Monday, September 24, 2007

Longest week of my life...

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Somehow, this past week has been the longest one of my life, although I really didn't do anything spectacular, most of it has been spent in my kitchen listening to music or something similar. I slept a lot. On Wednesday, some of the gsa-ers and I went to Detroit to volunteer for the HRC. Good thing they didn't need any help. I did turn into the photographer for the night, which was sweet. I also got to ride down to D-town in a convertible. Sweet as. I saved a life, that was cool. Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything. Last night at approximately 10pm, Nicole taught me how to play soccer. That was pretty amazing, including the portion that went something like this:

While practicing a kick of sorts...

"Nicole, I think I might kick the ball at your face."

"You're not going to kick me in the face, I'll block it--"

POW! As her face is owned by the ball. Queue falling over and laughing hysterically. Quickly followed by Nicole backing up several feet.
I pretty much want to play soccer every day of my life.

Went out to Lil Chef with Jenny, Nicky, Matt & Nicole. Sweet as.

Oh oh oh! I might be interpreting for GSA meetings from now on! I'm stoked. And nervous...


Anonymous said...

Saved a life?


Lurve, M

Anonymous said...

Getting a little lazy on the blog again??????