Monday, December 31, 2007

Cherry Coke and Sour Patch Kids

Currently listening to: Glamorous by Fergie
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling (Yes, I have the Brit version of the first book. It's okay, I know you're judging me)

This is how I'm ringing in my new year. Laying in bed looking at facebook, drinking a cherry coke (as of midnight I'm saying bye bye to pop) and eating some sour patch kids. I should be sleeping, seeing as how I work in less than eight hours. Whatev. Anyways, I won't be watching the ball drop on TV or hanging out with friends when midnight hits, I'll be fast asleep with Fat Louie (aka King Louis XVI aka one of my cats) fast asleep under my arm. Let's take a quick time out to look at how amazing this cat is. He's half Maine Coon, which is the largest breed of domestic cat. I have his mom too, Marie Antoinette, but my parents are going to be her foster home because they like her. They call her Momma. Anyway, I have a giant kitty and I love him. At this juncture, I'm going to sign off and go to sleep. I hope your year was better than mine. Maybe this one will be amazing. Cheers.

Monday, December 24, 2007

This is how the classy ladies do it.

Okay, okay, I'm going to bed, but I have to share a funny picture that my brother sent to me. Then I'll go to sleep.

Yep... I'm kind of an asshole.

Part deux... because it's cold

As previously mentioned, I hate the winter. Why? Because of the snow that inevitably gets inside my shoes. I really hate that, in part, because I tend to wear weather inappropriate shoes... like my rocketdogs, which are a glorified pair of socks. Whatever, they were $5. Anyways, its Christmas Eve and what do I have to show for it? 14 hours at the nursing home tomorrow... unless I can con some sucker into taking my night shift so I'm not a zombie for work the next morning. It's highly unlikely though. Oh, that reminds me, I have to still wrap Aunt Jill's present... shit. If you're reading this, lemme know if you have any idea when we're getting together for Christmas... because I have no idea but I'm at work all day tomorrow. I've gotten a few presents already, including a bag, some lip balm and a sudoku book from cat, some $$ from the parents & Unka... and some stuff from Auntie M.

On to the real reason why I blogged today. Cat showed me a movie that everyone in the world needs to see. It is important to your life. It's called zeitgeist. It pretty much says that the government and the churches are corrupt. And also, I've officially changed my support from Barack Obama, who seems good, to Ron Paul, who is a Republican (gasp). Yeah I know, I'm the most liberal person most of you know, but he is against the "War on Terror" and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Both good enough things to win my vote. If you didn't know, the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the Federal Government, it's a privately owned banking system that is behind the national debt and is trying to get the US to have a joint currency with Canada and Mexico (bad). Ever hear of the European Union? That's what they're trying to do here, but instead, call it the North American Union. And our supposed currency? The Amero. How original. Anyways, I say neg to all of this. So get informed and go watch the movie. It's free to watch and all you have to do is go to the website and you can watch it there. And no, its not the most visually pleasing thing out there, but the information is interesting as hell.

Okay, enough of my rant.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I hate the winter... part one

Currently listening to: Bad Christmas Music
Currently reading: Clinical Management of Articulatory and Phonological Disorders by Mary E. Gordon-Brannan & Curtis E. Weiss

Sitting here in Fifi's, I'm having the hardest time actually doing my CDO projects. Turns out I have approximately 4 due next week... But alas, I'll come through, I always do. I'm actually almost finished with one right now, I just have to identify the phonological process errors. Fantastic. But Fifi's coffee goes right to my energy stores and explodes them, so I'll be able to work for hours now. Oh and Tigger, the owner, just went out and got us some BBQ for lunch @ a new restaurant in town called Bar-B-Cuties... not too bad, but it was a little awkward in my mouth. I do love Tigger though, she's awesome. And she has the best establishment in Mount Pleasant. I'd live here if I could.

Speaking of Mount Pleasant, apparently they do not quite grasp what snow plowing entails. Instead of plowing to the side of the road like any normal city, they plow right into the middle. Obviously Mount Pleasant is a little bit behind the times. Snap.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Apocalypse... or my car was covered in snow

So... I get up this morning after a coma-like sleep to find that my car is completely covered in snow. And that I don't have a scraper somehow, even though I've had on in my car since the day I got it. Anyways, I had to use a folder to get the 2 or so inches of snow off of my car. Lovely. And all to go to a class that I hate with every fiber of my being. Whatev. I'm going to go into hibernation now, it is after all, winter... and that's what I do. I wish. See you all in April?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Currently listening to: Footloose by Kenny Loggins... Hehe.
Currently reading: CM-Life

So... lately I've had this problem with blogging. Meaning I haven't been. I've been so busy with school and everything else going on in my life that I just haven't had time to get on the computer, except to check facebook and my email. Buttt... I'm ending a busy week, so right now I've got the time... and nothing to talk about.

I can tell you that I've been watching the absolute saddest movies lately, including, but not limited to; The Christmas Shoes, Little Women & Life is Beautiful. Why do I do this? Why torture myself seemingly for no reason? Because. That and I've realized that sometimes, as a girl, you just need to get your cry on and there's nothing that is going to stand in your way. No, I'm not depressed, apparently I just have a lot of feelings.

