Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I adopted a hedgehog...

...on my myspace. He's pink & his name is Juan. I love him. H'ok, so... I'm super busy lately, but I love it. For the 3-Day, Lia & I have been going to the SAC & walking 3 miles. It's not that bad when you are talking to someone, it seems to go buy pretty fast. We'll probably go up about one half mile per week, so by the time we go we'll be very ready. We've already started fundraising, so we'll be sweet.

Oh oh oh oh! So I had a comprehensive hearing test this morning & for now, my hearing is normal. They said I need some other tests done, but I should be fine for a while. Although I am at the bad end of the spectrum of good hearing, so I have to keep tabs on it. But whatev, I'm so not deaf! Woot!

If anyone wants to go to a James Blunt concert on Friday, March 24 @7:00pm at the State Theater, let me know, I have one extra ticket. Oh, and if anyone wants to hang out this weekend, I'll be home so just gimme a call. I must be off to Community Health now, then we're off to the SAC, then dinner... then I go to GSA for our Valentines Day party, you know, we pass out Valentines from like 3rd grade... it should be sweet. Oh, then we're going to the Community Service committee tonight to see if they will give us their money. Sounds hot. Ok, class time.
Later my lovers.