Monday, July 18, 2005


Hahaha...I went out with Andy to Barnes & Nobles to get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Friday night/Saturday morning. It was quite and experience. There was a boy that looked like a girl there. The beard gave it away though. I got to reading my book as soon as I got home, but I soon fell asleep, I only got through 2 chapters. I worked both Saturday and Sunday all day, so I only got to read a little bit this weekend, but I got the book finished this morning, it was only 652 pages. I am very mad at J.K. Rowling. She killed off the best character. That bitch. It was still a good book though, but now, I don't have any idea what to expect for the last book. Anyways, I gotta get offline because I have to go to work.

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