Oh and also, I love that in the movie Footloose, dancing is illegal. How hilarious is that?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Across the Universe

I've been listening to the Across the Universe soundtrack obsessively for the last few days. Kinda feel like a hippie. If you haven't seen that movie, it's amazing and you need to, end of story. Halloween was a good time, as soon as someone sends me photos, I'll post my costume, I was Cruella De Vil... and it was soooo cool. I'm going to go for a nap now...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My demise... thank you candy necklace...

As I'm laying here in my bed, chomping on the candies from my giant candy necklace (Thanks Aunt Jill), I've come to realize that candy necklaces are addictive... and that is reason number (1) why candy necklaces can ruin your life. Number (2)... they are disgusting to eat off of the string that they come on, unless you want to slobber all over yourself. Number (3)... it is horribly difficult to get them off of the string that they come on. Number (4)... if you decide to cut the string in the bathroom, chances are, half of the candies will go right down the sink before you realize what you've done. And number (5)... once you start eating the candy, you physically cannot stop.

Yesterday I didn't do a whole lot, but I did go to the hair salon and get all of my hair chopped off. I didn't know I was going to be doing this, I had planned on just getting my split ends cut off, but I ended up with a haircut that I really like, so I'm happy.

Today I woke up and went to the new mall on M-59 called Partridge Creek. It is an outdoor mall, but it is really amazing. It has a bunch of stores that you previously had to drive to Oakland County to find. I found a great jacket and some jeans today. It really did make my day. We stopped by Jill & Jenny's for a minute and hung out with them, which was nice. Later on, I went to dinner with mom & dad to Louis' Chop House... and had filet mignon. Yeah... so we had a $100 gift card to this restaurant, I don't just go ordering filet mignon... but anyways, it was really good. Now I'm just finishing my laundry and shit so that I can get back up to school tomorrow... just what I want right?

Friday, October 19, 2007

border patrol...

So I'm back in New Baltimore for the weekend... which feels really odd, it's my first time home since the semester started. But I've already been confronted with the comforts of home... low flying planes from the airbase, Starbucks with Scotty and of course, border patrol. I realized today that I've been seeing border patrol hanging around the NB area forever, but I never really realized why they are here. That makes me sound crazy, obviously I live on the edge of the state, dangerously close to the Canadian border (and maybe I've crossed it illegally before, but that's neither here nor there)... I guess I just never saw the threat of Canadians hopping the border.

The last few weeks have been ridiculous. I'm trying to pull my shit together though, I'd give anything to get out of this funk I seem to have fallen into. Good news? I'm making my Halloween Costume for next weekend and it's Cruella Di Vil. I'm stoked. I really just have to find a crazy black dress from a thrift store and I'm golden.

Peace out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm going to update soon... I swear. Life has been kicking my ass lately. But for now, I'm going to go to sleep.

Friday, September 28, 2007


It's been one hell of a week. I don't really remember what happened, I've been sick like its my job. Okay, so... right now, I am laying down in my bed with various bruises on my hips and right leg, as well as an ace bandage on my right ankle. First, the hip bruises. Let's chalk that one up to a vicious hula hoop... one that is uber weighted and has ridges on the inside... we'll call this the hula hoop of doom. Next? Bruised right leg and bandaged ankle. This one is from playing Ultimate Frisbee today with the GSA. It was super intense... and apparently running on slightly moist grass with bare feet is not so great for the whole idea of balance. But I did make it look good. Hahaha. Right. Oh, and while we're on injuries and maladies, I was dancing in the kitchen with the roommates last night, then all of the sudden I was hunched over the toilet vomiting. Rewind? Yes. So, Wednesday evening after the meeting, some of us decided it would be a fantastic idea to go to IHOP. Neg. I decided that I needed to have strawberry stuffed French toast. I should have known not to go there, it is the IHOP of doom, seeing as how Nicole defiled this very one at some point last semester--by vomiting all over it. Fast forward a bit of time and we're back to the bathroom of our apartment. Never again can I have strawberry stuffed French toast. I'll live.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Longest week of my life...

Currently listening to: Ray of Light by Madonna
Currently reading: The Da Vinci Hoax

Somehow, this past week has been the longest one of my life, although I really didn't do anything spectacular, most of it has been spent in my kitchen listening to music or something similar. I slept a lot. On Wednesday, some of the gsa-ers and I went to Detroit to volunteer for the HRC. Good thing they didn't need any help. I did turn into the photographer for the night, which was sweet. I also got to ride down to D-town in a convertible. Sweet as. I saved a life, that was cool. Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything. Last night at approximately 10pm, Nicole taught me how to play soccer. That was pretty amazing, including the portion that went something like this:

While practicing a kick of sorts...

"Nicole, I think I might kick the ball at your face."

"You're not going to kick me in the face, I'll block it--"

POW! As her face is owned by the ball. Queue falling over and laughing hysterically. Quickly followed by Nicole backing up several feet.
I pretty much want to play soccer every day of my life.

Went out to Lil Chef with Jenny, Nicky, Matt & Nicole. Sweet as.

Oh oh oh! I might be interpreting for GSA meetings from now on! I'm stoked. And nervous...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I ain't got no crystal ball...

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Currently reading: Nada...

