Friday, August 31, 2007

The time of my life...

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Well... as promised before, here is the tale of going up north. On Friday, August 17, I packed up most of my college stuff and then Trevor and I got in my car and had the adventure of driving up to CMU to drop it off and stay a night in my apartment. That didn't quite work out as planned... I got up there and had my friend Ashley pick up my key, since the apartment leasing office closed at 5 and I knew I would never make it. So we went to the seedy diner where she works (Lil Chef) and had dinner, then picked up my key. We got back to my apartment and tried the key... and it didn't work. So we tried again. And again. Nothing happened. It was quite obvious that we weren't sleeping in my apartment that night. I called up a friend and ended up staying at her house with her roommates, as she was still in New Baltimore. The next morning we went to United (the leasing office) and got everything sorted out. And Trevor made off with quite a bit of candy and pop, since its free anyways. By the time we got my stuff into the apartment, my dad called with news. Apparently the dealership that had his car still wasn't done with it (his engine died on his way up north and he had been stuck in West Branch since Tuesday afternoon), so we would just have to stay in Mount Pleasant until Monday when they were finished. That would have been okay... if my apartment had electricity. But it wasn't turned on yet... I'll continue this riveting tale when I get back from class today.

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You teasing us now?