Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nothing can change the shape of things

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Currently reading: Lonely Planet: New Zealand

So, I'm doing something quite important... packing for the next 5 months... but I have this urge to do something completely pointless and impertinent. Gah. I hate that feeling. I've finally got a lot of stuff packed, it's weird looking @ the only clothing that I'll be able to wear for five months. Lame. I have less than 48 hours left @ home. It's such a weird feeling.

Today I bought some essentials, including more underwear and socks. The underpants are pretty. Then I went to Jill & Jen's for dinner. It was a fun time & I'm happy I got to hang out with them before I left. I got to see Scotty for a minute today, but he's going to come over tomorrow afternoon to say goodbye. Then I went by Nana's to see her & Auntie M & Trevor. Goodbyes all around. Now I'm trying to pare down the books & DVDs that I want to bring with me. I wish I could fit a few people in my suitcase.

Alright, I better continue packing before I get distracted again.

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