now. Then we braved the subway on the way home. It was so packed, I think all of Chicago was on the L.
A la prochain fois~

The Worst Way To Start A Vacation...

...Is definitely missing your train. Yep, we missed the train this morning. It felt bad. We were the most pathetic sight ever. But more on that later, first, lemme explain why we missed the train. Well, first off, my dad insisted that we go to Kroger to get us some snacks for the train. Then we missed our exit. Then we ran into about a million detours. Then we got onto the platform. Then, as we made our way to get on, it slowly but surely started moving away. Mind you, my mom was in the station telling them that we needed to get on, but the guy WOULD NOT tell the train to stop. Asshole. We were there at 5:15 am, which is on time.

Anyhoo, we had the most priceless/crushed expressions on our faces. If someone would have been videotaping, it would have won money. But we weren't the only ones to miss the train. We met Yvette and Kenneth. They were nice. So, on to the adventure. First, we're told that we have to go to Flint to catch a bus that will take us to Battle Creek so we can get on a train to Chicago. Ugh. There were easier options, but he failed to inform us of them. So, for the time being, we went home. Cat and I were a gigantic pathetic mess. I know both of us wanted to cry. But we held a stiff upper lip and collapsed onto the futon when we got home, all the while, discussing just how retarded we felt.

We left home around 7:00 am and made our way to Flint. On the way, we stopped at a Big Boy's for brekkie. Funny story. So we're sitting down for breakfast and I make the declaration that I have to pee, which is hardly uncommon, so Cat and I go to the bathroom (I know, we travel in packs, what can I say?) And I go for the handicap stall because theres something yucky in the other toilet. But Cat, being the brave one, goes to flush the toilet and use that one. As soon as I sit down, I hear a deafening sound and I hear Cat's voice calling me...she sounded like she was in pain. So I told her to hang on so that I could finish peeing. So I did. Then I open the door to discover the strangest sight. Cat on the floor with the bathroom door. She completely took out the door. Completely. Apparently the door was somewhat off its hinges and she went to close/open it and it came off and she and it crashed into the wall together. And she really hurt her shoulder...I had to pull on her arm to pop it somewhat back into place. I think that was worth missing the train. Then we had to recount the story to my parents and the waitress. We didn't file an accident report though...wimp.

Now that that exciting portion is over, we fell asleep on the way to Flint and drove around in Flint for a while until we woke up. When we woke up, my dad had pulled into this parking lot full of modular homes because he wanted to put one on the property up north. They're all a hell of a lot bigger and prettier, outside and in ;), than my house. The people there thought we were sisters. Thats probably because Cat has the habit of calling my parents mom and dad. Unusual and yet expected. But holy crap, these houses are HUGE, they have upstairs and everything. We finally got to the station and waited for our bus with our new friends, Yvette and Kenneth. We traveled with them the whole way to Chicago. It was nice. The remainder of our journey wasn't that exciting, it was pretty much: sleep, listen to music, talk, sleep, eat a cracker, listen to music, talk...

Then we got to Chicago. Finally. A few hours late. My uncle picked us up at Union Station and we took Lakeshore Drive, the coolest road in the world, almost all the way to his house. It runs along the coastline of Lake Michigan, which is all part of Chicago. I think Cat was in awe. We got home to his awesome condo, a few blocks from the lake, and oddly enouch, took a walk to the lake, it must be a swimmer thing...must identify water source, MUST IDENTIFY WATER SOURCE!!! Its such a pretty lake. I'm in love with it. Then we came back home and ordered Chicago Style deep dish pizza with yummy stuff in it, I believe it was Barry's Pizza. It was so good, though Cat and I, as mere amateurs, could only eat one piece each, while Uncle Bill could devour 2 or 3. Then we both kind of drifted off while watching What Lies Beneath. Then we went to bed and fell fast asleep.