Monday, November 28, 2005

...strung up by it's hind end...

Okay, super traumatic event last night! We were on our way back to school & we were on US 10, held up by an auto accident. We were sitting there for approximately 45 minutes and moved about 40 feet. Then traffic began to move. Then we saw it. A horse trailer had been rear-ended. And the door was all concave. The horse definitely died in the accident and it was strung up on a tow truck by it's back legs. It was so upsetting. I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't crying, because it was so sad, but I held strong. Yeah, I be you're all proud of me for not crying for once.

On to better news. I came into contact with the IKEA catalog. I want to live in IKEA land. And everything will be wonderful. I love IKEA, I can't wait until the one in Canton opens up... I smell a field trip! At this precise moment, while I'm supposed to be doing homework and studying, I am creating my very own IKEA kitchen.

I'm in such a weird music mood lately. I've been listening to Blackeyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Franz Ferdinand, Rufus Wainwright, Black Sabbath & The Killers. Strange, I know. I'm listening to "My Humps" by Blackeyed Peas. It's hilarious.

My finals shouldn't be too bad, I don't have one in Gerontology and my Med Terms one is next week. Then on the following Monday, I have French & Psych, then Economics on Tuesday, & ASL on Thursday afternoon. Damn ASL, I would be home by Tuesday afternoon otherwise.

Now I must... study for med terms & read the week & write a story for GSA & write 4, 1 page papers for Alternative Breaks & write my life history for gerontology & find a class in place of French. It should be good times. But right now, I'm going to see a reformed Neo-Nazi because our school is trying to form a Neo-Nazi club. Fucking Idiots.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'll get back to blogging regularly... if you're lucky

Okay, so yeah, slap me on the wrists, I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks, I'll try to stay regular now, give my blog a little fiber if need be. I can't even remember what's happened in the last few weeks, so I'll just do the past week. Well... Cooper came home on Friday, and we decided that she was gonna go up to Central with me for a few days. It was crazy fun. Sunday I had the GSA potluck dinner, so I made stuffed shells, they were delicious. And Cooper did her best to make everyone there think we were a couple, but she failed. Haha. I learned some naughty sign language. I heart ASL. The three of us just hung out for a few days, it was quite a blast. Then on Wednesday night, I went out for coffee with Maggie & Cooper. Tried Chai Tea. Love it. It's pure heaven in a cup.

I'm trying to learn how to copy dvd's, but I suck at that sorta thing. I'm learning, I swear. I have all the programs, just have to make them work.

Thanksgiving was actually a nice family gathering this year, instead of the hell feast that it always has the potential to be. The family started showing up around 11 and everyone was gone around 4. The food was fantastic, thanks to dad. He want's me to learn how to cook Thanksgiving Dinner. Damnit. Oh oh oh! Unka Price gave me my Christmas present early this year, its a poster of the L stops in Chicago, sounds dorky, but its REALLY COOL. It's the envy of the entire family, an heirloom really. I <3 Chicago. Then I worked at the Village on Friday, 6 am until 8 pm. Whoa Nelly. It was a long ass day, then I worked again Saturday morning, but I refused to work a double, although, thinking about it now, I could have. But whatever, I got to chill, I took a three-ish hour nap. I love naps. I fell asleep right after eating the lasagne that Bean made. Now that is some delicious Italian food, you know its good when it knocks you out, it's like she put Benadryl in it or something.

Today has been a lazy day so far. I went to Nana's and set up her phone for her, then I went to Starbucks, my mom wanted to try a Chantico, or as I like to call it, Sex In A Cup. Then I came home and now I'm blogging. I'm leaving for school in like 75 minutes. Damn. I don't wanna drive, how can I make Cat drive? Hmm...

Oh, I think I want to make a myspace, it looks like good clean fun and its something else to waste my time on besides facebook and homework.

EVERCLEAR CONCERT FRIDAY NIGHT! Y'all best be there. Okay, I have life to do.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in forever

Okay, so I haven't blogged in about two weeks, I promise I'll try to do better. Umm... Last night I met Bill Nye!! He was kinda persnickety... but it was all good. The show went off pretty well, it was completely packed and a lot of people had to stand up as well. And there were a lot of non-students there as well. Umm... I went home this weekend and I was supposed to go to the HRC dinner, but I was a wee bit too sick to go. I ended up not being able to go to sleep for a very long time on Saturday night because my jaw and head were aching like no other. Oh, and my class on Friday was cancelled, so I came home Thursday evening. Then on Friday, I went out to the mall area and got myself a new fleecie and had Panera and then I stopped by Jill's for a while and chilled with my favorite aunts. Then I went home and hung out with my dad and we may have watched a movie, but I was schleepy. Then Saturday came and I went to the mall again with my mom and got me some winter boots. Good times.

This week has been alright, but I'm sick at the moment, so its not so great. I have a mid term in med terms today, shouldn't be too hard. I gotta go for now.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Oh what I night... I've got Franki Valli stuck in my head

So... It's been a few days... I've been taking med terms tests like no other, there's so many to do. Umm... I've been busy? A little, I got a USAA investment account! I'm so excited, I can finaly (hopefully) make money on my money. I've been hanging out a lot in the GSA office because that's where the cool kids are. Oh oh oh oh ! At last night's GSA meeting, I was awarded the "rainbow triangle diva, jr. our out, proud, bisexual, gender queer dog." Because I guess I've been doing a good job in GSA. Anyways, what a long name that puppy has.

Tuesday I went and worked out and skipped the Program Board meeting in part because I had a fucking asthma attack. I hate asthma, make it go away. Wednesday, I went to the SAC with Amanda, Courtney & Cat and swam/sat in the hot tub. It was good, then I went to GSA smelling like a pool with wet hair and wet sandals... I'm sure it was cute. Today I went to class and felt like shit, shock me, I've got a cold that's kicking my ass. I went to dinner with Ben, not breakfast Ben, another Ben. Anyways, we went to Hunan's Chinese Buffet. It was okay, but the sweet and sour sauce was pig's blood red. We had good dinner conversation, seems that we have a lot of the same ideas, I heart like minded people. Then I went to Timmy's with Lia and she let me download some music.

I'm totally in love with Rufus Wainwright. Gonna kill Ben for that one. His voice is so soothing. Oh, mom & Jill, I downloaded the Joss Stone/Melissa Etheridge song, its awesome. I'll make a copy and bring it home this weekend if I remember. Now I'm up here chillin at my computer, trying to procrastinate taking a shower... but I really shouldn't procrastinate too long, I'm tired.

Oh.... Hooray for Cooper's first hockey game this weekend!!!! Good luck. And happy birthday to Aaron Philips, which facebook kindly reminded me of. Night night.