Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I need Sudoku and I need it now...

Okay, in the last minute, I explained Sudoko to Cat and now I feel as though I must explain it to the world of my readers (last count, 5 people). I have a link to a Sudoku website on my link field, but it is a really easy game: Within the large box, there are nine smaller boxes with nine spaces within them. You must have each number in each box, then you must make sure that the number does not repeat in any of the rows or columns in the entire large box. Go play it.

This week has been horrible at the Village, we have lost 3 residents, which has got to be a new record in one week. Holy hell. And thanks to my informant, Scott, I do not go back to the
Village looking for people that are not there, because I have gone back asking where so and so was and then I am told that they passed. Shitty.

I went a little crazy with my Target giftcard and ordered a new mp3 player with it. I'm so excited, its pink and it holds like 512 mb worth of music. But I figured that I could use a new one, since my last one didn't even have a display and the only earphones you can use with it are very damaging to sensitive ears... and it was Christmas money, so I was expected to buy myself something I would use. See how I rationalize things? I learn from the best.

Sign language class got cancelled today, damnit. Of all the classes that could've been cancelled, she cancelled my favorite one. I wouldn't have minded if my Recreation for Senior Citizen's class was cancelled, or Spanish, but no, my favorite class. That did give me approximately three hours time to do what ever I wanted with. So... I ate lunch, then I sorta straightened my stuff... A little. But its not that messy. Just a little disorganized.

Okay, I"m gonna play a quick game of Sudoku. Then I'm off to Rec for Senior Citizens & Spanish... Then Program Board. I'll be back around 10.