Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I forgot to enlighten you with the story of the crazy lady!

I cannot believe that I forgot to tell you all about the mishaps on the train ride to Rochester! Ok, so it was early in the morning, about 6 or 7 am and we were stopped in Buffalo to pick up more lucky travelers. Well, this lady (who I thought was a man at first glance) was hauling ass up the train to get to the dining car, apparently she needed her coffee. Anyways, there's this lady, who is about 65, just minding her own business walking back to her seat, presumably from the dining car as well, and the crazy lady ran into her, on purpose! Then, as if that wasn't enough for an old lady to withstand, she pushed her ferociously out of her way! Holy hell. I had just woken up, so I thought that I may have hallucinated this in my stupor, but I was proven incorrect, this did actually happen. So, about 20 seconds later, crazy lady (who will now be refered to as CL) is hauling it, trying to get through the divider between cars, but alas, there are two people in there. Shit. First she wrestles an old man with a santa beard, then she gets to a girl who was probably 25 at the oldest and covers her face and pulls her hair. That girl made quite a noise, believe you me. Everyone in that car was tres confused. To make things worse, a bunch of people entered the train and were now standing in the aisle way, waiting to get to a seat. CL was on her way back at about this time. Oh no. So she was behind all of these people waiting to get a seat and she started losing her damn mind. I think she may have had Tourrettes, because she was blinking and winking like mad. It was a little bit frightening. Then she started yelling at people to hurry up or she was gonna "push them down". If I recall, this is 2006 and she is 40 at youngest, who honestly still pushes people down? Whoa. Anyhoo, she kicked someone's luggage and was thrown off the train about 10 minutes later. Oh, and a Mexican guy got taken off the train by immigration. Sad. I think that's it for the epic train stories.

Now I'm just chillin in the health professions building waiting for class to begin. Fortunately this is my last class of the day. Woot. Ok, I'm off.


Tami said...

I can't believe that you didn't tell me this story as soon as we got back to school. Way to go crazy ladies and undocumented immigrants!

Coop said...

Ha ha... all this to see me :) oh how i love you so very much, can't wait til summer woot