Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Chicago By Boat, Who Knew?

This morning we got up bright and early for an architectural boat tour of Chicago. It was sexy, but the lady talking was both nasal and boring, so I stopped listening half way through and we all went downstairs because it had a much better view of it all. Oh, and they had free Starbucks coffee and lemonade and muffins. FREE BREAKFAST! Haha. Then we went to the biggest, kid friendliest place on the planet. The Museum Of Science and Industry. Woah, its huge. And we had to see the Human Body IMAX because the others were sold out...sorry Cat... The museum would have been great if I was about 11 years old, but it was still pretty interesting. The IMAX on the other hand, was quite disturbing, I only recall seeing a gigantic pimple being popped on a dome screen that was about 5 stories high and surrounding us. It was a pimple the size of a small pool. It was disgusting. I wish we could have seen the Nile movie, that looked cool.
Oh, and Cat and I are really getting the hang of this L system, you could put us anywhere in
Chicago and we could get back to Bill's house without any effort what so ever.

Woot! When we got home today, we decided to go swimming and there was actually waves. It was like a mini ocean. Yay. We were most definitely on the gay beach though, there was 15o gay men, a pair of lesbians, me and Cat (no, we weren't the pair of lesbians), and a family of four, who must have gotten lost. There was an old man in a lime green speedo thong...quite a sight, let me tell you. And the lifeguards are stupid, they put the bouys in 25 feet of water, but you're only allowed to go about boob high. Wft? We got yelled at about 50 times.

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