Monday, March 20, 2006

Bouts of insomnia never hurt anyone...

I can't sleep. Damnit. Well, here's a recap on the last few days.

I went to class for a while, then I went to Maplewood to volunteer, then I went to Spanish for 5 minutes to take a quiz, then I went back to Maplewood to help with bingo. I love bingo. My elderly pal Dorothy convinced me to play some bingo, but I needed $.25 to play. Fortunately I had a dollar in my pocket, so I shared it with Lia and we got to play. It costs $.25 per game and there are 12 games, so I had enough for precisely 2 games. Until I kicked some elderly ass. I won the first game of bingo, which got me like 11 quarters, then I won another game a little while later, then I won a third game! I ended up with about $5 in quarters, which I will use for my laundry. And no, I am never playing again because I feel like a bad person, taking money from old people. But it was worth it :). I'm going straight to hell.

Lia & I went to Maplewood again, as we need to do approximately 120 hours there and have only completed about 28 so far. We helped serve lunch, played some Cribbage and did a puzzle, then helped serve dinner, then more Cribbage. Cribbage is an interesting game, to say the least, but it is fun. We decided that we were gonna have a sleepover back at the dorm, so Lia spent the night. And we ended up having a battle of epic proportions... Dr. Mario style. We were hard core, we even had brackets made. I believe we played for four hours. It was sweet. Of course Cat won, but that's because she's been playing that game since she was born. I'm definitely as skilled as Lia in it though, which I'm not sure is a great thing, but whatever ;). We went to bed approximately really late.

I'm not gonna lie, I had a hard time waking up. We went to Maplewood again, did stuff and left. My parents came over from Benzie County, where our property is, with the idea of getting a hotel room for the night. Alas, the plans were foiled by a stupid hockey tournament. No hotel rooms within 20 miles of Mt. P. Damn. So we went to Mountain Town Station for dinner. Absolutely delicious. Then we went to Cold Stone for dessert. More delicous, and my parents got Cat & Lia some ice cream too because they felt like bad quasi parents for not bringing them to dinner, but they are just too poor for that. Oh, and they brought me my beloved bicycle! Woot. The 'rents left at about 6:30 I'd assume. Around 9, Lia drove me over to the Towers, as I was gonna hang out with Phil for an hour or two. It turned into six hours of movies and mayhem, with not only Phil, but Dave, Ben and Aaron. I'm pretty sure that there will be video of me circulating on the internet, attempting to eat a Listerine breath strip, but it got caught underneath my tongue and burned the fuck out of me. It was a priceless video though. I got back to my own bed around 3:30 am.

Maplewood & shit. Nuff said. Grey's Anatomy was interesting, the good guy didn't die, the stupid girl did. Oh, and Lia & I started a sadistic puzzle. All of the pieces look the same and they are all practically the same shape, so it is extremely hard to tell if which ones fit each other and which ones don't. Now I'm gonna go to bed. Bah.


mutha said...


"they are just too poor for that..." THERE ARE SOME SECRETS WE JUST DON'T TELL, ME LITTLE GOSLING.
And you know what else? We figured that it was You that foiled Us...
"hmmm. If they come up here on Sat instead of Fri, THERE WILL BE A HOCKEY TOURNEY IN TOWN. THERE WON'T BE VACANCIES ANYWHERE! (Except the Chippewa...fleas and bedbugs at no extra charge) AND I'LL STILL GET A DINNY OUT OF IT!"
You're a smooooooooooth operator.
Don't worry about going to hell. At least you'll know a lot of people down there.

Samantha said...

You don't have to have a blog to comment on mine, just click on the "other" button when you're commenting :) & I so did not plan that hockey tournament thing. Bah.

Tami said...

I can't believe that you stole all of the old peoples' money... Although i would have done the same thing if it means not having to pay for laundry...

Coop said...

Approximately really late ha ha thats awesome, and only i understand bah ha ha ha ha... i'm commenting biatch... mucho love-o, i'm so spanish ;)