Monday, February 27, 2006

So... I've had quite a weekend

This weekend officially started on Wednesday night, as Lia & I had a sleepover and watched RENT. I think I've converted another. :) Sadly, I had to go to a few classes on Thursday, but whatever.

It was Sibs Weekend up here @ CMU. It was pretty fun. I picked up the chitlins (Rachel & Taylor) at Birch Run from my mumma on Thursday night. Friday was pretty cool, first we had Big Apple Bagels for breakfast, then we had to make a quick detour to the Down Under Foodcourt so I could do an interview for the Alternative Break to Florida this summer. I'll be rescuing sea turtles!! I'm so pumped for this summer, by the way. On to Sibs:

We signed in @ Finch around 2:00, where they had a bunch of fun stuff for the sibs to do, including face painting & balloon animals. We went back to the dorm after a while and played Mario & such, then went back for the comedy/juggling show and the magic show. The Jugglers (Team Rootberry) were quite entertaining, they definitely knew how to juggle a million times better than the average person. Then Ben (illegitimate cousin) called because he had brought his sister Sophie up for the weekend, which is Rachel & Taylor's actual cousin. He definitely called and said "Hey Sam, this is Ben, your almost cousin thing." Then we had the magic show, performed by Mike Super. He is pretty much magician crossed with Dane Cook. Fantastic.

Saturday we had breakfast in the commons, where Taylor saw another one of her cousins. Geez. Then we went to the carnival and they had a billion inflatable thingies, including a velcro wall and a bungee run. I personally enjoyed the bungee run a lot. It was sweet. Then around 5:00 we went back to Finch and helped set up for the Epic Hero / Everclear concert. I picked up the Epic Hero cd & shirt because they were really good (Um yeah, we've been myspace buddies for weeks ;) ). And because the shirt is cool. I think the chitlins had a good time at the concert, it was pretty cool. I wasn't too impressed with Everclear, but they were still ok, just a little bit full of themselves, and when I say they, I mean the aging lead singer. But I won't say no to an autograph or 2. Then I took them out for ice cream at Cold Stone at 11:02 pm. Becuase I'm a bad illegitimate cousin. Let's just say it was delicious, no point in making you guys jealous. Then we went back and went to sleep. Sunday we went to Big Apple Bagels for breakfast then headed off back to Birch Run to drop them off with Patty, Rachel's mom. She gave me a scarf. It's pretty cool.

To recover from the absurdity that was sibs weekend, I went back to the dorm and played Mario for approximately 4 hours. Then I went online. REAL PRODUCTIVE.

Today I'm gonna go to Maplewood & volunteer for an hour, then time for the SAC. Woot. Oh, and if anyone at all is interested in James Blunt ticket(s) let me know, if I don't find another unsuspecting James Blunt fan in the next week, my mother is making me sell the tickets because she doesn't want to go to the concert. Which I'm sad about, but I'm not that worried about it, it's not like I don't get to go to concerts.