Thursday, January 4, 2007

I love Little Britain...

Sooooo work today was alright, nothing special, just your friendly groping... I got pinched in the butt by a resident today... funny thing is, she's not one of the crazies. Whatev. Anyways, I found out that one of the guys I work with is dating Megan Leech. Love it. I've decided that I like working with the people that I worked with tonight, it was good fun, it was Scott, Rachelle, Dana & Dan. Oh oh oh and Courtney got engaged, I'm so happy for her! Her ring is amazing.

Going to see The Holiday tomorrow morning with Cat. You wonder why I'm going in the morning? It's a four dollar show. Sad thing is, that's now cheaper than it is to go and rent a video from Blockbuster. Lame. Okay, I'm going to bed so I can wake up by nine-thirty.

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Interesting to know.