Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I'm A Copy Cat

I stole this from Cat's Journal...because I just really like it.


1. When you look around and finally realize that it couldn't possibly have been everyone else's fault all those times.

2. When you realize you're not everyone else's main priority, nor is everything they say or think, about you.

3. When you realize that your ingenious scheme was the equivalent of a pathetic ruse and all parties involved figured it out and laugh at you because you still think you are in control.

4. When you figure out that the only reason you aren't alone, in a glass box, with three snakes and a broken bottle of fire ants, three thousand feet under the ground and clinging to your life's pathetic existence is because life's not fair, and karma forgot to be a bitch.

5. When you realize you didn't win.

So have one.

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