Monday, January 16, 2006

It all comes back to milk...

H'ok so, my mother and I just had an entire conversation that culminated in her strange aversion to containers that have previously contained, could contain or will in the future contain milk products. My mom has a milk thing, where she can't touch anything that has had both milk products and saliva touching. It's weird, but I must have inherited that, because I can't drink milk after people, nor can I drink milk that has been sitting for more that a minute. Anyhoo, we were talking and I pulled a 10.1 oz Dasani water bottle out of my purse. The conversation went from pleasant to frightening in less time than it takes to slap a tick, let me tell you. She saw it and rage filled her weary eyes. (She just got off of work, weary seems to work in this situation). Long story short, my dad had one of the same bottles for about three weeks that he wanted to put his milk in for lunchtime at work and inadvertently forcing my mom to wash after he had drank milk out of it. The bottle in question was stolen from my car, by the way. On with the story... both of us were reduced to giggles at my dad's idiosyncratic need to have things, such as this water bottle, as his own, which people may not throw out. So whenever my mom sees bottles like this, she gets an unexplainable anger in her eyes and everyone must watch out. And you all think she's normal? Fuckin' right.

Ohh! It's 12:34 right now, how cool. I worked at 6:15am both Saturday and Sunday and I'm spent, I seem to be unable to keep my eyes open, but I will say that the aforementioned milk incident shows my parents oddities, but let me just tell you, they had an all out fight about CHER, of all things, people or places. Who honestly fights about Cher? Whoa. Could this family be anymore ridiculous? I think not.

So, tomorrow is the big trek back up to Mount Pleasant. Yay. I'll let you in on what an obsessive compulsive dork I am: I printed out roughly one ream of paper full of notes for 2 of my classes on Thursday, however due to time constraints, I was not able to organize them into their respective binders. Guess what has been plaguing my mind ever since I left. "I can't wait to put those papers into their binders." Oh oh oh oh. I think I'm gonna get a webcam, how can I not? They are too much fun, and besides, I'll be able to sign over the vast thingie we call the internet. Woot.

Sidenote: AIM is turning into my life, how scary? I actually talk to people from work... online. Only the good ones though. But seriously, how hot would it be to sign over the internet, in real time? Fuckin' right, it would be awesome. Sooo excited.