Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm the devil on your shoulder...

Currently listening to: Under The Tracks by Creeper Lagoon
Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire (I'm almost done now, I swear)

H'ok, so... I had three really effed up dreams last night. The first one was just stupid, but someone cut all the nails on my right hand, all the while I've been trying to grow them out. The second one was very involved, I swear, it had a plot curve & character archs & whatnot. So apparently I had to drive Cooper back home, to CANADA, one day, which probably took about an hour & a half. By the way, if you move to Canada, do not expect me to drive you home. Anyways, I drove her home, then I had to figure out how to get home. Now asking for directions was obviously below me. No, I had to be dramatic. I pulled the fire alarm on the side of someones house. Yes, I know they don't really come on the side of peoples houses. So then the police came & took everything out of my car, including my futon & some huge water jugs. I don't know how my futon fit in my car, but I hope I can have this dream again & figure out how I managed that one. Anyways, they tried to take my car too, but I talked them out of all my stuff & they showed me how to get home. I don't remember much of the third dream, but it had something to do with my parents owning a Dodge Shadow & us moving to northern California. Sweet. Too bad that one wasn't true.

I'm going home this weekend & then I have to go back up to Birch Run on Saturday night to help with an Alternative Breaks fundraiser. Ugh. I should be home all Friday morning/afternoon if anyone wants to hang out, but other than that, I'm all booked up. Hopefully I can get my car back this weekend, I hate having to depend on people for rides.

Oh, at the Alternative Breaks meeting last night, I was in charge of bringing the snacks, so I bought Twizlers & Sixlets... and no one ate anything, so I have a menagerie of sweets in my room. Please come eat them. Oh, and a sidenote: If you have ANYTHING negative or the least bit judgemental to say about my family and feel like saying it to me, don't. That is probably the rudest thing I can think of someone doing, and yet it happened to me just last night. Fucking A. See, now it feels like daddy slapped mommy at the dinner table and now no one wants to eat. Great.

Anways, have a great day & thank you for reading.


pwt said...

WHO said something rude about your family and WHAT was said??? I'll kill, I swear I will.

Anonymous said...

Young Sugar: It's okay...we must consider 2 things: the source, and if your daddy Ever slapped your mommy at the dinner table...who would end up on the floor with a fork in his forehead? But thanks for the PASSION. Passion is good.