Friday, September 28, 2007


It's been one hell of a week. I don't really remember what happened, I've been sick like its my job. Okay, so... right now, I am laying down in my bed with various bruises on my hips and right leg, as well as an ace bandage on my right ankle. First, the hip bruises. Let's chalk that one up to a vicious hula hoop... one that is uber weighted and has ridges on the inside... we'll call this the hula hoop of doom. Next? Bruised right leg and bandaged ankle. This one is from playing Ultimate Frisbee today with the GSA. It was super intense... and apparently running on slightly moist grass with bare feet is not so great for the whole idea of balance. But I did make it look good. Hahaha. Right. Oh, and while we're on injuries and maladies, I was dancing in the kitchen with the roommates last night, then all of the sudden I was hunched over the toilet vomiting. Rewind? Yes. So, Wednesday evening after the meeting, some of us decided it would be a fantastic idea to go to IHOP. Neg. I decided that I needed to have strawberry stuffed French toast. I should have known not to go there, it is the IHOP of doom, seeing as how Nicole defiled this very one at some point last semester--by vomiting all over it. Fast forward a bit of time and we're back to the bathroom of our apartment. Never again can I have strawberry stuffed French toast. I'll live.


Anonymous said...

It might have been the dancing.

Anonymous said...

your computer broken?

cat said...

Ha ha ha ha!! What are friends for if not to laugh at your misfortunes? :P I love ya.

Anonymous said...

What total losers we anonymi are...commenting on your 2 week old posts.