Thursday, July 27, 2006

I yelled myself hoarse

Cedar Point was a blast, I totally love Scott & Dana. I'm not gonna go into it b/c it'll be boring, but I did go on the Rip Cord & it was flippin' sweet. Thought I was gonna die. Like whoa. The drive there was 4 hours & the drive back was 4 hours. Should've been 2.5 hours each way... but whatev.

Happy Birthday Catherine Trombly!!!

I found a quote that I really like:

Friends are the family we chose ourselves.

It'd be sweet if it actually worked out like that, but I'm sure it doesn't. Friends can stop being friends. Family never goes away, no matter how hard you try. Damn. Too bad its not the other way around.

So bear with me, I've been uber depressed all summer. I'm lame. I need to dial down the emo... STAT.

I found a sweeter quote:

Friends are like the colors of the rainbow, unique and brilliant alone, but perfect and awesome when together.

That totally describes my group of friends. Like to a fucking T. Woot. I think I'm bipolar. Oh snap.


Coop said...

it describes ur friends b/c we're all gay and we all know what the rainbow means... ha ha |--|/

Samantha said...

Whatev. Did I say dick? I meant dyke.

Cat said...

We aren't ALL gay....

Some of us are Indian

Coop said...

no cat... ur gay too, just haven't come out yet ;)

Samantha said...

it's ok Cat, we know you're having a rough time coming to terms w/ being a lesbian AND an indian

Stephanie said...

Don't forget shes dating her cousin. That's gotta mess you up pretty good, so back off on the whole lesbian thing....for now.