So here's a recap of this weekend-ish. Thursday night, Nicole, Fifty & I went down to East Lansing to hang out with Jenny and Nicki for a bit. And I got a dinner out of the deal... amazing. We wound up back in Mt. P around midnight, but Nicole and I went out to Lil Chef and had coffee for approximately 2 hours, because there was silly drama going on @ our house and we didn't feel like dealing with it. I'm sure its all resolved now, but I realized something. I don't give a shit about it, we are all adults and if we can't articulate our feelings into words, instead of snide comments and hint dropping, then that's kind of sad. Anyways, done with the rant.

Friday, I went to TAI and did my performance, completely off the cuff, which was sweet, the professor said that I have no problem getting command of a room. But... she also said I talk to fast when I'm nervous. I'm working on it. At noon, I took Fifty down to West Bloomfield to get her new car, a manual Honda something or other. Nicole came along as well, as we had planned to go dancing in Ann Arbor that night. I was quite surprised @ how fast Fifty picked up driving stick. We drove around quite a bit, finally ending up in Ann Arbor. We went to some mall out there for a bit and Fifty's girlfriend met us up there. We went back to her apt., which I fell in love with, it is the quirkiest place I've ever been. Around 9, we went for dinner at Mr. Greeks, where I saw 2 girls that I went to high school with. Hmm... eventful. We went out to Necto around 11 and met up with Jenny and Nicki around 11:30. We danced in the Red Room for a long time, then left for what is called "Gay Pizza". I still haven't quite figured out why everyone calls it that, but whateva, it happens.

Around 2 or 3, Nicole and I headed back to Mt. P. It's quite a long drive when you're tired, but we kept ourselves awake with Movie Bomb (Someone says a movie, the next person says a person in that movie, the next person says a movie that person is in, etc...) and horrible McDonald's coffee. It was burnt. We got home sometime after 5am. I called mom, since she was getting ready for work. Then I hibernated. I do believe that I woke up sometime around 2:30pm. So went the day. We watched movies... somewhere in there, Cat came over for a bit, then later, Max came over. Twas a good night. Today is promising :). I've gotta go study for an exam, so I better get outta here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Currently listening to: My Interpretation by Mika

Oy... I'm sitting in the GSA office with nothing to do... I'd just like to put this out there. If you don't listen to Mika, start now, he makes life better.

I'm going to try to learn all of the words to Under Pressure by David Bowie & Queen. Stat.

Lemme get out my ray gun...

Yeah... about this last week. Shit. I've been busy as hell. I'll start with my actual birthday. I hung out with the aunts, which consisted of brunch & a little bit of gambling. I ended up with $30... even though they gave me money to start with. A little while later, J&J came over to check out my apartment and such, then I met my roommates and Jenny and Nicky (I think...) @ Fifi's. We had some delicious coffee, then went to Meijer. On my way back, I picked up Cat and we went to my apartment. Jenny bought us an amazing game for our apartment, called Catchphrase. It's completely addicting. You have to guess a word or phrase that another person is trying to describe without saying the actual word or phrase. Sounds lame. Jenny and I had an unfair advantage, since she can read my mind and all. Later on in the night, we all ate the delicious cake that my roommates baked for me. And we didn't use plates, because Jenny, the wisest of us all, theorized that we would have less dishes to wash if we used plates. True that. My cake looked like a disaster, but it was damn good...

Fast forward to Saturday. How, if you could chose, would you like to spend an entire day? Apparently I would like to watch sad movies and cry my life away. And so would my roommate Nicole. Good thing I guess. We started the day with Finding Neverland, then Fried Green Tomatoes. When that didn't get out all of the tears, we turned to Family Video. Never fails. We got the all time tear jerker, Beaches. That was rough... but not quite enough. I didn't think we'd be able to top it, but then it hit me, what is the saddest movie that I've ever seen? Life Is Beautiful... its about and Italian family in the Holocaust. And my god, I cried like I've never cried before. Shit. It was good though. Matt didn't know what to do with himself, he doesn't understand that sometimes, you just need to cry. But that's how boys are. Then Jenny kidnapped us and we went for coffee at Fifi's. I actually don't remember the chain of events at all, but Jenny, Nicole, Matt and I ended up on our front porch at five in the morning talking about astrology. Went to bed around 7 only to be woken up around 12 by my parents, calling to tell me that they were on their way up to visit me. How cool is that? They just drove up here out of the blue. We had a nice lunch and such, stopped by to visit Cat, then went back to my apartment for a bit. I'm a little fuzzy on the week since then, its just been school work. And a dance party or two. Because in my life, that happens.

Monday, September 3, 2007

With a bang...

Currently listening to: Tango Maureen by Rent Cast...
Currently reading: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

Well... my birthday started out with a bang, my roommates and I (minus KaLee, who was @ home) decided to have a hair dying extravaganza. We started around 11pm last night. I'm really excited about the color. Matt dyed his a lighter blond & Nicole went with a deep auburn. Exciting. They all turned out really well. Woot. Anyways, today I'll be going out with my favorite aunts at some point, since they're up to go to the casino. I'm not really sure what I'm doing for the day, but it should be lovely :).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Up North Cont'd...

So... We finally got up north on Monday afternoon. After the delay, it was even sweeter to get up to Pike Lake. Not a whole lot happened up there, but it was super relaxing. My dad did get a new boat, an inflatable pontoon of sorts. Who knew it was going to be a pain in the ass to row across the lake with a strong head wind. My arms exploded into a fit of anger when I tried to go to sleep that night.

