Friday, March 31, 2006

I wanna watch The N

Currently watching: Six Feet Under
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So, I've been burning DVD's for my parents like it's my job. But I get all the DVD-r's I could possibly use for it. Today I got Season 5 of Six Feet Under done. I'm pumped. I am totally in love with that show. I think the next project I'll do is
Sex & The City.

"If we get a girl, you better hope she's obese, I don't want no twelve year old hottie runnin' around Sunset Boulevard with her ass crack showing." - Keith from Six Feet Under, on adopting children

Today I went to the Rec to finalize my job for the summer and it looks like it's a go for being a counselor, as well as teaching ASL & possibly another language, yet to be determined. Heck yes. That's about 30 hours a week, give or take, plus my job at the Village. Oh, something shitty did happen today, my dad did my taxes & I barely get any money back. That's pretty sad. But something else balanced out the equation, I got my car all fixed up! Heck yes again. So now I've got it for the rest of the school year, even though I don't really plan on using it.

So back to teaching ASL this summer. I am so excited about that. I've already started coming up with a lesson plan for it. Woot. Obviously I can't get too involved, but I can do fun stuff with the kids, like finger spelling, introductions, questions, family, numbers & animals. I think that should be a good start, but for now, I don't know how long the class is going to run. Oh oh oh! I'm way to excited about this. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for another class, Kasy suggested French or Spanish, I think I'd definitely be more comfortable with French, as I am partially fluent in it. I'm not sure at all what the lesson plan will be for that class, but it should parallel the ASL class, since they're both language classes. Hmm. Well that's all I've got for now. Later.