Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Umm... apparently I can't be trusted to nap.

Ok, so. Today I've napped in between each thing I've had to do, including classes. I had the most effed up dream ever between 11:08am and 11:39am. I should really get an award for this one. Anyways, before I fell asleep, I was talking to Cat, which seems like it would help with this absurdity. So in the dream, I was in my bed and Cat and John were in her bed and John thought I was sleeping, so he said something mean about me, and I heard him, so I told him to fuck off. Then jump to a few hours later & I walk into the UC with Lia & the weather is normal. Then I walk out and the sky is black & it's hailing. And Cat is in some sort of shed with an open face that has lights in it... and she's stretching in a frilly purple leotard. And she wouldn't come in to the UC because she was mad at me because I told John to fuck off. Whatev. So then the weather is eerily normal and she's in an emerald green convertible El Camino... which I don't really think is a convertible sort of car, but to each his own. And she's driving off and yelling at me, then I started to cough up something that resembled the inside of those rubber bouncy balls, so I threw it and it bounced. I have no idea why I was holding anything that I had coughed up. Anyways, then I woke up, coughing.

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