Fast forward a week and I'm up at Central with my awesome roommates; Matt, Nicole and KaLee. I do believe that they're all sophomores. I know Matt through GSA... KaLee through Matt... and Nicole through Jenny. So far so good on the roommate thing, I hope it stays that way, because we're having way too much fun already. As of right now, Nicole and I have had approximately 70 oz. of coffee each and we have been watching Degrassi: The Next Generation for about 4 hours. Amazing.

Since it has been about an hour since I started typing this - I think that Degrassi is actually making me dumber... so I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. Oh and it's officially less than 48 hours until I'm 20.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The time of my life...

Currently listening to: Love Today by Mika

Well... as promised before, here is the tale of going up north. On Friday, August 17, I packed up most of my college stuff and then Trevor and I got in my car and had the adventure of driving up to CMU to drop it off and stay a night in my apartment. That didn't quite work out as planned... I got up there and had my friend Ashley pick up my key, since the apartment leasing office closed at 5 and I knew I would never make it. So we went to the seedy diner where she works (Lil Chef) and had dinner, then picked up my key. We got back to my apartment and tried the key... and it didn't work. So we tried again. And again. Nothing happened. It was quite obvious that we weren't sleeping in my apartment that night. I called up a friend and ended up staying at her house with her roommates, as she was still in New Baltimore. The next morning we went to United (the leasing office) and got everything sorted out. And Trevor made off with quite a bit of candy and pop, since its free anyways. By the time we got my stuff into the apartment, my dad called with news. Apparently the dealership that had his car still wasn't done with it (his engine died on his way up north and he had been stuck in West Branch since Tuesday afternoon), so we would just have to stay in Mount Pleasant until Monday when they were finished. That would have been okay... if my apartment had electricity. But it wasn't turned on yet... I'll continue this riveting tale when I get back from class today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to school to prove to dad that I'm not a fool...

Currently listening to: My Paper Heart by The All American Rejects

So I'm back at school... not that that's so exciting, but I'm sure I'll be posting more regularly now. I love my classes, they're amazing, especially my Anthropology class. I'll post my schedule next time I have internet, since my apartment is lacking at the moment.

Happy Birthday Dad! 51... kinda old, eh?

Anyways, I love my roommates, I'm living with Matt, Nicole and KaLee. We're having a wicked good time already and I've only been living there since Sunday. It feels really weird not living with Cat though, kinda sad actually. On the up side, I've been seeing a lot of people that I haven't seen since first semester last year, which is great, I've been giving out hugs like its going out of style. Alright, well I'm sleepy and the lights in the computer lab aren't helping, so I'm going to go to my apartment. Oh and I'm really happy to be away from all of the bullshit going on in NB right now, for sure. One more thing. I got a job! I'm working in the FFC dining commons... I think its the Fresh Food Company... my first day is tomorrow! Woohoo!

Look forward to the next post for the adventure I call going up north...

Friday, August 3, 2007

So I don't feel like blogging right now. Argh. Only two more weeks of work.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm a shadow...

Today I job shadowed a Speech Pathologist at Bon Secours Hospital. It was a pretty cool experience, I got to watch a few interesting procedures. Other than that, I didn't really do much today. I'm still uber sleepy. I need to stop being sleepy. STAT. And I can say that now because I had to wear a lab coat all day. Oh and I got to sign with Karen today. Good stuff.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm so tired. I'm turning into my mother, I take a nap after work, then I stay awake for a few hours, then I'm back in bed. I'm an old lady. Tomorrow I'm not working, instead, I'm going to work with mom to shadow a speech pathologist. Should be a good day.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh man....

So do you ever get yourself so worked up that you feel like you're gonna vomit? Yeah, I'm feeling that right now. I'm pretty much as stressed out as I could be at the moment... Tri was today... and it started well... until one guy ran into a car with his bike and another guy got hit by a car while on his bike... pretty much went downhill from there. Triathlon ended with me crying in a bathroom stall... stress is lame. Saw Harry Potter. It was ok.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The countdown is on...

Currently listening to: Santeria by Sublime
Currently reading: Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra

Today was hectic at absolute best. There was not any downtime at work today, that's for sure, but whatev, the week is almost over... Okay, well it's not, but I have Rec tomorrow and then Thursday we're taking the kids to the water park. There's no Rec on Friday though, it's prep day for the Triathlon, then Tri is on Saturday. I had orientation for the home care job that I took today, it only took about an hour, which was shocking, since most orientations end up taking a good few hours.

I did have an experience today. I was grocery shopping today and ran into a kid that I used to babysit. Let me tell you, she was extremely high... That's not something I expected, for sure. I guess there's a first time for everything.

Oh and one more thing. I found a really cool product that may help save the world. They're reusable grocery bags that are made of recycled parachutes. Not only are they sturdy, but they fold down into a minuscule pouch that is on a carabiner clip. Super handy.

I'm gonna go now, I'm watching a good documentary called Through Deaf Eyes.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


... you just need to whip out the popcorn pan, make some delicious popped corn & pink lemonade and watch either Fried Green Tomatoes or The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood with the mumma.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Not gonna lie about it

My new computer is confusing my life... but eventually I'll learn how to use it. It sure is pretty though.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane.

