Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I can't sleeeep

I'm sitting @ my desk, updating my calendar. That makes me a sad individual. I did one of those laying in bed going crazy things, finally I just got up and did my calendar. The day has been eventful though.
I had an ASL exam today... super easy, then I came back and watched some of The OC with Cat, because that's what we do now. Then I did other stuff and I broke a glass. Lame. It was really loud too.
OH oh oh oh and Spanish was canceled today and it's canceled tomorrow, apparently the professor's husband is sick. Darn. Not that I like when there are sick spouses, but it is a nice surprise once in a while.
Time for another to do list:

1. write essay(s) for AustraLearn scholarships
2. get my professors to sign off on the courses I'm taking in NZ
3. fax everything and to AustraLearn via The Office of International Education by Thursday
4. go get some classy shoes
5. finish SLS II project for CDO 330
6. do hev 100h project #5
7. central auditory processing test on Tuesday morning... tell Lori I have to skip class
8. write in my planner more
9. send my passport in to AustraLearn as soon as I receive it from USPS
10. do important things from 10:45am until 6:00pm tomorrow
11. try to finish with my OC binge
12. get together with Jessie to do our ASL expressive exam
13. call MI-Loan until I start to annoy them, then call more
14. nap more often

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