Thursday, November 3, 2005

Oh what I night... I've got Franki Valli stuck in my head

So... It's been a few days... I've been taking med terms tests like no other, there's so many to do. Umm... I've been busy? A little, I got a USAA investment account! I'm so excited, I can finaly (hopefully) make money on my money. I've been hanging out a lot in the GSA office because that's where the cool kids are. Oh oh oh oh ! At last night's GSA meeting, I was awarded the "rainbow triangle diva, jr. our out, proud, bisexual, gender queer dog." Because I guess I've been doing a good job in GSA. Anyways, what a long name that puppy has.

Tuesday I went and worked out and skipped the Program Board meeting in part because I had a fucking asthma attack. I hate asthma, make it go away. Wednesday, I went to the SAC with Amanda, Courtney & Cat and swam/sat in the hot tub. It was good, then I went to GSA smelling like a pool with wet hair and wet sandals... I'm sure it was cute. Today I went to class and felt like shit, shock me, I've got a cold that's kicking my ass. I went to dinner with Ben, not breakfast Ben, another Ben. Anyways, we went to Hunan's Chinese Buffet. It was okay, but the sweet and sour sauce was pig's blood red. We had good dinner conversation, seems that we have a lot of the same ideas, I heart like minded people. Then I went to Timmy's with Lia and she let me download some music.

I'm totally in love with Rufus Wainwright. Gonna kill Ben for that one. His voice is so soothing. Oh, mom & Jill, I downloaded the Joss Stone/Melissa Etheridge song, its awesome. I'll make a copy and bring it home this weekend if I remember. Now I'm up here chillin at my computer, trying to procrastinate taking a shower... but I really shouldn't procrastinate too long, I'm tired.

Oh.... Hooray for Cooper's first hockey game this weekend!!!! Good luck. And happy birthday to Aaron Philips, which facebook kindly reminded me of. Night night.

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