Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I'm sweating like its my job

H'ok, so... It is super hot out today. End of story. I'm laying in bed, sweating for no reason. Amazing. I think I'm gonna go sleep in the sunporch. The last few days have been okay, nothing too exciting that I can think of. I did pass out while trying to watch Super Troopers for the second time.

Oh and Steph got into a fight with a swan. I took video... Because I'm a bad lifeguard... Don't show this to my boss... I'm warning you.

So... I've worked this out in my head, my next 3 weeks are super effed up. Friday I get my wisdom teeth removed. That means I'm out of commission for the weekend. I was supposed to go to CMU on Wednesday, but I'm not. The following weekend I leave for Florida and come back the Monday after that, which is the 21st I think. Then I go back to school around the 24th. Hmm. I wanna go back, but I'm almost enjoying hanging out w/ my friends @ home.

Okkkk... I'm gonna go to bed now, I have to get a front end alignment tomorrow... Laters.


Stephanie said...

That pic is so frickin cute, I love it!

Samantha said...

Iiiiiii know. Now the ruling quartet needs a pic together ;)

stephanie said...

yeah we sure do...two weeks til i'm gone, three for you guys. although i'll see you and cat still.

Cat said...

You guys are ridiculous!!! I knew I had to see the video, so I pushed play and ate dinner and let my tarted computer load the movie. I can't believe Steph slapped a swan with a water bottle. RIDICULOUS!