Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jesus camp?

Currently listening to: All You Got by Tegan & Sara
Currently reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling (the British version)

So I watched a documentary last night. It was called Jesus Camp. Wow. As a non-religious person, it scared the hell out of me. I don't want to be offensive, but some people are a little overzealous and inappropriate with their religion. There. I said it.

On a lighter note, my computer is a p.o.s. About 8 of the keys don't work anymore or work once in a great while, then go back to not working. It's pretty sweet when your arrow keys don't work and you're typing, so you have to depend on the mouse for everything in your life. Lame.

I'm still obsessed with ruckus. I've downloaded a bunch of stuff from there. Apparently you can buy a subscription (also cheap) that lets you load unlimited music onto your mp3 player, given it's not an apple, seeing as how they don't let anyone do anything unless its through iTunes. Lame. In other news, I stuck a battery in my defunct mp3 player that I dropped into a puddle approximately a month ago and now it seems to work. Which kind of pisses me off because that means I didn't have to buy an ipod. I do love my shuffle though...

I cannot WAIT to come home. The countdown is on the post below this one, so if you're feeling bored, go look for it :).


Anonymous said...

Your computer's puking; your mp3 didn't really puke, it was just Wet? And what's the deal with you jumping back and forth between blogs? Did Jesus Camp really affect you THAT much that you didn't want to bring it up on the temporary expat?
You remember the code words, right? They also apply to movies.
F 'E A.
Lurve, M

Samantha said...

Yeahh... well look who just got their very first mp3 player mom! Woohoo, you win. I'll put some lishy music on it for you. And yes, Jesus Camp did affect me that much. And I didn't want to put religious crap in my travel blog. And sometimes you just need the dishrag.