Thursday, July 28, 2005

Somehow Rocky Parties Never Get Old

Yesterday was a fuckin' blast. First off, it was Cat's 18th birthday, so that was cool, then I gave her a really funny card that I made on my computer. I stayed at Rec for a few hours, then went home get ready for work, then on an off chance, I got a friend to work for me because I wanted to not go to work. It was cool, so I went back to Rec for a little bit to hang out with Cat and Steph and Amanda. The I went to Meijer to buy some shit. And I got some shit. Fast forward a few hours and Cat comes over when I'm wearing exactly a bra and a towel. And the front door is open, that was funny. So I gave her her birthday present, which consisted of Under The Tuscan Sun, some weird jumbo paper clips and push pins and a Grease CD. I hope she liked it. Then Cooper and Sammy showed up. I didn't know Sammy was coming, Cat told me a few minutes before she got there, but it turned out good. Cooper gave Cat a whole bunch of dolphin stuff. Then Amy, Kelley and Michelle came and we went upstairs to hang out and watch Rocky Horror, since Stephanie was going to be late and doesn't like Rocky Horror anyways. She was there for moral support ;) . Sammy was a Rocky Horror virgin until last night, but I think she like it a lot. There were so many damn quotes, but I didn't write any of them down because it was dark. Then we played Tourettes. I love that game. It was awesome, we had to use 3 decks of cards. I think it went over pretty well. Then, in true slumber party form, Cooper and Steph started tickling Cat because she had to pee. That was mean and yet funny to watch. They're just lucky she didn't pee on my floor. So while she was in the bathroom, I ran and got one of Doris's doggy diaper pads and put it in the spot where Cat was sitting. Haha. It was good. After tourettes, Cooper had to leave, so we all went outside to say goodbye and ended up laying in the middle of my road at midnight. "CAR!!"

After Cooper left, we finished Rocky Horror, then Stephanie left and took my beloved Harry Potter with her. I bet she's done with it now. We then staked out our sleeping areas, but ended up playing musical beds all night long. And because of my stupid, faulty air mattress, the circuit blew like three times. It was utter insanity. I finally fell asleep on the floor by Cat's feet. Then my mom woke us up evilly and took pictures because we kept her and my dad awake last night. Whoops. She took a picture of my butt...which is strange. Then we all woke up around 10:00 and Sammy had to leave right away. We ended up watching a little bit of the movie 9 Dead Gay Guys. Damn Funny. It's like a cross between Rocky Horror and Fight Club.

Ta ta everyone, I'm going to mow the grass then go up north. I'll be back on the 8th or so of August. Oh, and I'm gonna have one last Rocky Party before we go off to college, so any input on the date by anyone who wants to come would be helpful.

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