Sunday, July 3, 2005

Fireworks Are The Shit

We woke up early today and went swimming at the beach and we were the only ones there. And the bouys went on our park, the water gets to be 5 feet this beach the water gets to be 25 feet! Anyhoo, we went for a walk down the coastline and it was so cool. I can't wait until after college so that I can live in Chicago...because I'm in love with it. Then we went with my uncle to the nursery to get some flowers...they were pretty, but there were no white lilies.

Early in the afternoon, we made our way downtown to get prepared for the fireworks. Along the way we stopped at Millenium Park. It's really cool, they have this gigantic pavillion by Frank Gehry (He did a lot of cool buildings, like the EMP in Seattle and the Guggenheim in Spain) and they do a lot of concerts and stuff there. They also had this really cool set of fountains that you could walk in and stuff. Then we went down to the Adler Planetarium area to watch the fireworks. Which were damn good, they sure upstaged Fishfly Festival Fireworks. Ha, try saying that one five times fast. I'll eventually post pictures and stuff...but I'm too busy now. Then we braved the subway on the way home. It was so packed, I think all of Chicago was on the L.
A la prochain fois~

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