Sunday, August 13, 2006


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In Silence: Growing Up Hearing In A Deaf World by Ruth Sidransky

So, tomorrow I'm leaving for Florida. Woot. Saving the seaturtles is just a day away. I'm pumped. Sadly, this trip brings my summer to its end, as I'll be coming home from Florida on Wednesday the 23 & leaving for school on either Thursday or Friday. :( So as much as I've been looking forward to it, I've not been, because that means no more summer. Here's a sweet pic with my girls:

Pretty sure that's the last time we got to hang out, just the four of us, for the summer. But it was a nice, relaxed night & it was fun b/c thats what we do. See... all we need is for Coop to go to CMU & we'd be set ;). Oh, and one of my legs is more tan than the other, see if you can spot it. Ten points to anyone who can. And no, I'm not trying to grab anything naughty in the pic.

I'm about halfway packed for school, I'm taking about 1/3 the stuff I did last year, so it should be sweet. Hopefully the new roommates will be cool.

So, today I went shopping with the mum in the morning, got a refridgerator, then came home & packed a little, then I don't what for a little. Around 5, Coop came over & watched me pack, then I went out to Coldstone w/ Scotty boy. I think he's gonna come visit me around Labor Day. Woot! I love that kid. Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping early in the mornin', then I'm off to CMU. Maybe I'll see Phil & Dave for a little bit before I leave for Florida. Maybe.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I'll be back online to post about the Alt. Break on Wednesday or Thursday! Laters.


Coop said...

sooo... it looks like steph is gonna bite my head and ur gonna grab my crotch... nice

Samantha said...

& Cat just likes it b/c she's a lesbian... and she's looking like a crazed Indian, maybe she sees some giant corn...

Cat said...

I do look semi-tarted, like I'm gonna go do a rain dance or something. At least both my legs are the same color.

Samantha said...

way to say tart instead of tard... you are a tard