Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'll get back to blogging regularly... if you're lucky

Okay, so yeah, slap me on the wrists, I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks, I'll try to stay regular now, give my blog a little fiber if need be. I can't even remember what's happened in the last few weeks, so I'll just do the past week. Well... Cooper came home on Friday, and we decided that she was gonna go up to Central with me for a few days. It was crazy fun. Sunday I had the GSA potluck dinner, so I made stuffed shells, they were delicious. And Cooper did her best to make everyone there think we were a couple, but she failed. Haha. I learned some naughty sign language. I heart ASL. The three of us just hung out for a few days, it was quite a blast. Then on Wednesday night, I went out for coffee with Maggie & Cooper. Tried Chai Tea. Love it. It's pure heaven in a cup.

I'm trying to learn how to copy dvd's, but I suck at that sorta thing. I'm learning, I swear. I have all the programs, just have to make them work.

Thanksgiving was actually a nice family gathering this year, instead of the hell feast that it always has the potential to be. The family started showing up around 11 and everyone was gone around 4. The food was fantastic, thanks to dad. He want's me to learn how to cook Thanksgiving Dinner. Damnit. Oh oh oh! Unka Price gave me my Christmas present early this year, its a poster of the L stops in Chicago, sounds dorky, but its REALLY COOL. It's the envy of the entire family, an heirloom really. I <3 Chicago. Then I worked at the Village on Friday, 6 am until 8 pm. Whoa Nelly. It was a long ass day, then I worked again Saturday morning, but I refused to work a double, although, thinking about it now, I could have. But whatever, I got to chill, I took a three-ish hour nap. I love naps. I fell asleep right after eating the lasagne that Bean made. Now that is some delicious Italian food, you know its good when it knocks you out, it's like she put Benadryl in it or something.

Today has been a lazy day so far. I went to Nana's and set up her phone for her, then I went to Starbucks, my mom wanted to try a Chantico, or as I like to call it, Sex In A Cup. Then I came home and now I'm blogging. I'm leaving for school in like 75 minutes. Damn. I don't wanna drive, how can I make Cat drive? Hmm...

Oh, I think I want to make a myspace, it looks like good clean fun and its something else to waste my time on besides facebook and homework.

EVERCLEAR CONCERT FRIDAY NIGHT! Y'all best be there. Okay, I have life to do.

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