Ooooooooooooh man am I frustrated with everything right now. I need to escape from reality for about an hour. Work is driving me crazy, my family is driving me crazy, my friends are driving me crazy... and to top it all off, gas is $3.09 a gallon. Seriously? It's about 75 cents more than when I left for NZ. I want to go back. Nowwwwwwwwww. Work was alright around 1:30 today, a thunderstorm came and we had to send the kids back to the Rec... but Cat & I stayed @ the park to take care of stuff. Otherwise I pretty much wanted to leave work today because it tends to get me really stressed out. I did come home and nap for about 45 minutes though. Let me tell you, it was the highlight of my day. I do love the Daily Show & the Colbert Report (pronouced "colber repor") though... I tivo them so I can watch them the next day.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's a lemon

Currently listening to: Sook
Currently reading: Not a damn thing.

So I'm not going to have a computer for the next few weeks, but I'm okay with that, Best Buy should be giving me a new computer in the next week or two, since mine was such a piece of garbage. That's the highlight of my life right now. I can't really think of anything else mildly exciting... I had a sweet rocky-esque party last weekend... But that's about it. I go to J&J's for my exam tomorrow, then I'm officially done with my semester. Woohoo. All for now, I'm off to sleep.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I don't practice Santeria

Currently listening to: Santeria by Sublime

So... I'm home. I'll start posting on here eventually, all I'm doing is working and sleeping and occasionally being the host to people falling asleep in my room. By the way, listen to Sublime and Dispatch... they're pretty awesome.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

We Didn't Start The Fire...

Currently listening to: We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel

Well, anyone that knows me, knows that I have a deep rooted affection for this song. I think it all started when it played on the radio when my mom and I were in the car. I must have been around 10 years old and it blew my mind. It seems as though it starts in 1949 with the year he was born and the year that Harry Truman was inaugurated. Genius. I would dissect the rest of the song, but that would take me forever... and would bore the hell out of all of you.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jesus camp?

Currently listening to: All You Got by Tegan & Sara
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (the British version)

So I watched a documentary last night. It was called Jesus Camp. Wow. As a non-religious person, it scared the hell out of me. I don't want to be offensive, but some people are a little overzealous and inappropriate with their religion. There. I said it.

On a lighter note, my computer is a p.o.s. About 8 of the keys don't work anymore or work once in a great while, then go back to not working. It's pretty sweet when your arrow keys don't work and you're typing, so you have to depend on the mouse for everything in your life. Lame.

I'm still obsessed with ruckus. I've downloaded a bunch of stuff from there. Apparently you can buy a subscription (also cheap) that lets you load unlimited music onto your mp3 player, given it's not an apple, seeing as how they don't let anyone do anything unless its through iTunes. Lame. In other news, I stuck a battery in my defunct mp3 player that I dropped into a puddle approximately a month ago and now it seems to work. Which kind of pisses me off because that means I didn't have to buy an ipod. I do love my shuffle though...

I cannot WAIT to come home. The countdown is on the post below this one, so if you're feeling bored, go look for it :).

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sometimes you need the dishrag

Currently listening to: Hype by Tegan and Sara
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

Last night I stayed up until about 5:30 this morning... why? Because I was racing myself doing Sudoku. I did keep winning though. I got down to under five minutes for one puzzle. It was fantastic. Then my brain hurt and I fell asleep. That's a little bit of the Thomas side coming out in me... obsessive... I did 17 Sudoku puzzles yesterday. Now I'm getting really good, once glance at a number set and I can usually tell you whats missing, without scanning it.

Anyways, I did post this in the temporary expat, but I thought I'd post it here too. It's a website called ruckus, it serves as a free music (and movies, at a low cost) downloading site for college students. The drawbacks? You have to be a student, with a student email account and you cannot put these songs on an mp3 player or a cd. Unless you can figure out how to re-encode them, which actually shouldn't be that hard to do. The upside? It's a bunch of free music that you can listen to wherever, as long as you have your computer. There is a lot of good stuff on there, new and old. I found some good Tracy Chapman alongside Mika.

In other news, I've been having really strange dreams lately. The last two that that I had were especially weird. The first one involved me going to Cedar Point and riding a new ride there... that didn't exist. Last night's dream was some sort of fair that me & my friends from home/CMU went to... but it was in Christchurch. And people were speaking French to me & it was rather advanced French... so I didn't understand everything. Also, there was a giant ferris wheel that wasn't really a ferris wheel but a giant wheel of death. I did ride it and it felt like I was riding it, which was pretty cool, except when I felt like I was going to fall out, since my body came out from under the lap bar, so I was only holding on with my hands. I was dead set on not falling out. I wonder what would have happened if I did let go...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Listen to good music :)

Just click the play button:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Place, New Blog

Hey, so I'm posting everything from NZ on my new blog, the temporary expat. Read it :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nothing can change the shape of things

Currently listening to: The Grammys
Currently reading: Lonely Planet: New Zealand

So, I'm doing something quite important... packing for the next 5 months... but I have this urge to do something completely pointless and impertinent. Gah. I hate that feeling. I've finally got a lot of stuff packed, it's weird looking @ the only clothing that I'll be able to wear for five months. Lame. I have less than 48 hours left @ home. It's such a weird feeling.

Today I bought some essentials, including more underwear and socks. The underpants are pretty. Then I went to Jill & Jen's for dinner. It was a fun time & I'm happy I got to hang out with them before I left. I got to see Scotty for a minute today, but he's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to say goodbye. Then I went by Nana's to see her & Auntie M & Trevor. Goodbyes all around. Now I'm trying to pare down the books & DVDs that I want to bring with me. I wish I could fit a few people in my suitcase.

