Sunday, September 16, 2007

I ain't got no crystal ball...

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So here's a recap of this weekend-ish. Thursday night, Nicole, Fifty & I went down to East Lansing to hang out with Jenny and Nicki for a bit. And I got a dinner out of the deal... amazing. We wound up back in Mt. P around midnight, but Nicole and I went out to Lil Chef and had coffee for approximately 2 hours, because there was silly drama going on @ our house and we didn't feel like dealing with it. I'm sure its all resolved now, but I realized something. I don't give a shit about it, we are all adults and if we can't articulate our feelings into words, instead of snide comments and hint dropping, then that's kind of sad. Anyways, done with the rant.

Friday, I went to TAI and did my performance, completely off the cuff, which was sweet, the professor said that I have no problem getting command of a room. But... she also said I talk to fast when I'm nervous. I'm working on it. At noon, I took Fifty down to West Bloomfield to get her new car, a manual Honda something or other. Nicole came along as well, as we had planned to go dancing in Ann Arbor that night. I was quite surprised @ how fast Fifty picked up driving stick. We drove around quite a bit, finally ending up in Ann Arbor. We went to some mall out there for a bit and Fifty's girlfriend met us up there. We went back to her apt., which I fell in love with, it is the quirkiest place I've ever been. Around 9, we went for dinner at Mr. Greeks, where I saw 2 girls that I went to high school with. Hmm... eventful. We went out to Necto around 11 and met up with Jenny and Nicki around 11:30. We danced in the Red Room for a long time, then left for what is called "Gay Pizza". I still haven't quite figured out why everyone calls it that, but whateva, it happens.

Around 2 or 3, Nicole and I headed back to Mt. P. It's quite a long drive when you're tired, but we kept ourselves awake with Movie Bomb (Someone says a movie, the next person says a person in that movie, the next person says a movie that person is in, etc...) and horrible McDonald's coffee. It was burnt. We got home sometime after 5am. I called mom, since she was getting ready for work. Then I hibernated. I do believe that I woke up sometime around 2:30pm. So went the day. We watched movies... somewhere in there, Cat came over for a bit, then later, Max came over. Twas a good night. Today is promising :). I've gotta go study for an exam, so I better get outta here.

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