Friday, August 25, 2006

Onward & Upward

H'ok, so it's been a crazy two weeks, lemme tell ya. First off, I had an amazing time in Florida, saving the sea turtles. I'm gonna do a series of separate posts about that, I'll just backlog the dates for when they actually happened, so look for updates from Aug. 14 to Aug. 23.

As for today.. the day was slightly amazing. First, I woke up around 8 and did some cleaning and such, then went out to Trevor's and we hung out for a while at the water. He even made us a picnic. I pretty much have the best cousin ever. I bought him some sex wax for his jet ski, but I forgot to bring it today. That sounds wildly inappropriate... but it's not. Anyhoo, I got home around 12:30 and hung out with my mom for a bit/cleaned the house & Yukon. I also did a shit load of laundry today. I have to get ready for school, meaning pack up my car and clothing, tomorrow before I leave. That's gonna be crazy, as I intend on leaving in the morning around 10.

This afternoon, I made a birthday cake for the rents & I, as our birthdays all fall within the next week. T'was delicious. Then for dinner, Coop and I went out to Mongolian BBQ. We had a crazy fun night, it was just good hanging out before we go our separate ways. We also stopped at Jill & Jen's so I could say goodbye real quick the the favorite aunts. Phillip was there too, so that was cool. I have to get to the Nana's tomorrow morning before I leave for school. Anyhoo, Coop came back to my house for a little bit, then we had to say goodbye. It was a lot different from last year, as we only hung out a little bit at the end of last summer, this summer we were inseperable. It was sad, but I didn't cry! Yeah, I'm awesome, I know. Now I'm laying in bed trying to put off sleep for a little longer. It's not gonna work, I must sleep and I must sleep NOW.

Oh, here's a sweet picture that I took in Florida:

That's a baby loggerhead turtle :)


Coop said...

hes pretty cute lol... we had a CRAAAAAZY night at mongolian.. i'm a thief

Samantha said...

So you are a douchebag... and a theif. There is most definitely not an antenna on the turtle's head, you've lost your damn mind. Next time you steal a glass from Mongolian, you shouldn't do it in a manner that makes me laugh my ass off.