Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Rabbit Rabbit! Bahaha.

Yeah, so everyone got me this morning. Sad. I can still get my dad though. Lia called me at 2:54am, my mom left a message on my phone, then Cat made a sign and affixed it to my bed so that it would be the first thing I saw when I got up. It's ok, I'm used to having bad luck. Bahaha. I'm waiting to go to Community Health so I can get it over with, that class is so boring, good thing I have a sudoku puzzle & a crossword to do while I'm in there, otherwise I'd go insane. OH! Cat French braided my hair today and it looks really cute. I love having my hair French braided, I really need to learn how to do that myself. I haven't decided if I'm going to go to Spanish tomorrow night. I would feel bad skipping, but do I want to wait 5 hours to go home for a 50 minute class. If I go, it does erase one absence though... I'll prolly end up going I guess, it'd be really nice to have one absence removed, as I have 3. Hmmm... then I could burn some more dvds and possibly be done w/ Roswell so I can move onto Will & Grace for Lia. I'm already done with the first 2 seasons! Woot. Hmmmm..... Ponder ponder ponder.

Can I start by saying that my subconscious speaks perfect Spanish? I had a dream and all of it was in Spanish. Then I woke up because some one in my dream said "despierte, perezoso" which means "wake up, lazy". I know, I'm awesome.

Oh, and a huge THANK YOU to Aunt Jill, Uncle Bill (Unka P) and the Larzelere Community Service Organization for donating to The 3 Day! Woot!

Hmm... I forgot, Nana was going to get me my passport for Christmas... I wonder if I should have her get it or not?