Thursday, July 13, 2006

A nice brawl never hurt anyone...

H'okay, so... basically, I kicked Cooper's ass... well, I kicked her in the shin really hard anyways. We were @ the beach with Steph and she was having a lovely time of guarding, so we decided it would be a good idea to push Cooper into the lake. And it was. It turned into about a half an hour of Coop & I greco roman style grappling. Hmm... saucy. It was actually surprisingly fun. Anyhoo, went to the gym, kinda worked out. I ran exaclty .1 miles on a treadmill today, then I said "oh fuck that" and got on the elliptical. Good times. I blame it on my shoes, K-Swiss are not meant for running. Whatev.

I've decided that I should get into the habit of regularly updating this here blog, so here we go. Today we took the kids to the Detroit Science Center. It was enough to make me hate the Detroit Science Center. I thought I had gotten a good group, only 4 kids, because they were the older kids and really didn't need any supervision. Wrong. They were the whiniest kids of all, they were complaining the entire time. Finally, around lunch, I dumped them off on someone else and took a few 8 year old boys, who are much better.

I lost a Vicodin at the beach today. Whoops. Those things are brutal, I was given a prescription for 30 & I've used 3... that's all I'll need too. Someone thinks I'm gonna get addicted... Jeez Christ. I'm still on a liquid/soft food diet. :(. I should be done w/ that by Saturday, in time for the Rocky Party. I'm looking forward to seeing my good friend, Mr. Anderson this Saturday. Woot.

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Coop said...

you didn't kick my ass you dick... and you know i didn't mean to say dick ;)... it took 2 of you to get me in the water... lame, but it was a good brawl