Thursday, November 9, 2006

I've been reduced to watching The OC... and it makes me cry

Currently listening to: The Pick of Destiny by Tenacious D

So now that I've been home forever, I've finished the entire third season of The OC. Now the fourth season is on TV.... and I can't stop watching it. God damn mother fuck. In other news, I get to go back to school this weekend and Steph & I are going go the midnight skate for Alternative Breaks. I'm kind of excited. Aaaaand I'm actually looking forward to going to classes.

Ok, time out, Grey's Anatomy just made me cry. I think my hormones are off, I'm crying at every God damn thing I see.

Tomorrow I plan to go to MacDonald Public Library and catching up on homework from this week, it shouldn't take that long, as I only have a few assignments to do, but I need to get myself out of the house, I'm going stir crazy. And slightly ADD. And when I say slightly ADD, I mean extremely ADD.

I'm getting so excited about going to New Zealand, its unbearable. I filled out my housing request form the other day and I found an awesome apartment over their, only five minutes from my campus. I'm super excited, as I'll be living with 4-5 other people, who I think will be native New Zealanders :). Wooooot. Okay, I'm gonna go.

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