Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm being sucked in...

Currently listening to: For You I Will by Teddy Geiger
Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

So, right now I feel like I'm gonna barf. No joke, I feel like absolute shit. But I will try to forget about that, as it is a beautiful day outside today, can't be less than 50 degrees. You should see the flurry of flip flops and gauchos. I refuse to wear shoes and socks unless I am forced to against my will (unless it gets cold again, like it does so often in Michigan).

This weekend was crazy at worst, awesome at best. I went to Maplewood on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Had a Spanish exam on Thursday that I'm pretty sure I kicked ass on. Thursday night I put these little lights on my bicycle, on the cap of the tire, so that I wouldn't be totally invisible while riding at night. Au contraire, not only was I invisible because the stupid lights didn't work, I also got a flat tire. So I rode to the nearest gas station, where of course, I found that their air compressor was broken. Then I went about a 1/2 mile down the road to another gas station, which did not have free air. I talked the guy at the counter out of $.75 so that I could get some air in that tire. Then it started snowing, of course, why wouldn't it snow while I'm on my bike. So I stopped at the library on my way back to Larzy to get a Chai Tea Latte for my troubles.

Friday I went to Maplewood for the day, then it started hailing on my way home. Maybe this is Mother Nature's way of saying "stop riding your bike". Whatever. I did some grocery shopping and went for dinner at Jimmy John's. I've decided that their subs are a lot better if they have been sitting for about a half hour so that it can soak up its juices right. They're kinda strange when they're fresh... or maybe its just me.

Saturday I did some Maplewood, then I hung out with Phil, Aaron, Ben & Robert. We went to dinner, then back upstairs to play with Phil's new juicer. The group of us smuggled 20 fruits out of the dining commons without any trouble at all, thanks to Robert's amazing jacket, which fit 8 fruits easily & mine that fit about 6. The juice had a little bite to it. Later, I went and hung out with Phil while he worked at the desk for 2 hours and I came up with an idea for a "My Humps" parody: There should be a video with a camel singing about their humps... it would be absolutely ridiculous. I went home at about 11:30 and watched the movie Lords of Dogtown. It was pretty good.

Sunday was a crazy day. I did all of my laundry in under 2 hours, which has got to be a record for me. Then I went to the National Theater for the Deaf performance at Alma, which was an Alice in Wonderland-esque experience. It was really cool though. We rode in Kim's car, which I have decided that I love and I want one. I think its a Tracker or something like that. We went to Pizza Hut for dinner and got back around 5:50, so Cat and I promptly left for Rose Arena to help set up for the Dierks Bently show. It was pretty good, for country music anyways. I'm being sucked into liking country music, but it's something I can only listen to when it is nice outside for some reason. Winter & country don't mix. Anyhoo, we got these cool badges to wear, which I lost at the end of the night, so Trixxxie is bringing me one at the meeting tomorrow night and I'm gonna try to get another one off of her if I can. I didn't get to go to the meet & greet with Mr. Bentley, however I spoke to him when I was on the bus guarding shift, before his show started. He seems like a nice guy. The other performer, Eric Church, was pretty cool too, I talked to him while I was on dressing room duty. He's extremely tall and has a penchant for Jack Daniels. Dierks played a song, something along the lines of "I'd Love To Lay You Down"... and I loved it, it was a really good song. We didn't have that long of a night either, we got out of there around 11:00 and I was in bed by 11:45, but I didn't fall asleep 'til about 12:40 because I opted to read some more of Wicked before I drifted off. I'm loving that book.

Finally, I'm on to today: Well, Cat woke me up around 10:30 so I could schedule for classes, as both of us sorta forgot about it, we were allowed to schedule at 9:57. I got all of the classes that I wanted and the HEV 418 class that I had to go to the registrar's office to get, should be fine as well, although I had to jump through some hoops to get into it. I lazily got ready for class, then ran into none other than Donny on my way to Spanish. As strange as he is, I love him. No, I do not love him, freaks, I've just known him forever and a day. And it makes me really happy that he can recite my mother's former job description "Susan Thomas DASH Underwood, former nighttime activities director for the city of New Baltimore Recreation Department", in one breath, without missing a beat. Oh! After typing for a while, I've forgotten about feeling like crap and now feel just fine, funny how things work out like that. Ok, I'm off to Community Health to do my twice weekly Sudoku puzzle. Somehow I still manage to kick ass on those tests... maybe the Sudoku focuses my concentration. Or maybe I'm a savant. A genuis savant that is. Could this post be any longer?

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DIERKS BENTLEY!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!! and that song is a good one ;)
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