Monday, November 28, 2005

...strung up by it's hind end...

Okay, super traumatic event last night! We were on our way back to school & we were on US 10, held up by an auto accident. We were sitting there for approximately 45 minutes and moved about 40 feet. Then traffic began to move. Then we saw it. A horse trailer had been rear-ended. And the door was all concave. The horse definitely died in the accident and it was strung up on a tow truck by it's back legs. It was so upsetting. I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't crying, because it was so sad, but I held strong. Yeah, I be you're all proud of me for not crying for once.

On to better news. I came into contact with the IKEA catalog. I want to live in IKEA land. And everything will be wonderful. I love IKEA, I can't wait until the one in Canton opens up... I smell a field trip! At this precise moment, while I'm supposed to be doing homework and studying, I am creating my very own IKEA kitchen.

I'm in such a weird music mood lately. I've been listening to Blackeyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, Franz Ferdinand, Rufus Wainwright, Black Sabbath & The Killers. Strange, I know. I'm listening to "My Humps" by Blackeyed Peas. It's hilarious.

My finals shouldn't be too bad, I don't have one in Gerontology and my Med Terms one is next week. Then on the following Monday, I have French & Psych, then Economics on Tuesday, & ASL on Thursday afternoon. Damn ASL, I would be home by Tuesday afternoon otherwise.

Now I must... study for med terms & read the week & write a story for GSA & write 4, 1 page papers for Alternative Breaks & write my life history for gerontology & find a class in place of French. It should be good times. But right now, I'm going to see a reformed Neo-Nazi because our school is trying to form a Neo-Nazi club. Fucking Idiots.

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