Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm a dick, I'm addicted to you

Currently listening to: The gentle hum of haunted laundry

I finally got my lifeguard shirts... 3 weeks before I'm finished for the summer. Whatev, they're sweet.

I went to work around 9:30 & got home around 8:00. Steph climbed onto a barge. Watched Dogma with Steph. Kinda fell asleep during Dogma. I officially hate one of the Rec kids for messing with Donny.


Shitty day @ Rec. Worked from 9 to 3:45. Went home, vacuumed. Went to work @ the Village. I didn't know that we were having a resident/family picnic. We barbecued our asses off. I ran into Briton @ the Village, he's one of the Police Cadets. Good kid. After work, I went to the gym & ellipticalled away all of my stress. Haha. That was a lie.

Working @ the beach tomorrow from 10 to 4, then the village from 4:30 to 8.



Coop said...

how lame, i'm not in ur pic :( sad

Samantha said...

Too bad, you were in Canada... you + Canada = Lame. Now you can't be friends with us because that was our only pic ever.

Cat said...

We need more pictures :(