Alright, I better continue packing before I get distracted again.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Running With Scissors

This is why I watch offbeat films:

"You have no business being here, this is my masturbatorium! And you're using my blanket!" -- Dr. Finch from Running With Scissors.

“My mother began to go crazy. Not crazy in a let’s paint the kitchen bright red! sort of way. But crazy in a gas oven, toothpaste sandwich, I am God sort of way.” -- Augusten Burroughs from Running With Scissors

So, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, I was up at Central hanging out with friends. Actually, I was kidnapped by Jenny. When I say kidnapped, I mean to say that I drove to her house, then we went up to CMU. Good times. I went to a GSA meeting & got swarmed with love. On Thursday, Jenny, Dave, Kent & I went to Midland, mainly to go thrifting. I got an awesome Adidas sweatshirt for $2.99. Love it. Anyways, I've got to continue packing my stuff for the NZ.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

1 week

I would like to take this moment to say that I, completely by myself, French braided my hair. I'm extremely proud of myself. Although Cat taught me how to French braid her hair, I never thought I'd be able to do it to myself. Granted my arms fell asleep... Anyways, my handiwork is to the left.

So I should probably say that I'm coming up to Central tomorrow night-ish with Jenny, I guess I should have told Cat that this was definitely happening, as I wanted to stay with her... I'd call now, but some people have classes in the morning. Cat, if you're reading this, I'll see you tomorrow :)

Well... I went to the Michigan Design Center & Whole Foods with Becky today, which was a riot. I want to live @ the Design Center and I will do all of my shopping at Whole Foods. I tried to find Gin-Gins there, but to no avail. Maybe I'll grab some @ Green Tree tomorrow or Thursday. Anyways, went out to dinner with Becky & my brother tonight, felt like I was on crack, now I have the most amazing headache I've ever experienced.

On to the good stuff. Why am I discovering movies from the 80s now? Granted they are all the same movies with pretty much the same formula: Boy meets girl, boy & girl = best friends, boy meets conventionally attractive girl, best friend = jealous, best friend hates girl, boy hates best friend, best friend + boy = love, The End. I've decided that I love Some Kind of Wonderful. I've passed that movie on the shelf at Blockbuster a million times, though I thought Mary Stuart Masterson's character was a boy... She looks like one on the cover. Anyways, after passing it yet again, I walked back and went to grab it, only to find that there were no copies in stock. Luckily, we live in a world where everything is accessible via the internet. I cannot believe I watched an entire movie on youtube. Also, I'm in love with the bands Busted & McFly.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

British Invasion

Currently listening to: Go West by The Pet Shop Boys
Currently reading: Rolling Stone Magazine

I've come to a conclusion. I should have been born in the UK. I love their TV, I love their music, I love how they talk... Dana brought over Dr. Who the other day & I've finished the entire series... and by series I mean season. Now I'm in love with David Tennant. Damnit.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm in need of some input...

So I can't decide if I should continue with this blog while I'm in NZ or make a new one and link it to this one... HELP ME!

I found the job I want to have. A coffee consultant. This guy sits around and slurps, not sips, coffee, so as to get the full bodied flavor and smell of the coffee. Then he writes about it. How do I get that gig? And I'm having a job related issue. I kinda want to be a director for documentary type films. How fun would that be? Maybe I'll do that in addition to everything else in my life. OH oh oh! Maybe I'll do documentaries... in ASL. I think I've found my true calling.

Ollie just came downstairs with my sex wax in her mouth. Good thing that's not awkward at all. Before you judge me, sex wax is for surf boards & such to make them glide on the water. It also smells amazing. I want the afterlife to smell like sex wax.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Best Quote I've Ever Heard

"She thinks the world revolves around her vagina." -- Cat (About someone else)

Hmm... recap

Currently listening to: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall
Currently reading: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

Ok, so I've been away from a reliable internet source for about 2 weeks... and my life has been very hectic. About 2 Thursdays ago, my mom, my dad and I all woke up at about 3:45 am. Fifteen minutes later, we got a phone call that my brother was in the emergency room. Isn't it weird that we were still awake??? I thought so too, it was eerie, to say the least. So I ran upstairs and put on the nearest bit of clothing, which happened to be my work uniform, as I was supposed to be to work in a few hours time. I called work and left the most ridiculous message, I couldn't form sentences properly, that's for sure. It was a jumbled mess. We got to the hospital just after he was taken into surgery, turns out he needed an emergency appendectomy. Scary shit. We sat there with Becky and eventually dad's ex-wife and her new husband. It was weird, I think Jason's entire bloodline was there. Dad amused himself by going into the stairwell and farting so that the noise reverberated off the walls. Anyways, he woke up a few hours later and it was so sad, it made me cry, but I didn't let him see. I called work at some point and talked to my boss, who actually got some words out of my message. I = not in trouble. I stayed with Jason until 8pm, then Becky & I went to get some dinner, then back to their place to sleep. We went back to the hospital the next day for about 5 hours, then Jake was discharged. Awesome. I went home & slept for a day, then went to work the next day. Then I went right over to my bro's to make sure he was okay and I hung out with him for a few hours, then went home to sleep for work the next morning.

