Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm Naughty

Hahaha...made you think bad thoughts. I know I haven't posted in forever, but I've been at work for the past eleven days straight, my first break is...today. Woot. Yesterday, I went out and bought a trunk and a whole bunch of stuff for college for about 80 bucks. Its a piece of crap, but so are all the others that I've looked at. Tough Nuggies. I'll just have to get my dad to reinforce it. I'm so tard. Oh! Cat's birthday is Wednesday, that whore is gonna be 18. And she gets to register to vote. I wanna do that. But we're gonna have a Rocky party. Me, Coop, Trips, Steph, and Cat. Should prove to be a good night, its an interesting group of people. I bet we'll be singing Rocky Horror at Rec on Thursday, God knows we'll scar the kids. Oh, I'm very happy with the people that came to the City Council meeting to support Kasy: Cat, Cat's mom, Karley, Steph, Mrs. Roy, Austin, Jessica, Donny, my mom and a few others. It was good, though Kasy made me cry. It just pissed me off that people could do this to such a pure person, she's the epitome of a good person and someone's trying to ruin that. This is why I hate people. Right here. Anyone who knows me, knows that Kasy is my second mom. She's been there since I was a year old...Manda and I were practically raised like sisters from the ages of one to four. It was a cool way to grow up. But anyhoo, people can't be mean to Kasy because I don't take it lightly and my mom doesn't take it lightly and no one in Rec or associated with Rec should take it lightly. But you watch, good will prevail here, and hopefully, Karma will be a bitch to that slut of a lady.

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