Friday, September 28, 2007


It's been one hell of a week. I don't really remember what happened, I've been sick like its my job. Okay, so... right now, I am laying down in my bed with various bruises on my hips and right leg, as well as an ace bandage on my right ankle. First, the hip bruises. Let's chalk that one up to a vicious hula hoop... one that is uber weighted and has ridges on the inside... we'll call this the hula hoop of doom. Next? Bruised right leg and bandaged ankle. This one is from playing Ultimate Frisbee today with the GSA. It was super intense... and apparently running on slightly moist grass with bare feet is not so great for the whole idea of balance. But I did make it look good. Hahaha. Right. Oh, and while we're on injuries and maladies, I was dancing in the kitchen with the roommates last night, then all of the sudden I was hunched over the toilet vomiting. Rewind? Yes. So, Wednesday evening after the meeting, some of us decided it would be a fantastic idea to go to IHOP. Neg. I decided that I needed to have strawberry stuffed French toast. I should have known not to go there, it is the IHOP of doom, seeing as how Nicole defiled this very one at some point last semester--by vomiting all over it. Fast forward a bit of time and we're back to the bathroom of our apartment. Never again can I have strawberry stuffed French toast. I'll live.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Longest week of my life...

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Somehow, this past week has been the longest one of my life, although I really didn't do anything spectacular, most of it has been spent in my kitchen listening to music or something similar. I slept a lot. On Wednesday, some of the gsa-ers and I went to Detroit to volunteer for the HRC. Good thing they didn't need any help. I did turn into the photographer for the night, which was sweet. I also got to ride down to D-town in a convertible. Sweet as. I saved a life, that was cool. Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything. Last night at approximately 10pm, Nicole taught me how to play soccer. That was pretty amazing, including the portion that went something like this:

While practicing a kick of sorts...

"Nicole, I think I might kick the ball at your face."

"You're not going to kick me in the face, I'll block it--"

POW! As her face is owned by the ball. Queue falling over and laughing hysterically. Quickly followed by Nicole backing up several feet.
I pretty much want to play soccer every day of my life.

Went out to Lil Chef with Jenny, Nicky, Matt & Nicole. Sweet as.

Oh oh oh! I might be interpreting for GSA meetings from now on! I'm stoked. And nervous...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I ain't got no crystal ball...

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So here's a recap of this weekend-ish. Thursday night, Nicole, Fifty & I went down to East Lansing to hang out with Jenny and Nicki for a bit. And I got a dinner out of the deal... amazing. We wound up back in Mt. P around midnight, but Nicole and I went out to Lil Chef and had coffee for approximately 2 hours, because there was silly drama going on @ our house and we didn't feel like dealing with it. I'm sure its all resolved now, but I realized something. I don't give a shit about it, we are all adults and if we can't articulate our feelings into words, instead of snide comments and hint dropping, then that's kind of sad. Anyways, done with the rant.

Friday, I went to TAI and did my performance, completely off the cuff, which was sweet, the professor said that I have no problem getting command of a room. But... she also said I talk to fast when I'm nervous. I'm working on it. At noon, I took Fifty down to West Bloomfield to get her new car, a manual Honda something or other. Nicole came along as well, as we had planned to go dancing in Ann Arbor that night. I was quite surprised @ how fast Fifty picked up driving stick. We drove around quite a bit, finally ending up in Ann Arbor. We went to some mall out there for a bit and Fifty's girlfriend met us up there. We went back to her apt., which I fell in love with, it is the quirkiest place I've ever been. Around 9, we went for dinner at Mr. Greeks, where I saw 2 girls that I went to high school with. Hmm... eventful. We went out to Necto around 11 and met up with Jenny and Nicki around 11:30. We danced in the Red Room for a long time, then left for what is called "Gay Pizza". I still haven't quite figured out why everyone calls it that, but whateva, it happens.