Gah. Then a few days later we had a little miracle. My mom found Woody. After two months, she found him in the neighbor's basement, practically starved to death, but he's okay now. That pic is from my cell phone, so it's not top quality or anything, but you can kinda see how skinny he is. Awww. He's a much nicer cat now, he actually sleeps with me in my bed... he craves my attention ;). I love it. I'm so happy we found him, I really thought he was dead. I still can't believe how skinny he is, its ridiculous, he was a fat little cat.

Recently, I've discovered a few things. The TV show Weeds and the musical genius of the Pet Shop Boys. Good stuff. Oh and Ollie & Woody are very surprised by each other's presence. When we last had Woody, we definitely didn't have a dog and now he's like "Whoa bitch, where'd this huge oaf come from and why is it licking my anus?" Gonna go cuddle with the kitty.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Suddenly I see...

I finally got my computer back today :) It's weird having it here, I'm not really using it. I guess this means that I'll be posting semi-regularly again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I've had a long week, I'll blog when I'm more awake :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I love Sacha Baron Cohen

He had the most amazing speech for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical Or Comedy @ the Golden Globes:

“I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press. And I just want to say that this movie was a life-changing experience. I saw some amazing, beautiful, invigorating parts of America. But I saw some dark parts of America, an ugly side of America. A side of America that rarely sees the light of day.

I refer, of course, to the anus and testicles of my co-star, Ken Davitian.

Ken, when I was in that scene and I stared down and saw your two wrinkled golden globes on my chin, I thought to myself, ‘I better win a bloody award for this.’

And then when my 300-pound co-star decided to sit on my face and squeeze the oxygen from my lungs, I was faced with a choice: Death or to breathe in the air that had been trapped in a small pocket between his buttocks for 30 years.

Kenneth, if it was not for that rancid bubble, I would not be here today.

The Golden Globes were pretty good last night, I'm really happy that America Ferrara won for Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series - Musical Or Comedy, she's awesome.

Oy, I have nothing to post about right now. I'm having a really hard time dealing with people at work anymore, especially the people who don't do their jobs, but I digress, I need the money.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I've got nothing to post about, but I did sleep for about 20 hours in the last 24 hours. That's amazing.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


So I've been away from my computer for two days now :(. I took it in to Best Buy the other day and I should be getting it back before I go to NZ, but one never knows. Good news is that if I have to get one more thing fixed on it, I get a brand new computer! I'm sure something will go wrong in the next year and a half... I hope something will go wrong in the next year and a half.

Anyways, I'm sure that I won't be blogging or online much in the next month, as my parents computers are super slow and annoying to work on.

I really have nothing to blog about, so I'm out for now.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Midnight milk run

I would like what kind of mental mind-fuck it takes to think it is 2:00am when it is really 5 or 6am... Obviously you read my previous post, which I would delete, but I have this policy about not deleting blog posts... Too bad. Anyways, yeah, I'm really not sure how I managed to stay up that late without realizing it. I finally went to sleep around 7 this morning. Then my little doggie decided that I'm not allowed to sleep for increments of more than 2 hours, as I was woken up every so often. I finally stayed awake around 1:30pm. There is a gap of time from 1:30pm and 2:45pm that I cannot recall for the life of me... then I took Ollie to the vet to get her sutures out. Fun times.

To Do List...
1) Confirm Airline Tickets...
2) Figure out how to do #1
3) Take my laptop to Best Buy so they can fix the internet port
4) Decide whether or not to get the extended warranty for my video camera... they only offer a 4 year one, but it is around $100. I'm poooooooor...
5) Go to bed at a decent time tonight... this morning

Something I've realized... so even though I don't have ADD or anything, I think I've got a ridiculously low functioning attention span. Why? Well, I just realized that I have at least six different things going on on my computer right now, my task bar is completely full. To further prove this, in the middle of writing this last paragraph, I stopped for about a minute and a half because I got distracted by a palm tree in my room. Who has palm trees in their room? Besides me. Speaking of my room, I swear, you need a passport to enter it, I've got some of the most random stuff I have ever seen, including but not limited to: a mannequin head, a palm tree, a globe pencil sharpener and at least 17 pillows. How do I accumulate all of this nonsense...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


The cool kids stay up until the ass crack of dawn... I thought it was maybe 2:00am... but no, it's actually 5:11am. I got sucked into a pointless movie. And my muscles hurt from being awake so long. Anyways, tonight at work was really weird, I was the only girl there on the 4:30 shift, I was totally out numbered. It wasn't bad or anything, I didn't have to work with any jerks, but I don't think I've ever worked with so many of the guys before. I'm pretty sure I would continue rambling if I let myself, because I'm so tired. Oh jeez.

Things I hate...

The electoral college. I absolutely hate the electoral college. Why can we not just go by the popular vote? If we could just do that, we'd have an actual president, instead of this little bitch we like to call Bush. Doesn't it make sense that the popular vote should elect the president, it is the people voting, after all. Ack. See what talking about presidents with Kent does? I'm all fired up.

The "ph" letter combination masquerading as the sound "f". While we're on that, I've had enough of the silent k, p, gh & t. What's worse? The "gh" trying to be the "f" sound... as if "ph" isn't bad enough. How do we expect people to learn English when we make these ridiculous rules? Check out the petition. SIGN IT.

