Thursday, March 23, 2006

I got my scanner to work!!! Woot.

So, I have an exam in Spanish in roughly 3 hours... I don't really know what its about, per se. I believe clothing and colors and a bunch of verbs that I don't really know all that well. But whatever, it'll be sweet. I'm gonna be living at Maplewood tomorrow and Saturday... but today I'm giving myself a break before I go crazy. I only have about 63 more hours to complete, and my teacher said that she might count the hours I spent at the Village at home, so thats like 34 hours. Which would be super sweet, because I'd be left with just under 30 hours to complete, but regardless, I'll be done with time to spare. I plan on doing about 18 or 20 hours this weekend, and I'm gonna go there tonight after Spanish to help with bingo and not take all of their money this time. Real quick, I feel that I must recount a memory to you all, as I look at a picture of Pike Lake that I scanned the other day:

So, let me set the scene for you. Trevor and I are up north with dad last summer, end of August, like always. We are mildly obsessed with being in the water whenever possible while we're up there. Also of note, there is a very small island just to the right of the edge of the photo. Anyhoo, we decided that it would be a good idea to swim over to the island, its probably a good 500 meters, and both being good swimmers, it wasn't that hard to do. Before I finish, I must let you all in on a little secret. I am deathly afraid of seaweed and dark water, because you don't know what is touching you, blah blah blah. Anyways, I'm scared shitless of seaweed in dark water because it brushes up against you all fluidy. We swim out there and I'm not really freaking out much, because I'm totally not looking where I am, just looking at my destination, the island. So we swim for a good 7 or 8 minutes before we get there, then once we are there, we chill out on the far side of the island, because its a nice sandy bottom and its really shallow for a long time. I don't beleive that we actually went onto the island, because it really is a very boring place, not a whole lot to look at, just a few trails to follow, for about 5 minutes total, because the island is so damn small. So we decided that we should probably head back, as dad can't see us on that side of the island and he tends to freak out if we're MIA in the water for long periods of time. So swimming back, I made Trevor go first, because he's not afraid of seaweed or anything good like that. Then it hit me... seaweed touched my leg. I can't tell you how fast I swam back to the shore of our campsite, but Trevor got back about 3 minutes after I did. I cut through that water like I was Moses parting the Red Sea. But anyways, look at that gorgeous lake, we took that picture at sunset one year. Who wouldn't want to go there?

Ok, time to go study for Spanish, then off to Maplewood for some fierce competition, I mean... no bingo.


mutha said...

Fluidy. Sporting new wordage from different galaxies, much?

Coop said...

Haha, you pussy. its all good we still love you even though ur afraid of everything ha ha... even baby bugs