Monday, January 30, 2006

She could see by my face, that I was FUCKING HIGH...

So, can I just clue all of you in to the fact that I am completely obsessed with James Blunt right now. He is brilliant. I've had You're Beautiful on repeat for like 2 weeks. Damn you Lia, for making me listen to that song. I'm actually listening to it right now.

I am reading the absolute saddest book that I've ever come across right now, so sad that I practically cried myself to sleep last night and I had to stop reading it today because I was crying in public. It's called The Whole World Was Watching by Romaine Patterson, a close friend of Matthew Sheppard. Its fucking SAD, but I can't put it down. Let me just tell you, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Fucking a.

I wish I knew how to loop music on my blog, you guys would be so sick of my music within a day. But it'd be worth it, because it is awesome.

I'm definitely breaking a computer lab rule right now, I have my piping hot tea sitting next to the computer. Whoops. At least I'm not drinking it, its safely situated behind my backpack so that it will ruin a few hundred dollars worth of books instead of one of these shitty computer lab computers.

I think I'm going to start going to the ASL Club conversation hour at Kaya, I think I'll learn a lot. That could be helpful, since I'm gonna go out to RIT for part of spring break this year. Maggie & I are trekking out there, that's gonna be one hell of a road trip, we both have the same sort of fucked up sense of humor. Oh, speaking of ASL, Lia and I are going to a 'Signing Hands, Dancing Feet' performance on Wednesday at about 6:30, it should be really good, I'm excited. Alright, I'm done for now, I have to go back to my pathetically sad book before I go to Community Health to be bored out of my mind. Later.