Interpretations of the Bible. I'm not an avid reader of the Bible, nor am I remotely religious, but I do know that the Bible is, in its nature, a book of stories. If people want to believe in it, that is a personal choice, but do not impose that on me & mine. And do not use it to condemn or attack. That's just lame.


Global Warming.

The last two are pretty self explanatory. I'm just a dork.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Unlike other countries, Britain has people of both genders

Ok so my obsession with Little Britain is growing. Here's the first episode:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I made Kent watch it... hopefully he'll share in my love for it :)

Best. Morning. Ever.

So I just had the most amazing morning. Why? I paid off everything for New Zealand! I paid AustraLearn in excess of $11,000, then I went and bought my plane tickets, three in all, and I didn't buy a return flight yet, just to be safe. I had to buy a ticket to LAX, then to Auckland, then to Christchurch. Lame. Anyways, I'm good to go. Now I nap.

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Today is a weird day... Everyone is going back to school tonight & I'm just gonna chill at home for another month. Anyways, I'm in the mood for some lists, so here goes.

Ten Fave Actresses
Ashley Judd
Maggie Smith
Marlee Matlin
Kate Winslet
America Ferrera
Jennifer Aniston
Megan Mullaly
Rachel Griffiths
Katherine Heigl
Judi Dench

Ten Fave Actors
James Garner
Matt Cohen
David Walliams
Matt Lucas
Adam Brody
Matthew Perry
Jude Law
Jack Black
Michael C. Hall
Will Smith

Friday, January 5, 2007

A long day...

Today seemed like the never-ending day. First, I woke up around 9:30 to go see a movie with Cat @ 10:40. We saw The Holiday, which I really liked, it was cute. Then we had to run back to my house so she could pick up the DVDs that I burned for her. While home, I realized that Ollie tried to eat our Christmas Tree. That little bitch, she broke the Christmas pickle. Then I took Ollie with me to drop Cat off @ home. Quite soon after that, Scott called, as today was his lesson on how to drive stick. He did pretty well, there were only one or two white knuckle moments. Then I went right to Panera to meet Andy for an early dinner. Good times. Then I came home, put on pajamas and look at me now, I'm in bed and it's only 6:30... Lame. But I feel like absolute crap, so that is a contributing factor, as well as the fact that I have to work in the morning.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

I love Little Britain...

Sooooo work today was alright, nothing special, just your friendly groping... I got pinched in the butt by a resident today... funny thing is, she's not one of the crazies. Whatev. Anyways, I found out that one of the guys I work with is dating Megan Leech. Love it. I've decided that I like working with the people that I worked with tonight, it was good fun, it was Scott, Rachelle, Dana & Dan. Oh oh oh and Courtney got engaged, I'm so happy for her! Her ring is amazing.

Going to see The Holiday tomorrow morning with Cat. You wonder why I'm going in the morning? It's a four dollar show. Sad thing is, that's now cheaper than it is to go and rent a video from Blockbuster. Lame. Okay, I'm going to bed so I can wake up by nine-thirty.

Another test run

This one is a test run of everything; my camera & all the video blogging things I've been trying to figure out. Not gonna lie, my video is super random, but I needed something. It's captioned for your viewing pleasure.

click here to download

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Who uses the semicolon...

Currently listening to: Wasted by L.P.
Currently reading: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

So can I just say I had the worst day at work ever. Well I did. I mean it could have been okay, but Steve was there and he ruined lives. First off, we were three people short when I got in, right @ 6:15. Luckily, Tom was on stock, so we just put him on a regular job. Niki was supposed to be our supervisor, but she called in sick, so Steve came in. Fuck. Anyways, somehow Steve expected me to be able to do 2 jobs at once. It would have been fine if I was on two jobs that somehow complemented each other. Mine, however, did not. I was supposed to be doing dishes, setting up mats, putting away dishes and all the while set up both stations with water, bibs, washcloths, coffee, tea and steam tables. Well fuck me. Ok, don't. Anyways, somehow I succeeded. Although I almost threw up at the stations.

Side note, I love Kathy Griffin.

Anyways, back to the day from hell. So then Steve called some guy in that I've only met once. He doesn't know anything. So after our break, I pretty much told Steve how to do his job and everything worked out well. So I went on desserts and picked up the slack that Steve was supposed be doing all day. Thankfully, most of the people I work with understand this and we got out only a little bit late.

Then I went to Best Buy to exchange my camera, as I really don't like the one that I got. I got one that was slightly more expensive. Eventually, when I figure out how to use it, I'll post some video up here. Awesome.

Too bad I have to work today, there's a Top Chef marathon on today and I've never seen that show, but I think it's something I think I could get addicted to. Hmm... thank God for Tivo.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Monday, January 1, 2007

Oh Lately It's So Quiet

Currently listening to: Get Over It by OK GO

Oh shit I'm tired. I think I've slept 4 out of the last 36 hours. Maybe. That's when I was a cranky bitch this morning at work... that and I feel like I might be dying of the flu. Anyways, I apologize to those in my warpath, namely Scotty.

New Years. So my resolutions are as follows:
(1)Be less of a fat kid
(2)Learn how to control my temper and direct that anger into better areas :)
(3)Try not to fuck up the study abroad stuff
(4)End global warming...

That's about it. Last night was fun, although I had a hell of a time trying to stay awake. Work today was okay as well, just long. I really need to figure out how to use my video camera. Stat.

I can't believe it's 2007. I'm going to be 20 this year...