Around 2 or 3, Nicole and I headed back to Mt. P. It's quite a long drive when you're tired, but we kept ourselves awake with Movie Bomb (Someone says a movie, the next person says a person in that movie, the next person says a movie that person is in, etc...) and horrible McDonald's coffee. It was burnt. We got home sometime after 5am. I called mom, since she was getting ready for work. Then I hibernated. I do believe that I woke up sometime around 2:30pm. So went the day. We watched movies... somewhere in there, Cat came over for a bit, then later, Max came over. Twas a good night. Today is promising :). I've gotta go study for an exam, so I better get outta here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Oy... I'm sitting in the GSA office with nothing to do... I'd just like to put this out there. If you don't listen to Mika, start now, he makes life better.

I'm going to try to learn all of the words to Under Pressure by David Bowie & Queen. Stat.

Lemme get out my ray gun...

Yeah... about this last week. Shit. I've been busy as hell. I'll start with my actual birthday. I hung out with the aunts, which consisted of brunch & a little bit of gambling. I ended up with $30... even though they gave me money to start with. A little while later, J&J came over to check out my apartment and such, then I met my roommates and Jenny and Nicky (I think...) @ Fifi's. We had some delicious coffee, then went to Meijer. On my way back, I picked up Cat and we went to my apartment. Jenny bought us an amazing game for our apartment, called Catchphrase. It's completely addicting. You have to guess a word or phrase that another person is trying to describe without saying the actual word or phrase. Sounds lame. Jenny and I had an unfair advantage, since she can read my mind and all. Later on in the night, we all ate the delicious cake that my roommates baked for me. And we didn't use plates, because Jenny, the wisest of us all, theorized that we would have less dishes to wash if we used plates. True that. My cake looked like a disaster, but it was damn good...

Fast forward to Saturday. How, if you could chose, would you like to spend an entire day? Apparently I would like to watch sad movies and cry my life away. And so would my roommate Nicole. Good thing I guess. We started the day with Finding Neverland, then Fried Green Tomatoes. When that didn't get out all of the tears, we turned to Family Video. Never fails. We got the all time tear jerker, Beaches. That was rough... but not quite enough. I didn't think we'd be able to top it, but then it hit me, what is the saddest movie that I've ever seen? Life Is Beautiful... its about and Italian family in the Holocaust. And my god, I cried like I've never cried before. Shit. It was good though. Matt didn't know what to do with himself, he doesn't understand that sometimes, you just need to cry. But that's how boys are. Then Jenny kidnapped us and we went for coffee at Fifi's. I actually don't remember the chain of events at all, but Jenny, Nicole, Matt and I ended up on our front porch at five in the morning talking about astrology. Went to bed around 7 only to be woken up around 12 by my parents, calling to tell me that they were on their way up to visit me. How cool is that? They just drove up here out of the blue. We had a nice lunch and such, stopped by to visit Cat, then went back to my apartment for a bit. I'm a little fuzzy on the week since then, its just been school work. And a dance party or two. Because in my life, that happens.

Monday, September 3, 2007

With a bang...

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Well... my birthday started out with a bang, my roommates and I (minus KaLee, who was @ home) decided to have a hair dying extravaganza. We started around 11pm last night. I'm really excited about the color. Matt dyed his a lighter blond & Nicole went with a deep auburn. Exciting. They all turned out really well. Woot. Anyways, today I'll be going out with my favorite aunts at some point, since they're up to go to the casino. I'm not really sure what I'm doing for the day, but it should be lovely :).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Up North Cont'd...

So... We finally got up north on Monday afternoon. After the delay, it was even sweeter to get up to Pike Lake. Not a whole lot happened up there, but it was super relaxing. My dad did get a new boat, an inflatable pontoon of sorts. Who knew it was going to be a pain in the ass to row across the lake with a strong head wind. My arms exploded into a fit of anger when I tried to go to sleep that night.

Fast forward a week and I'm up at Central with my awesome roommates; Matt, Nicole and KaLee. I do believe that they're all sophomores. I know Matt through GSA... KaLee through Matt... and Nicole through Jenny. So far so good on the roommate thing, I hope it stays that way, because we're having way too much fun already. As of right now, Nicole and I have had approximately 70 oz. of coffee each and we have been watching Degrassi: The Next Generation for about 4 hours. Amazing.

Since it has been about an hour since I started typing this - I think that Degrassi is actually making me dumber... so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. Oh and it's officially less than 48 hours until I'm 20.